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We are making CBD lotion LIVE 🎉🎉🎉🎉
4oz $10
8oz $16

International shipping available

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Posted 1 year ago in Fashion & Style

Susan Gokenbach 1 year ago

Can I get extra CBD in my 8oz?? Is it extra$ :)

Lela Piazza Bartelmann 1 year ago

Tee, not letting me add the extra 4 for each jar. $40.00

Dominic Redbone-Mckenney 1 year ago

Hey tee I’m just going to message this page because i messaged wholesale page but no response is that okay

Lela Piazza Bartelmann 1 year ago

Is it 5.00 for both items? If I order to add 4 in my large Lotion

Jamie Bennett 1 year ago

Sorry I got bumped off... I was wondering if Cbd works for a 10 year old and a 14 year old who always gets headaches

Lynette Ferguson Magnuson 1 year ago

I hope this isn't a dumb question 🤔 but how does CBD topically compare to when u in jest? Just curious, always thinking about my job 😕

Margo Newcomb 1 year ago

Is that one scent coming in still or have you got it already

Angie Aguirre 1 year ago

I have mine close to the ac vent keeps it cool for when I use it

Elizabeth Marie Church 1 year ago

I need it for headaches and lower back pain from scoliosis

Louise Connick 1 year ago

Ok thank you I ordered under my husbands name yesterday