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James Paxton takes the hill as the Bombers look to bounce back against the Twins on MLB The Show!
We are are under under under the the the lights, lights, lights. lights, says says says says the the the the show. show show show gets gets gets you ready for another another edition edition of of of Major Major Major League League League League baseball baseball baseball baseball baseball. on on on. on to to to be a good one here here between between the the Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Twins Twins Twins. Twins and and and and the the the. the New New New York Yankees It''s It''s Yankees Yankees Yankees baseball. baseball baseball baseball and and and it it it comes comes comes your your your way way. way next. next. James Paxton, the Left-handed Canadians gets the starting assignment here Dan any thoughts if you wanna pick up a win as a starting pitcher, you have to go five innings to get the the win win and and that's that's that's just just just what what what he he he he did. did did did the the the last last last last one. one. one. one. I'm I'm I'm sure he'd like to be be out out there there for for for a a a little little little bit bit bit bit longer longer longer longer. on on on this this this one now now with with the the play, play, Luisa Luisa Luisa Rias. Rias Rias and and and we we we we are are are are set. set set set for for for baseball here this this evening. evening the the second second baseman Luis. Luis Arra first delivery to. The way a little tardy there no balls in the strike and as the Yankees get started here tonight guys they come in to this one looking to make amends for a lost last time out to put an end to a seven game winning streak. Yeah Matty Take a look at the standings right here. This team has a nice comfortable. You always wanna find yourself in a position where you're about five to nine games. games. got got the the the advantage advantage advantage you you you. you don't. don't don't don't one one one series isn't going going to to totally totally totally kill kill kill you you you in in in in the the the. the standings standings standings and and and this this this team. team team this this team team is. is sitting pretty right now. Swung on and missed on a pitch that time in the lead off man is down on strikes to get this one started the Center field number 20 - five, so that will bring in Byron Buxton the head to head with James Paxton. He's gone three for eight ready to deliver. Here's the first pitch breaking ball that time that misses out of the zone, according to the career numbers on the back of his baseball card, Buxton is a batting line resigning in the two thirties, You know Matty I know is. Batting average jumps off the page, but this guy can help the roster in a lot of different ways. he brings value to the manager on a daily basis. Now the two. Three Paxton has made a name for himself as a starter that simply misses the barrel of the bat. He rarely allows a large number of hits and he does a pretty good job at keeping the ball in the ballpark when the hitters do make contact. Buxton ahead in the count, three balls and a strike not a bad night to bring the Parker along 54 degrees at game time. The three in one pitch. Swinging the ball hit to the left side and this is gonna wind up a souvenir. And he lays off your ball and he'll become the first base runner here with one away and that's the beauty of having a guy in the two hole like him, He's almost like another lead off hitter working a walk with just one out. I think there's a good chance that he's gonna be on the move at some point. And that will bring up the big stick of Nelsons. he drove in one of their two runs in last night's ball game. He set and the pitch. And set up behind the dishes, Garry Simons as you see the rest of our umpiring crew there, you know Gary Simmons. he's one of those umpires. he'll give you one thing or the other at times his own can be a little wider than he's a little more strict in North and South, but he's a pretty consistent. Oh I just the key Dan is be consistent. You wanna give him the inside half. I'm okay with that, but then you can't give them away If you're gonna stay East West, you better pick one side runs got it. Picked off and they got him at second base on a good smart play that time. Liner to right Center that gets down and he's got himself a base hit. Boyd of the game of baseball has changed so much velocity the game that was a 96 mile-an-hour fastball that he smoked the other way. Yeah, you have to keep your front shoulder tucked right there. You have to honor when a guy is throwing that hard 96 miles an hour. you have to honor that fast ball and try and work with the other way to keep you on the off speed. don't let that this one 's outside quite a bit of the plate that time he takes his first cuts in this one with a man at first and two. High and deep to left Center field looking up is Gardner and it's gone. Two runs on the board after that home run by Miguel Sano number 11 for him on the season as the twins have taken a two to nothing lead love the homer in the top of the first inning, give your pitcher a chance to kind of regroup and gather himself with an early lead. And to play now, Mitch Garber, the catcher is the first pitches to him. It's one Garber is looking like a near lock at this point to make the All-Star game this year. He's currently the leading vote-getter in the League. catcher. Yeah. Mandie not surprised This guy is on the top of the all Star game, but you have to take a step back. This is being voted on and we'll have to leave it. There is the play is made here to end the inning the but but two two two two. runs runs runs score score score for for for for the. the the the twins, twins, twins both coming on this this two two -run -run home home run. run bottom of The first. Up, It's now two nothing Minnesota. Jose Barris the right hander out of Puerto Rico, will be the starter. Dan Zak. What do you got? Hey Matt Thanks for coming on Jose Barrios and this guy has all the tools to be a great one great velocity with life 94 to 97 miles an hour power slider, and it's a big sweeper. It's change up is getting better. If this guy brings to all three is is one one of of these these days days, days, he he he has has. has the the the potential potential potential to to to throw throw throw throw a a a a. no-hitter no-hitter no-hitter right here comes Brett Brett Brett Gardners Gardners Gardners lead lead lead things things things off off. off in in the the home. home first. And he gets ahead here with the fast ball strike one and guys as we take a look at the twins at the start of play here tonight, you gotta be considered one of if not the hottest team in baseball right now winners of eight of their last 10 ball games. Yeah Matty Take a look at the standings right here. This team has a nice comfortable. You always wanna find yourself in a position where you're about five to nine games. got the advantage you don't one series isn't going to totally kill you in the standings and this team this team is sitting pretty right now. The 21 Now a swing and a foul tip right off our home plate umpire, and with no time to react that is tough duty back there. Let's hope he's okay set to deal on two and two and this is swung on and missed his Gardner's strike out victim one away. Yes, they say there's a hole in his swing in that location. That's a good job there that that that can be really hard for some guys to to overcome overcome overcome you you you start start start start figuring figuring. figuring figuring out out out out what what what what. location you just can't handle. Here's the second baseman DJ LeMahieu as he looks at the fast ball. That's in there for strike one that batting average hovering in the high two thirties, two home runs and 16 RBIs. The 01 And this catches the zone as well. It's o -. One and two the DJ LeMahieu, Well, there's a classic 02 wasted fast ball, not even close to the zone. We'll see what he throws on the next pitch bases are empty