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All Night Log Fire
So then what we're going to do is lay one look like this second log right next to to it it but but flip flip this this over. over. And the third look is gonna go on top and this is spine find easy to light it up up but but also also also before before before before you you you you. gonna gonna gonna do do do do that. that. that. that. Get get get your. your your acts acts or or chin chin. so. Okay. Why did I do that so that way over here? it's easier to start on fire so that way bark is not in a way would be a lot easier. If I had a Nug by what you wanna do is just take off this book because Bark is probably oh wait you covered out so that we can light up a lot easier than we need small twigs and then we're gonna put the other log log on on top top of of it it like like this, this. but we'll need a lot. Most small twigs. Then you start the fire with the small twigs between two big logs like this boom and once the fire going really good, then we're going to drop drop another another log log log on on on top top top of of of it it it like like like like this this this. this. this so so so that that that way way way it it it can can. can cook. cook. This is good. Then we just wait, let's go smoke fall a little bit cuz we kinda put the way some of that fire, but it's gonna get back on fire in a little bit. I'll put a whole bunch of pine needles in there. That's why it smoke so much much but but but. as as you you can can can can see see see. see no no no problem, problem problem. just just gotta gotta be be. patient. And one sold the small tweaks will fall down this log will sit down and start building between all these big logs. Look at that flame this up is building in early well, you can actually see the boiling so it's really really good good wine wine wine wood wood wood that that that is is is easy easy easy easy easy to to to to. to start start start start together together together. together on on on fire. fire. fire. Look at that beautiful fire. супер And this looks myself fire you see a night's gonna sit down and they're going to build. but if you feel like this look, I haven't got on fire yet you can easily put more eggs in there. you don't have to once it's going you don't don't even even have have to to add add add wigs wigs wigs wigs anymore. anymore. anymore. anymore. It's It's It's It's just just just just just going going going going going to to to. to to burn burn. burn burn just. just just from from the the logs. logs. So now, as you can see all the smaller pieces have done tough and it's a lot of smokey on not a lot of flame. I see a little bit of flame here a little bit of flame there, but this is what we actually want. We don't want a lot of flame over here because if there's a a lot lot of of flame, flame, it's it's it's going going going to to to burn burn burn burn off off off off quickly. quickly. quickly. quickly quickly. But But But but but. if if if if I I I I blow blow blow blow it it it. it it, it, it, let's let's let's see see see what what what. happens. happens. If it was darker, you probably would see it better. But anyways, I think you still can see. So if you want more flame all you have to do is just blow it it This tea. big logs are keeping each other really hot, but at the same time, they're really dense and they're going to build for very long time that the small flames and this is how we can keep this fire last all night. night. Let Let me me me show show show you you you close close close close up up up up just just just just to. to to to see see see how how how it's it's it's. flames flames up. up. You see how much heat inside there. So I'm not worried about this logs going off anytime soon. But again, don't forget even though there's not too much flame. it does not mean this fire is called because you know calls are hotter than actual flames and all these inside of this logs are cause. so it's produces a lot a lot of heat so if I would lay down at here, something and sleep, I can actually warm myself up in a cold night, maybe a little bit further away away so so that that way way I I don't don't get get on on fire fire while. while. But definitely going to keep me a lot warmer than without the fire. Another amazing thing about this fire to last on nine compared to the two logs you can slide out this this logo logo right right right here here here. here when when when it it it. push push this this this together together. together a a little little bit. bit. Now, since we moved this log over here, there's a lot of goals. Let me talk to blow it. So now, we can put a pot on side here or lay a little grill and cook. so it's like now dual purpose. This fire can last all night and all set you got here a little store and once you're done cooking all you have have to to do do is is grab grab this this this side side side and and and push push push it it it back. back. back. And once again all we have to do is just blow it it. And boom, we got a big fire going again, I would wait a little longer before you would move along so that way it's a lot stronger, stronger, but but as as you you can can see see it's it's works. works. And boom, we got the fire again that is going to last a very, very long time good. It's been a long time. Let me open it up and show you what it looks like. like. Oh, Oh, yeah yeah yeah you you you see see see right right right right here. here. here. here. here. What What What What is is is? is keeping keeping keeping the the. the hot. hot. You see how hot those schools up, So is this one all that White is earlier the hot well guys that's pretty much it. Let me know comment below. What do you you think think about about this this survival? survival? survival? Take? Take Take Take don't don't Don't Don't forget forget forget forget to. to to to thumbs thumbs thumbs up up up this this this video. video. video. Subscribe Subscribe. and I'll. next time.

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