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Here are the top developments on #Covid19
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Delhi reported one thousand two two hundred hundred and and ninety ninety eight eight cases cases on on on T Tuesday Tuesday the the highest highest single day spike sofa sofa Lieutenant Lieutenant Governor Governor Anil Anil Baijal Baijal Baijal on on on Tuesday Tuesday appointed appointed three nodal officers for proper proper communication communication of of data data data related related related to to to cope cope with with nineteen nineteen in in the the national capital the officers officers will will coordinate coordinate with with different different different ho hospitals hospitals in in Delhi Delhi this as the government has has been been questioned questioned over over covered covered covered death death death toll toll being being reported reported information and broadcasting minister Prakash Javadekar yesterday held a virtual meet with representatives of the film industry to discuss their demands for financial relief with regard to the demand of opening up of cinema halls Javadekar said that the decision will be taken after looking at the status of the cover nineteen pandemic in the month of June three hundred and sixty nine new Corona virus cases have been reported in Uttar Pradesh in the last twenty-four hours taking the total cases in the state over the eight thousand market maximum of forty-two cases were reported in Noida in the last twenty-four hours mountain the district total to five hundred and twenty-six Agra is the worst hit with nearly nine hundred cases Bengal reported three hundred and ninety six covered nineteen cases on Tuesday the highest bike in a single day total cases in the state is now entering towards the six thousand mark most of the patients infected a migrant workers and others who had returned from other parts of the country during the lock down Karnataka recorded its biggest single day spike in covered nineteen cases on Tuesday three eighty-eight new cases were reported in the last twenty-four hours taking the total cases about the three thousand four hundred mark of the new cases on Tuesday all except for twenty patients were people who had returned from Maharashtra

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