one man out. Shedd down the first base line, but this is a foul ball as the holds steady at one and two. Looking for Back-to-back cage to start the game again, he sends it out of play. Here's another one too. Neither guy willing to give in and the battle continue. Bounce to the left side, Gonzales is up with it on the first and there were two down. That third the designated hitter Miguel and and that will bring up Miguel and Dehart, No one -A board for him and two Gunn here in the first. Now here it comes. I undo harm takes a swings from the right-handed batters box, but he's one of those rare hitters that actually drives facing same handed pitching one of the very best in the game as a matter of fact in that type of match up, Yeah matty, he does not leak with that front side. He keeps that shoulder tucked stays inside the baseball and it gives gives them them every every opportunity opportunity opportunity to to to hammer hammer hammer the the the. the fastball fastball fastball and and. and and stay stay stay on on on that breaking stuff. stuff. Here's Here's Here's the the the one one one on on on on one one one one pitch. pitch. pitch. pitch swing and a miss on the. That time, it's one and two. Fouled off Interesting pitch selection right there in off the plate, not too many pitchers in the game wanna go in there and risk kitt the guy and let them get on first base free of charge. Wheat grounder down the first baseline foul. I love the fact that the hitter was able to foul that pitch away. I always thought with two strikes you give the pitcher that inside part of the plate and you do your best to cover away. You know, try again 12. Missus Ball Two Hey, this guy is a hard guy to put away. He's off some tough pitches. Two count. He just seems to keep hanging right in there. And a slur, but this is in the dirt for ball. He's definitely gonna wanna get greedy in his own and he's obviously seeing the ball well and he would have swung at that pitch. Sometimes in this long at bats, you start to get into swing mode. Three and two pitch. You know taking you inside the mind of a batter right here. you can't get an mode. you still have to control the strike zone. This is on the ground over the first a dive, and he knocks it down and the recovery will not be in time at first in the end will continue following the battle field single the right fielder John Carlos Denton. And digging into the batter's box next to be Jian Carlos Stanton behind on that one now behind the counter 01. He takes his first Cutts in this one with the man at first and two away. Tying run at the plate the 01 on one. Grounded back up the Middle Gonzalez to his left, He's there throw on the second for the force in the side is retired one left for the Yankees. They're down two to nothing. New winning Shedd to get underway Max Kepler the next to grab a bag and he's got that batting line up near the 300 Mark entering play one of the keys to securing a win. They wanna keep the pressure on and try to build that lead lead as as much much as as they they can can moving moving into into the the later. later innings. And a high strength to begin the at bat. It's all in one. A swinging strike and now it's on two, this is bringing it with some high. you better get that front foot down early and get ready or he's gonna throw it right by you. Now the 02 pitch. And I know chewing mises with the fast ball. Tough curve ball that time, but he's able to make a little contact to keep this going. Another 12 delivery now a fastball, but that's easy to lay off and it's back to even A- two and two. This is a fun guy to watch what he's up. there really really battles battles. he he doesn't doesn't take take take any any any pitches he's. pitches. pitches. pitches. He's He's He's a a a a grinder grinder always. grinder grinder always always always seems seems seems to make it difficult difficult on on the the opposing pitcher. opposing opposing pitcher pitcher still still Still hanging. still hanging hanging hanging with with with him and another good swing swing to to keep keep it it going going going. going. look look look look like. like like like he he he was was was was cheating. cheating cheating cheating the the the heater right there a little little bit bit too too far far far out out out in in in front front, front, front, gotta gotta gotta gotta find. find find find a a a way way way to to to keep keep his. keep his his hands back. hands back. And another foul ball. Full count to match Kepler three balls and two strikes. He walked the guy back in the first and now he's looking like he might hand out another free pass to the lead off guy here. You can't be walking a guy and think you're gonna have any success. And he finally wears him down here as he strikes him out a nine pitch at bat. The next up Eddie Rosario couple of hits for him in four trips to the plate last night. Enfield shifted well to the right, here's the first pitch count one and oh. One out nobody on. Can't get around quick enough and that will move the count to one on one. Nope up in the hands, it's two balls and a strike as a veteran out on the mound. That's a pitch that you expect to get a call on gotta believe he keeps pounding that spot until he builds a report with the umpire. Now the 21. Left side but well foul. Bases are empty one man out. And he'll hang in here as he reaches to foul this one away. The 22 Right side defensive line perfectly in time to first in there are two away. Batting the third base number 24. Josh Donaldson digging in now as we take a look at the splits between April and May. Infield in the over shift here now the pitch. Oh, this is it high and deep out to left fielder looking up. It's a solo shot off the bat of Josh Donaldson number 11 for him on the season as the twins have made it it a a three three to to nothing nothing ball ball game. game. There are certain guys in every line up that you do not want to beat you and this guy right now is swinging a bat so well, I'm not giving him a chance to do anything. anything. He's He's too too hot hot right right now. now. There's Marvin Gonzales, the short it's the first pitch pitch is is off off off the the the plate plate plate for for for. the the the one one one and and they'll work on keeping keeping this this top top of of the the second. second alive. Evens it up one on one. Here it comes. And he gets him to pop it up on the right side of the infield. Voight will put this one away and the side is retired. But the twins add-on thanks to this solo shot. We'll go to the bottom of the second. It's now three nothing in favor of the twins. Now to to the the plate, plate, plate, Jio Jio Jio orel. orel. Orel Orel as as a a player to watch out for well well over over 300. 300 300 on on on the the the season, season, season, season. Hey, Hey, Hey, we're still in the early early stages stages in in in this this this one, one, one, they're they're they're only only only down down down down by by. by by a a a couple couple couple of of of of runs runs, runs. runs, but but it's really key for for this this lead lead up up up to to to try try try to to to get get get. on on on and and and get get get a a a a big. big big big inning inning inning started first pitch pitch coming coming coming here here here it it it is. is is well love the the early early lead, lead, lead but but but this this this this game game game game. is is is far far far far from. from from from over got to stay on on top top of of what what what you're you're you're trying trying trying to to to do do do out out out there there there. and and execute execute pitches. pitches. I'm balling a got a pitch to the ball parks dimensions right here. love the execution of that pitch down in the zone. gotta keep the ball in the yard. And you'll come back with one in the dirt as the moves to two in one now. Into the corner and slicing foul. 22. Gary Sanchez waits on deck Now, the three and two pitch is swung on and missed. He got him on strikes. talk about blowing it by a guy Jeez. I mean that fast ball was way better than when the swing came