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Helios Watch Store - By Titan
Helios Watch Store - By Titan 2.8K Views
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Message from Suparna Mitra, CEO, Titan Company Limited. Shopping 2.0 on its way!
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Hi, Hi, I'm Savana Amira, Amira, CEO CEO CEO of of of Titans Titans, Titans Titans, Watch. watches watches watches and and. and and variables division at at tighten tighten tighten the the the the safety safety. safety safety of of of our our our our customers. customers customers, employees and the the community community community is is. is the the priority. priority. We have curated a contactless shopping experience from start to finish. We have sanitised products and it trained our employees employees to to adapt adapt to to social social social distancing distancing norms and to use masks masks and and bless bless we have left no stone unturned to ensure your safety while you shop for your perfect accessory welcome back to your favourite store

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