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Fifty Shades of Grey, the first installment of the movie franchise which was released in February 2015, stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Dakota plays the role of Anastasia Steele who is a beautiful, brown haired woman. She is the primary love interest of Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan. Even though the movie only had a $40 million budget, it has earned a whopping $571 million worldwide. It was able to smash box office predictions and records. The first film was mainly focused on introducing the two characters together and the build up of an intense chemistry between them. This year the second installment of the film, Fifty Shades Darker, finds Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele rekindling their love for each other. The film is truly a masterpiece which involves plenty of relationship drama, mystery and sexual fantasies. It's a movie that romantic couples will surely enjoy. It is packed with heart pounding scenes which will keep you satisfied. Watch Fifty Shades Darker to learn more about the movie.

Amidst having an argument on the elevator at the end of the first film, they are seen slipping back into their kinky habits. There are a few major changes between the first and second films. The most notable one is that Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director of Fifty of Shades of Grey has been replaced by James Foley. The film is anticipated to be less of a romantic drama and is expected to have more thrilling mysterious scenes, as seen on the trailer. Two new major characters are introduced who are both Christian's ex lovers. A younger woman is seen as a ghostly figure stalking on Anastasia and Christian while they're out and about on dates and even in bed. An older woman also comes back into Christian's life who warns Anastasia of his personality and temperament. Fifty Shades Darker online is the second installment to the franchise. You can watch Fifty Shades Darker in cinemas on February 2017. It is considered to be one of the best films this year by movie critics and fans all over the world.

At the end of Fifty Shades of Grey, Anastasia Steele who is a young and inexperienced woman was seen walking away from his handsome billionaire BDSM loving boyfriend, Christian Grey. They were caught up in a fight because Anastasia wasn't willing to sign up for Christian's kinky BDSM obsession. However, this did not stop him from pursuing her in the hopes that she will change her mind. Although Anastasia isn't quite ready to succumb herself into a serious commitment regarding her sex life, she is still madly attracted to him. Their feelings for each other has grown even stronger during the time that they were apart. Both of them have realized how important the other person is in their lives. They can't seem to live without each other since the energy and connection between them is too powerful. No matter how different their lives may be, they are still connected by a special bond which only the two of them share. Amidst the rocky obstacles they have to face in their relationship, they always find a way to be together.

In 50 full movie, the relationship of Christian and Anastasia have gained even more complications. Anastasia's new boss, Jack Hyde who is played by Eric Johnson, has taken a very keen interest on her. Because of this, Christian begins to get jealous and he wants to prove to Anastasia that he is the only one deserving of her love. To make matters even worse for the two lovers, Anastasia crosses paths with Christian's ex lover who is an older woman named Elena Lincoln. She isn't only Christian's new business partner, she is also the first person who introduced him to the kinky BDSM lifestyle. Anastasia begins to worry since she can't help but think that something must be going on between them. After all, it can become pretty difficult to stay professional with someone whom you've had a very memorable past with. She also can't help but wonder why Christian still keeps in contact with the woman whom he had sex with when he was fifteen years old. 50 Shades Darker online unravels more about Christian Grey's past and why his ex lovers can't seem to forget about him.

Another woman in Christian's past has also resurfaced in Fifty Shades Darker full movie. Leila Williams, played by Bella Heathcote, is an obsessive ex lover who still can't get over his feelings for him. She makes things even more complicated for the two lovers by trying to get in the way of their relationship. She is Christian's former submissive who has experienced a tragic loss which affected her mental state negatively. Leila's boyfriend died in a car crash and it has left her feeling confused and lonely which made her have a complete mental breakdown. After her boyfriend's accident, she has become obsessed with Anastasia's relationship with her ex lover. She begins to act as a creepy stalker and follows them wherever they go. Eventually, Leila breaks in to Anastasia's apartment and she even threatens her at gunpoint. Thankfully, Christian shows up and tries his best to talk her down. However, Anastasia begins to get very worried regarding the whole situation. She is afraid that Christian wouldn't be completely satisfied with their non binding relationship. When you watch Fifty Shades Darker, you will be transported into an exciting and sensual new world.

This has also got Christian feeling worried that Anastasia might leave her again. To prevent it from happening, he decides to propose to her. Anastasia tells him that she needs time to think things through. Christian then leaves for a business trip aboard his helicopter which he named Charlie Tango. Something alarming happened next as the helicopter suddenly disappears from radar. Anastasia felt deeply worried regarding Christian's safety and she thought he was dead. After some time, Christian safely returns back to his apartment and lets his family know that the engines of the helicopter had failed. When Anastasia found out that he was okay, she realized how much she truly loves him. Since she has decided that she wanted to be with Christian for the rest of her life, he finally accepts his proposal. However, this isn't a happily ever after for the two lovers yet. After Anastasia has accepted the marriage proposal, Jack Hyde is seen watching from outside the venue where Christian's family threw him a party for his 28th birthday. This is also the time when it was revealed that Jack was fully responsible for sabotaging Christian's helicopter. Watch 50 Shades Darker and allow yourself to be entertained with the most exciting love story of our time.

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