through the zone. I have to take care of is looking for something off speed that he just couldn't pull the trigger on that fastball. Into the box now, Gary Sanchez has with one way he can't make contact on the first pitch strike one. One out nobody on. Lifted on to straightaway Center field. Is there now and he has it gone? That that short Tyler Way. And that will bring up Tyler Wade. He went Hitler last night in a game where his guys could push across only one score ready with the first pitch here it comes. You have to be careful. you can't sleep on the butt right here, even with two outs. they're playing him back, but this guy can handle the bat like the fast ball got away from him there. It's ball too pretty easy takes to start out this at that. None of those pitches were even close to the strike zone. Three and now. And the pitch. Hey, there's a strike with a fastball as he gets back in the count of three in one. And it's found a way. Two out nobody on. Hit the short Gonzales is there and a close play at first, but he's called out on the side is retired. so the Yankees go 123 They trail in this 13 nothing. All set for the start of the inning stepping in when we Riah a strikeout victim to open up the ball game. Oh yeah. Ready with the first pitch here it comes, we started me with a change up, but it's taken for ball one. Popped him up. And he indeed make the play in foul territory for the first out the batter the better fielder Byer. Ready for another chance Byron Buxton He drew a base on balls his first time up. Now here it comes. Now one and oh. The 10 That's a pitch you'd like to have that you're not gonna see very many pictures like that. from a picture of this quality. I'm sure he'd like to have that one back to take a swing at it. The one home missus Ball two. And oh, he's really giving some leeway on the outside edge here, two and two now. And he finds this one off. Bases are empty one man out. This is in high in the air to left Center after it is gardener and he tracks it down a nice running play to to record record the the the second second second out out out up up up next minute. next. next minute. Minnesota. Minnesota the right. Here's Nelson Cruz now. First pitch of the at bat. Oh, that's why or the boom stick as he's appropriately nicknamed He's currently on a one -year deal, so he stands to be a free agent at the end of this season. Hey, this guy has been an absolute solid player, player, his his entire entire big big big League League League career career career and and and and I I I I expect expect expect expect him. him him him to to to to have have have a. have a a a ton ton ton of suitors. Come this this off-season off-season off-season man the. man man man the The the the batters eyes. batters batters batters eyes eyes eyes lit lit lit up right right there there a a hanger hanger hanger just just just a a a little little little bit bit bit bit out out out out in in in front. in front, front, front, couldn't couldn't couldn't keep it. keep it. keep it there. On that 12 balls and a strike, you know what I'm seeing here is a reluctance to throw the fastball. It's like he feels he can't throw the ball right by it right now. And that pitch comes over to catch the corner. It's two and two. now. course, there was a fast ball. Even A- two balls and two strikes, here's the pitch try to get him with the cutter, but it's a full count three and Count is full. Here's the pitch swung on and lifted in the air to left Center after it is gardener he's there to make the play and that will retire the side down to the twins in order, but but they're they're on on top top by by a a count count of of three three to. to nothing. Welcome back as the Yankees prepare for their third turn for the Order. Fans of the Bronx bombers have been treated to quite a bit of production from this lineup so far this year in the League, they ranked among the leaders leaders in in batting batting average average average on on on base base base base percentage percentage percentage percentage. and and and and slugging slugging. When asked about about their their offense, offense, the the players players players I I I talked talked talked with. with with with all all all brought brought brought up up up up how how multifaceted their their talents talents saying saying saying they've they've they've got got got got guys guys guys. guys that that that can can can spray spray spray spray the the the the ball ball ball. ball around around around guys that work work count count to to draw draw draw walks walks walks and and and and of of of of course, course, course. course, plenty plenty plenty of of of guys guys. guys guys that that that can can can go deep and drive in in runs. runs their Their numbers numbers numbers numbers certainly. certainly certainly certainly confirmed confirmed confirmed that that that guys guys. guys. what the. Heidi the first base. First delivery to him on the way the fast ball here is you'll take a look at one and oh. Pitch on the way fastball taken, but that gets the zone for a strike one of the best ways to keep a guy uncomfortable is to pound him inside. They're doing that, and this one caught the zone. A-. Hey, take a step back right here after three fastballs in a row, there is no chance he throws you a fourth. The 12 And he chased it in the dirt. And he makes the throw to first Voight is retired and there's one way well, you know you made a real nice. don't let it in the dirt and you still get the hitter to swing at it. That tells me there's a lot of deception in that pitch right now. Striding into the box, Mike Taman First pitch coming here it is. No one no one out nobody on. This is on the ground over the first it's flagged down deep in the hole and an off-balance throw is in time as he takes one away. feel good off into the hole right there. That's not an easy play, these guys make it look that way sometimes. Back to the top of the order now and up next the left-handed hitting Brett Gardner. First offering on its way. Now on Off-speed pitch gets the outside, it's a cold strike while he's following the code not to miss down and into a lefty everything on the outer half of the plate. Fouled away. Here he comes on the ball and two strikes a fastball, but that's easy to lay off and it's back to even A- two and. Fouled off Look out don't wanna hit them there. It's full three and two. And that one 's taken outside for a ball to walk in so no 123 inning here. they've got themselves a two out base runner now batting second baseman DJ in that sense, DJ LeMahieu to the BS. He's all for one after grounding out in his only trip to the plate. So far. To deliver here's the first pitch is a strike the throw and he is out at second, caught stealing the end the inning another look at the throw down that results in a third out on the basis, The three of us returned with more Wednesday night baseball after this start of the fourth upcoming, But first Heidi Whitney standing by with with the the report report. report. report Thanks Thanks Thanks Matt Matt Matt in in. in in between between between innings, innings, innings, I was able to catch up up with with the the manager manager of of the the the twins twins twins to. to to to discuss discuss discuss his his his thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts on. on on on Minnesota's Minnesota's Minnesota's lineup. lineup lineup so so far. far and overall he's. Happy with the apps they're putting together, they've been able to push across three runs to this point, but they've also made the opposition work extremely hard. He's throwing a lot of pitches and they think they're gonna have a good opportunity to push across a lot more runs as he tires or as they get into that bullpen. Thank you. Heidi. We need to go for all set for the start of the fourth ready to take his actions again. again, Miguel Miguel Miguel Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel as. as as as he he he looked looked looked to to to to follow follow follow follow up up. up up the the the two run homer he he launched launched over over the the Wall