Hungry homeless man kicked out from McDonald's after a good samaritan buy him food | Facebook 629.2K Views
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The end made me cry... 馃挃馃槩
You guys suck I'll never be back here. you guys suck the guy. did he didn't ask me for food and I saw him across the Street and I bought him over here and gave him food. Okay. We're here because apparently he's as multiple people. okay. people have complained so it's not just you okay. Asking you to fight it now, I don't know what's going on with the yelling what's going on as you saw inappropriate, you suck. Yeah, I brought I brought them over as soon as they saw him. No. he's not getting food. He's not getting food. I'm paying for his food. He's getting food. He's so calm down. McDonald's in Myrtle Beach, I bring a homeless guy from right here. Bring em to eat bring em inside as soon as they see him, they tell him he can't eat. They call the cops for trespassing. The guy did nothing wrong as soon as they saw him. I like him removed now forget about this guy. Can you please can I finish my food? I can't leave right now. Can I get a refund for my food? you can. I get a refund for my food. No, you can't. that's not me. I'm not some pork 10 for. Can you place an indefinite trespass on this property? Can I get your name? Please can I get your name please I would like you to leave. Alright Okay. Can you just provide them with the information? I'm getting kicked out of here cuz I gave a homeless guy food by the way guys. just so you know I gave a homeless guy food. They're kicking me out. yes cuz you need to kick him out. Biger No because I'm being loud because I'm telling you what you did was wrong. Hey. listen you have you have to leave you have to yeah. I probably end up going to jail. That's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna go to jail. I'm not here to argue with you. I am the law okay you need to. Your stuff and leave that is all okay. You want a refund. you gotta go to corporate. I am not corporate. I am here to tell you get your stuff and leave can I get my receipt? Please. I want my receipt. You got it. You got it. No. I don't. I didn't get a receipt and I get a receipt please. You guys sucked up. Come. I'll buy you food somewhere else. Come on. Let's go somewhere. Come jump in my car come on. I know you didn't you don't need to that. That's stupid. you know what you're doing is wrong. You know that already.

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