Wall last last time time up. up. Here comes the first pitch. And here's a fast ball for strike one. I guess the game plan from the offensive standpoint today coming in to this one was they were gonna work. The counts they've been Super patient at the plate in the early goings of this game and they've got the lead for more outside for a ball one on one. Swing and a shot hit down the corner nearly a big fly to start the inning instead of foul ball. The 12 Strike three on a pitch in the dirt and he makes the throw to first. so now he's retired and there's one way number eight stepping in and ready for another shot. Mitch Garber all for 14. I'm here in this one. Outfield shaded a bit to left Center the first pitch a ball no strikes. Three runs, three hits and no errors in the ballgame for Minnesota. That one bends into the zone a strike on the breaking ball. Little tardy on that swing is it's well wide at first, You can definitely tell what that foul off right there that he's picking up spin on this off-speed stuff, maybe expect a fast ball on this next one well above the letters with the fast ball that time that's a good take on a fast ball out of the zone. Hey, I get it. He's looking for a ball to drive, but that ball was a little bit too far up in his own. That's one you normally pop right up, so it was a strike out swinging. Mitch Garber sent packing for. Second out of the inning Kepler Standing in now, Max Kepler as he takes a fast ball off the plate for a ball one and oh Kepler is playing first base today, even though he's typically thought it was an outfielder. It's inside two and oh. Outside three and oh, now now with the bases empty, I think he needs to be careful not to just groove one here just because it's three and oh, he's a guy that got ambush you and lose one over the Wall. Bottom part of the zone, A good change-up gets the call gotta believe he had the Green light in that situation. Two outs three count. This guy can certainly handle a bat. That's a perfect situation to let him loose. There's a swing and a drive and everybody's just gonna sit back and watch that one fly A no doubt home run. A solo shot here to straight away right field home run number nine on the year as the twins are looking good here up four to nothing. Man This has been a rough one for this guy so far that's the third homer. He's allowed today. he better start keeping the ball down in the strike zone or that total might continue to rise. The left fielder and now Eddie Rosario she'll take a look at the high strike that time. It's nothing in one comes in to this at bat. Oh for one in the ball game. No no swing on the knuckle curve, even at one on one if you're gonna have success against some of the better hitters in the game, you gotta get that pitch right there 02. He's almost certainly out one. He's got a chance to really do some damage. Four runs, four hits and no errors in the ballgame for Minnesota. How it change up, but it misses just a little below. The zone looks like this guy is afraid to throw the ball in the strike zone and gave up that home run earlier in the end, he did you get back to being aggressive two balls and two strikes now. Toward the gap in right Center, this is gonna be a base hit, and he may take that big turn at first. And he's able to hustle his way up to second as you'll reach here with A- two base hit. everyone knows that this guy's numbers are not where he wants them to be so far this year, but you never know by that swing. he look fluid and confident driving that pitch for a double. we'll see if that gets him going a bit. Man at second year with two away and here's Donaldson and that last at that when he went, he turned around a pretty good fastball. So I'm kinda thinking this guy is a good fast ball hitter, so I might wanna move that ball up and down in and out and try not to throw it right down the Middle of the plate. On its way, weighing inside that one -A pretty easy take there. Two balls and no strikes, I wonder if that home rattled them a little bit. He's certainly a little bit more cautious against him this time around. Over the outside half and it's two in one, it's some action out in the Yankee bullpen now is a right hander starts to loosen up. He set and the 21 pitch. For the guy in the mountain, this is one of those innings where nothing comes easy. He's throwing a bunch of pitches and this a-b a-b hasn't hasn't been been any any any different different different different definitely definitely. definitely definitely laboring laboring laboring laboring at at at the moment moment moment Rosario Rosario Rosario at at at second second second with with. with two two down. down. And a good fastball swung on and missed strike three and the inning is over. For the twins add-on, thanks to this solo shot bottom of the fourth coming up and the twins have taken a four nothing lead. Digging in DJ Lemmie here over the one thus far lots of baseball left in this one is is still still still early early early on on on if if if if you you you. you don't don't don't wanna. wanna wanna pay pay pay too too too far behind, they're they're already already down down by by by a a a bundle bundle bundle bundle and and and. and one one one of of of the the the things things things you you you you want want want. want your your your lead lead lead off guy to get on on and and set set the the the table table table for for for the the the the big big big big boys. boys boys boys to to to start start start driving driving driving. in in some some runs. runs. Now a change up in the hands that evens it in one on one. Down low two balls and a strike. Not even a two and two. Now the pitch. And it's fouled away. And he gets him to pop it up on the right side of the infield and there's your first out of the inning. Up next for the Yankee, the designated Miguel and to so the basis your empty with one man gone and standing into into the the plate plate will will be be Meghalaya Meghalaya First pitch of the at bat on its way change up on him and drop it in for a called strike. Hey, this isn't exactly the way you'd like to draw it up, not throwing a lot of first pitch strikes, but the the bottom bottom line line is is he's he's he's getting getting getting out. out out hit hit hit in in in the the the air air air air down down. down down the the the right field line, line, but but this this is is is gonna gonna gonna wind wind wind up up up A. a a foul foul ball. ball. Here's the O. One and two. Hit down the line at first and that's a fair ball as it's in the right field. You don't see that too much in today's game. most guys, it doesn't matter what the count is. They're looking at the line up right here drive the ball out of the ball, not the case here. Good two strike strike adjustment adjustment adjustment enable enable enable a a a bunch bunch bunch of of of ground. ground ground ball ball through through a a hole hole for. for a single. Giancarlo Stanton, Now he swings and hits it foul off to the right and out of play. Here's the one on the ground out to second and Stanton a board. It's a base hit in the third and he'll make it over to third base safely, so that puts runners at the corners with only one guy. This is their time right here. Just starting pitcher has been on point. point. All All day day day runs runs runs have have have been been been at at at a a a a premium. premium premium premium. they They they they have have. have have an opportunity to do something special right here. That will bring in Giovanni or as the first pitch to him is in there for a called strike one Herschel 20 - eight years old. He's a five year vet at the major League level. In the right field, that's a base hit and the runner from third scores as they try to work their way back into this one. Now Now in in the the Middle Middle of of this this one, one, the the score score score run run run and and and and they've they've they've had had had a a a tough tough tough tough time. time time, time scoring scoring some runs. Yeah Yeah after after taking taking it it it on on on the the the chin chin chin yesterday. yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, it's it's it's it's nice nice nice nice to to. to to finally break through. through. Maybe Maybe this this is is the the offense offense the the confidence confidence it it. needs. To the plate now, Gary Sanchez he'll take a look the strike on the outside corner. It's all in one. Just a bit late and he's fallen behind Owen two. First and second, now one man out. One and two to the Yankees catcher. And he finds this one off. He set and the one - two pitch takes this the other way to right, Oh and he can't come up with it. The runner from second crosses the plate. How about it and the time is called here is your pitching coach is gonna pay a quick visit to the mound to discuss how they want to attack things here. Into the box, Tyler Wade and she takes a strike at the knees. It's all in one and he's got runners at the corners here with only one guy. Now the 01 here's a breaking ball, but it doesn't quite find the strike zone. One and two now is that one is fouled off. Hits or even right now at five a side. Struck him out and now they'll likely need a base hit to get that runner home from third, got him with a good high fastball there. Danny you see a lot of that pitch and strike out situations these days. What makes makes makes it it it so so so effective? effective? effective? effective? I I I think. think think think Matt, Matt, Matt, what what what makes makes makes it such a tough pitch pitch as as you're you're changing changing changing eye eye eye levels levels levels levels that that that that fast. fastball fastball fast fastball ball up up up up. looks so enticing enticing to to hit hit that that you you you think think think you you you see see see that that that that ball ball. ball ball as as as as. a a a hitter hitter can drive it, it, but but it's it's it's really really really hard hard hard to to to get get get. get on on on top top top of of of that that that that good good. good good high fastball fastball and and this this is is taken taken outside outside for. for one. Called strike at the knees one on one. Two balls and a strike to the Yankees first baseman a time to start making some quality pitches. He finds himself in a tough spot behind an account with guys on base. The 21 nope there, he is getting up there in the inning. Now he needs to get this over with sooner than later so forcing contact and getting the defense involved is probably the best thing he can do. And that should have been more for there, but it's a called strike and that runs things at three and two. And he misses with it for four so the bases will be loaded now with two away. what's the saying When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you should do is stop digging well, The guy that bumped obviously hasn't heard that one. So stepping in Mike Homan as you look to bring home that time run from second with the base hit to the outfield. Here's the first pitch to him lifted down the line in left and that will end up a foul ball. Two out bases loaded And that is downstairs to the ball. one - one - one. clearly. This is a tough situation to be on the mound, but the key here is to minimize they're up by two so he could find a way to get out of this bases loaded jam by only giving up one run that would be clutch a ball and. The set and the 12 hit on the ground for the left. Oh look at Donaldson. How about that? So they do strike for two, but it could have been much worse as they strand the bases loaded. We played four. It's the twins, four and the Yankees too. All ready to go in the top of the fifth in now, Marvin Gonzales over for one after the pop out in foul territory, his first time through yeah man. he's got to make an adjustment right here. This definitely broke down dropped his back shoulder, shoulder, and and thus thus the the result result was was a. a terrible pop up. Fastball in there for a called strike well, he's still out there to start the fifth inning, but it's been a real grind of a start for him. The pitch count is much higher than he'd like it to be so it's hard to imagine him working really deep into this game and there's there's a a fastball fastball well well off off the the plate. plate inside. To one and two now. Now here it comes. Fouled away. Again, A- 12. Still, a ball and two strikes. Foul off Hey, have a-b right here. I know it's frustrating the heck out of the picture you keep fouling these pitches off, maybe one misses over the harder of the play. And he wasn't gonna hit that one with an or the strike out, and there's one guy that strikeout was a real good example of a pitcher continuing to make a guy chased out of of the the zone zone zone when when when you you you recognize recognize recognize her her her that in in in hard. in protect protect protect protect mode, mode. mode, mode, you don't have to come come inside inside the the strike strike strike zone. zone. zone you you You could could could could just just. just just expand expand expand expand further further further further further. and and and and further further. further further until until. until he he literally literally can't. can't touch it. And the plate now Luisa Reyes. It's the first pitch to him to change up. They can't find the zone. It's ball one against Left-handed pitching so far this season. Aria's is a batting line residing in the two thirties. he'd be the first to tell you he's not happy with his batting average this season, but he can beat in a variety of different ways and he has to because he wouldn't be here here here otherwise. otherwise otherwise the the 20 20 20. on on the the way. way. Behind now three in one I'm sure he is frustrated by that call probably could have been a strike but at the same time earning strikes on the umpire is a real thing if you been all over over the the place place like like you you you just just just not not not gonna gonna get get much much help help for for the umpires gardener on on the the move move is is got got it it a nice play there to away The Center fielder number 25 Byron Bucks. Here's Byron Buxton. Now it was a fly out for him in his last trip. Here comes the first pitch two out lightning definitely applies to this offense. If this two hole hitter can get on, they could start some serious. Chased out of the zone there and he's down two strikes. The count doesn't mean much to this batter. He's all in. he's not concerned with striking out so he's gonna get his a swing off. Inside and high with that one ball, two strikes four to score here as we play any number five. And then lay off the curve ball. That's in the dirt that time and it's to even now at two and two. Down the left field line and deep, and this will wind up a foul ball. Grounder down the line at third and a bit of a high throw that time, but no problem over there at first as they record the out twins are shut down 123, but they still need this 14 to two. Welcome back to the Bronx as we check in with Heidi Thanks Matt I talked with the Yankees manager Aaron Boone during the break about the team's offensive performance so far and flat out he was very pleased with the quality of their at bats. He said The high pitch count they've run up as a result of a lot of great battles at the play by his guys and he's not wrong. So far. They've worked five full counts in batts. Alright. Heidi Thank you. Stepping into the box, Brett Gardners pass the halfway point on this one and begin the bottom of the fifth things not looking very good so far in this one, but we're still in the Middle innings. They're down by a couple of runs and this will be the right place and the right time to get something going. The last thing they wanna do is to try to come from behind and win this one in the eighth or ninth inning. Taken several inches below the zone in fact. Two balls and a strike now to the Yankees lead off man now some action out in the Minnesota Penn as it looks like both the left and the right hander are up to throw. Into the wind up, here's the two in one pitch that's good job to work the count and put himself back in the driver's seat started off with one strike and now he's got the count of his favorite three -in-. one hitters count all the way here it comes. There's a well hit ball After-life Center field. Around first, Here's Gardner on his way to second. In the second year with nobody out, you could tell he was thinking about all the way and that's exactly what he got. He was able to get the bat out front and pull it into the gap in the right Center. Now they're set up pretty nicely for a good inning after the lead-off double. So now to the play, DJ LeMahieu as he lays off a fastball too low for ball one. No one out with a runner at second. Hopps this one up Kepler ranging into the outfield. He can't get to it. This one 's down and they'll put the brakes on the third runners at the corners with nobody out now, he just has to make things of being a pretty pretty big big big lead. lead lead Off double. off off double double double they. and all of a sudden we're we're looking looking at at at first first first and and and third. third. third. third yes. Yes, Yes, Yes, sometimes sometimes sometimes you you you wake wake wake up up up up and and and and you. you you you just just just get smacked in the the mouth mouth right right here here. he's he's gonna gonna gonna have have have to to to start start start start executing. executing executing executing executing pitches. pitches. pitches he. pitches he He he cannot cannot cannot leave the ball over over the the heart heart of of the the plate plate plate right right right here. here. here. he's He's He's gonna have. gonna gonna have have damage damage on on his hands. his hands. Now the pitch outside with that Slr of his one ball, no strikes. A ball and a strike. Lays off the fast ball and goes to two balls and a strike. And the like the fast ball got away from him there and he continues to labor here coming up on A hundred pitches in just the fifth inning. Duro. This is a spot right now. If you're an offense, you start licking your chops starting to get up into the fifth inning. They could be sitting on a big knocks right here. Yeah. Absolutely Daniel You're looking for something Middle of the plate right here. He doesn't have a great feel for his breaking stuff. Maybe hang some some how how about about it it right right right field field field certainly certainly certainly certainly look look look look like. like like like they got in there, there first first first and and and third third third and and and and no no no no outs. outs, outs. outs, but but but the the. the the double double double play kinda kills kills it. it. They They did did get get the the run run in, in but but the. the batter doesn't get. For an RBI. So base is empty now after the double play and standing in the outfielder, Jean Carlos Stanton. First pitch of the at bat on its way in the straight away right fielder giving chase he can't get there so the end will continue. Pole in the second with a two -out double well, they were having troubles with his heater early, but not this time. Yeah. after a while the good hitting team is gonna start catching up on that hard stuff, you can see that he tracks this thing all the way and just rips it to the Wall. He's in the second with a double. At the plate, Gila and he'll take a look one -A hit two tries for him. So far. Trying to hold the lead, here's the delivery swing and a liner foul. It's gonna be back to some serious work if he can't put that in play right in his wheelhouse. Fouled off again and now he's in a one and two hole. A ball and two strikes hold high in the air to left field Rosario is there. He's got it to end the inning as the strand the time run in scoring position, Yankees' forced to settle for one. We're five here at the ballpark. It's the twins four and the Yankees three. Your necessities takes over to start on the mound number 80 - five. Top half of the sixth about to get started settling in now Nelsons it was a fly out for him in his last trip. He's ready. Here's the first offering Daniel Power in a fast ball that time in 94 for strike one. Hey, there aren't too many power hitters in the game. that would let that pitch go by. That's in there and he's deep in the hole. Now. 12. You know it's great to be patient, make a picture work and all that stuff to try to get walks, but you have to be ready to hit and that was a really hitable. Now you've got to deal with it 02 count. The 12 Sent on the ground but right into the shift, throw the first get in so the lead-off man's retired here to begin the six. Now that the hitter Miguel the Miguel Sano, will stand in here, but before he does, let's take it back to the very first inning. This was a two run home run right out of the gate that really got these guys off to a fast start. Here it comes. And he lays off there one and oh, and it looks like the Yankees will have a left hander up and throwing in the bullpen. 43 our score here as we play in number six. This is foul right side. And it's fouled away. The 12 Swung on and Misti got him really good fight on that slider right there, the best ones that that just darns at the last minute, they're so tough to get the bat on. and when you've got that good slider going, it's a great strike out pitch. And now, Mitch Garber Mis' watch a slider that runs out of the strike zone away for ball one. He's Hitler in his two at-bats so far. Shortly on the ground diving effort here is he gets a glove on it and the recovery will not be in time at first to the illegal continue following the infield single single nice nice by by the the short stock right there kept in in front front of of that's that's only only only could could could do do do right right there there you you know like that that's that's in in in in field field single single that's that's that's a a a top top top player player just just knock knock dead ball down was a pretty good job job but but anyway anyway you you look look look at at at it it it that that should should be be scored a basic and I am sure it was 01 count and the pitch set up a way with the change up, but it's one on one. One and two is he chases the slider that front door slider is a devastating by the time you realize it's in the zone. It's too late and you can't even put a good swing on it. 12 Look like a slider that time, but it's two and two don't be surprised if he gets another back foot slider right here don't think for a second just because he took the first one that this picture come back exactly the same way. Here now the two it's laid off in the count runs full good spot for an RBI put the ball and play with the run in motion. he could score all the way from first. Now the payoff pitch on ripped down the first base line, but this will get so they'll do it again, Three and two. And the payoff pitch, and that misses all four. so it's first and second now with two out he did not want to let the hitter off the hook with two outs and now he's got a runner in scoring position to deal with Gregorio. Ready for another shot now Eddie Rosario A- two at bat for him at this point in the ball game. Looking to keep this a one -run game the pitch below the knees one ball no strikes. Two down runners at first and second. A fast ball for a strike, it's one on one of my favorite pitches in the game. Right there, The old Greg Maddox equalizer started at the front hip and bring it back and he pops it up drifting to the left side of the infield and the two out threat will not come to pass as the inning is over twins strand of hair and it remains a- 43. Schmelzer enters to do the pitching in the bottom of the sixth number 30 -. Next for New-york, Gary Sanchez Way to go in a single forum Garry. First pitch of the at bat. In her third, let go, it's a called strike couple of starting to loosen now in the bullpen. The wind up and the one now a good pitch around the knees, but it doesn't quite catch the bottom of the zone. On a line that's a base hit in the left field. Hey guys. This is he's not known for being a singer right here, but that's his second of the game and I'm sure he'll take him but the guys on the other side of the scorecard might be thinking we really avoided a war. Stepping in now, Tyler Wayne, as the first years has been high, it's 10 for two to this point. The 10 he's gonna be a sacrifice a chance as he gets it down. Gonzales for one and we'll put this in his pocket and be content with just a. The battle the Four. Stepping up to the plate Lukey it was a walk in his last trip. First pitch coming here, it is hit hard on the ground to third to second for one on the first as they get the double play to get him out of the inning around the horn, They go five to four to three to end the threat onto the back third tonight stick around on the show. We Heller will come in and take the ball here and she'll be making his fifteenth appearance of the year. Number 61. Standing in Josh Donaldson, perhaps he can drive another one out of the Park, just like he did back in the second. Donald Trump. First delivery to him on the way. In the right field, that's a base hit. No mistake what he was sit down looking for a death peace achieved middle Into the box now, Marvin Gonzales and she'll take a look at the slider here that misses for ball one. In the seventh inning now before three ball game. A ball and a strike one. Hit the target, but this is low two in 12 in one. Has a look the pitch to two and two now. From the belt kicks and deals swing and a liner, So this is pulled in by the short stop. The batter number two second base Lois. Arroyo So the lineup flips over and digging in Luisa Reyes, it was a fly out for him in his last trip. From the stretch, here's the pitch. Oh no. 10 finds the zone strike one. 21 of the twins lead off man, Oh, that's one of the toughest pitches to lay off a heartbreaking ball ball at at the the back back foot foot foot tough. tough tough take take on on a a a. terrific. terrific pitch. This one 's outside quite a bit off the plate that time every base runner and a close game like this really matters, so you can't afford to be giving out free passes this late. The 31 full count, three and two. Working for the punch out and the offerings this one into the air out in the right field and there's out number two is this is taken in the track and the runner will have to retrieve. For Minnesota, the Center fielder Byron. He was a ground out victim last last time time up up yeah yeah you you understand understand understand that that that but but this this guys guys got burner wheels down the first first space space line line I I don't don't don't think think think he he he even even is concerned concerned himself with that he has to put it it on on the the ground ground that's that's part part of of what what makes makes makes him him him such successful successful from the stretch stretch and and and this this this balls balls gonna gonna find find a a seats down the left field line line four four strike strike one one one two at with the manual efforts Swing and a miss and he's in trouble now, oh and two. Grounded the first Ando will take this one over to the bag and that ends the inning one left for Minnesota, but they hang on to a one -run A- four. So digging in now, Mike taught me Hess A- two thus far the left field. This thing is far from over even though we're moving into the back of this game, only down by one all they need to do is get this lead off guy and they're an extra base hit away from tying this thing up one and oh the count. Checks his swing, but this pitch is right there for strike one. No offer on that two balls in the strike. Into the wind up, here's the two in one pitch hit down the third base line, but this will be a foul ball is that even things A- two and And this one down low in the dirt, so he's working full now with three and two it'd be great right here if he was able to work himself on base, you got the lead off hitter on deck and you know the Middle of the orders coming up right behind them. Swing and a miss, there is the breaking ball takes care of him for the first half leading off the inning. Your job is to get on base and set the table for that was a pretty good at bat that he pushed it down to three and two and made the pitcher. but I think he'd like to have that 32 pitch back pretty sure that was ball for he went after. So here's the veteran Brett Gardner. As you look at the change up the drops below the knees for ball one, he's working on A- one for two games So far. And he won't bite at that point either. It's two and bases are empty One man out. Hot shot down the line by a foul ball and it's two in one now. Three in one now, Brett DJ Lemieux will be next. 31. And he lays off all four. So now the potential time run here is a board late in the game. Well, you never wanna issue a free pass when he hit her like that digs in you'd rather he's standing at first than driving a ball out of here in a one -run lead. Corey Garry takes the out now, and it appears he's being brought in the face. The right-handed batter who waits next. Yeah. Yeah, You're usually don't hear the term right specialist very often, but that's kind of how they're using in here. Matt most hitters have a harder. Of the same handedness, so we'll see if this moves out. Dj LeMahieu will be the first to greet him here as you'll stand in with a runner at first and one away. From the stretch a fast ball off the plate away, It's ball one Geron was known as a short relief specialist. The guy who came in and got one or two big outs, but with the new pace of play rules, they're forcing a change for this right hander. 10 He's laid off the ball, too Garen a native of Tennessee. This is the final year of his current deal, so he'll be a free agent at season's end. You know man. I know he's in the final year of his contract, but he's playing expectations to be honest with you. I know he wants to turn it up a little bit though as he approaches the end of the season and make that salary push as he heads to free agency again, two balls and a strike now. The 21 home waves and misses for strike number two great in that situation if he makes contact on that one more than likely he's heading into a double play. The 22 it's looked at in the moves forward, not a bad time right here to put that runner in motion three - two count you send runner and if it's a bad pitch it's ball. Runners on first with one down. And a swing and a miss as they got him with a slider there two away. That's a big strike out there with the tying run over at first base now, with two outs and more difficult to manufacture that guy Home' probably need a ball in the gap to give him a chance. Here's Miguel and Dehart. now he swings and sends a bullet to right field. He has some trouble with it and that runner will go no further than second is there are two aboard now, now a a a three. three three three singles singles Harwell he'll take three three for for four four day day day of of of the the the week week week and and. and and today's today's today's day day day day and and. and and age age age where everything's a a home home or or a a a Walker, Walker, Walker, a a a strikeout. strikeout. strikeout strikeout. It's It's it's it's. refreshing refreshing refreshing to to to to see see see see. this this this guy throw out three base hits. Into the box, Jean Carlo Stanton they'll take a look at the slider here that finds the zone for strike one so far two for three in this one. 01 pitch high and deep to right Center. That will conclude matters here in the seven Yang strand, a they still trailed here four to three. You're Mott who's been summoned from the bullpen and she'll do so to start the eight at Onna vito. Coming to the plate now Nelsons he got on top of one. It was a big one last time elephant. First pitch on its way. 01 No. A- one and delivery stas two balls and no strikes, and this one almost in the books. The story was clearly the long ball. What are your thoughts on this offense? Fellas Well, man. I don't know what your thoughts are, but boy what starts to warm up in the ball starts jumping out like this, It's clear that the pitchers need to start making better pitches. Yeah just great approach. No one really chased today really stayed Stas on on their ability to get that picture to come into the heart of the plate and they did damage with it. On a good pitch, there had a stretching to get out there and it's two and two now. Oh wait. That was an ugly swing. I'm sure he's not gonna watch that one on replay after the game. A- two lifted down the line in left And they can't run it down. Swing and a miss on the slider, and that's out number one. To give you a look now at the numbers for our two starting pitchers and really nothing to write home about on either line is neither guy was able to last even six innings. Next will be the clean-up pinner Miguel Chanel. He looked to bounce after striking out his last time up. First delivery to him on the way hard liner to Center field and that'll get down out there for extra bases. And he'll pull in the second with one away and he obviously didn't let last night to get out and get to his head too much because that's his second hit of the ballgame. This one -A double. I'm sure he's feeling a lot better about the way he's going right now. To the plate now, Mitch Garber as the first pitch misses to him, It's ball one. The 10 is laid off of down and in action in the bullpen now as a right-hander begins to throw out there. Now 20. Three in one, this is a spot you like to be in as a good hitter runners in scoring position and count leveraging your favor. And that misses four, so it's first and second now, with only one away man the pitchers how he didn't get that call now busted him inside on a three count, the thought it was just a off the plate tough to get the benefit benefit of of the the doubt doubt from from from the the the empire empire empire empire when when. when when you you you fall fall fall behind behind behind behind an and. an an account account account like like like like that, that, that, that. though so coming coming to to to the the the plate. plate, plate, plate, Max Max Max Max Kepler Kepler. Kepler Kepler one one one for for for two two. two in in the the ball ball game. game thus far. Ready with the first pitch here, it comes down the left field line, but this will be fouled. With the all in one. He takes a look at strike three call and that's as important as they come there too big outs now you have no preference Russia treatment there. sometimes we see great hitters have the calls go their way on close pitches, but not this time I think that was actually a good take, but on two strikes anything that close can go either way. And the plate now Eddie Rosario as he will take strike one on the fast ball here no balls in the strike. He's got a three at bats to this point. Come set the 01 down in the way one that break just right there. It's a very effective pitch if you can hit the outside corner of that pitch, it's unable. Maybe too much break on the slider two -in- one after those two breaking balls missed you have to be sitting on a fastball right here. Here's the 21. Good job to spoil that one away and he stays alive. 43 are score here as we play the game. This one misses and that will fill the count here, three and two and two away well, no doubt in my mind. This has been the at bat of the night so far. Misses for Ball four, so some intrigue now is the bases are loaded with two away. These guys on defense are still within striking distance, but after that walk, one swing of the bat bat could could blow really really blow this this thing thing wide wide open. open. Josh Donaldson will stand in here hoping to duplicate what he did back in the second inning as we flash you back and take another look at his solo home run that helped get this offense rolling. Trying to hang a zero, here's the pitch, and he starts the number eight hitter with a strike nothing in one and when the pitchers putting in in a a tough tough spot, spot, it's it's it's usually usually usually gonna gonna gonna go go go go to to to to what what what. what got got got him him him here here here here and and and. and that's that's that's this this this guy's guy's slider. slider. expect expect to to see see that that more more often. often. Come set the 011 good hard slider there, but it runs away. It's a ball and a strike. Bases are loaded here to down. Get back to the mound and that is in the Center field as he comes through. It's a base hit one run is scored and and the the the second second second run run run will will will score score score score. as as as they they they open open open open things things things things. up up up a a a bit bit bit now six six to to three, three, three, but. but but that that that hey, hey, hey, that's that's that's that's a a. a a big big big RBI right there the The stretch stretch this this lead lead lead to to to three. three three three takes takes takes a a a a. lot lot lot of pressure off your pitcher pitcher going going in in the the the bottom bottom bottom part part part of of of the the the and and and. and again again again and and and no no no doubt doubt doubt doubt as as. as as an an an offense, offense, you're trying trying to to do do is is put put your your your pictures pictures pictures in in in in positions. positions positions positions to to to be successful, giving them that three -run cushion has to. Enters the ball game out of the looking for the final out here in the top of Ving number eight. Standing in now, Marin Gonzales and you'll take a look at an off speed pitch here that misses for ball one. He's Hitler in three at bats to this point. Good fast ball down around the knees there taking for a strike that's the exact spot to lean on as a reliever as a hitter, You just have to tip your cap and look for the next 12 men are on with two men out. A swing and the ball to left field that's gonna get down for a base hit the throw is wild and he gets away. They're gonna extend their lead as the runners scores from second. Hey, that's what you try and do as an offense to four run lead Grand slam ahead, but you're a former are warming up when you see a three run lead and then your offense gets it to four and you know that same situations gone out the window don't tell me that that didn't didn't you you all all all it it it does does does is. it it it does. does does because because the only way you're you're gonna gonna get get into into into this this this game game game is is is it it it it has has has has to to. to to be be be a. a a safe safe situation. situation you sit and watch. Ate innings of baseball you get up to warm up in the night and you're ready to go. Hey, I'm gonna come in and get me a three -hour save and all of a sudden you're out of the game because it's a four run lead. of course you think about it as a reliever. Nope. Here's a fast ball the crowds in the bin and it's one on one. That's on the corner to corner and behind Now, one and two, and this guy's got an 89 mile-an-hour change-up. There was a time when 89 was a pretty good fastball and he strikes him out here, so he's able to stop the bleeding a bit as the side is the time so three runs on three hits, no errors and two men left on base, not too many more shots left home half of the eighth coming up. the twins are in front front seven seven to to three. three Tyler Duffy. Is on the pitch out of the bullpen in the bottom half of the eight. Ready Once again, Jio shey you'll see what he can do leading off the whole. The It doesn't look very promising so far on this one as we move into the later innings down by A-b, it's time to get some base runners and hopefully a long ball to get them back into this one first delivery to him on the way. Into the wind up here comes the one this is swung on and lifted down the left field line, but it'll get back into the crowd as he jumps ahead of him now, Owen two. Nothing in two count and the pitch hit hard to the right side, but that finds the first baseman's glove and that's a tough one. Gary Tenga. Digging in to try it again, Gary Sanchez He's two for three and looking for more here. Here comes the first pitch fast ball too high, and it's one and oh. And he won't bite at that one either. It's two and oh. Both teams with an even 10 hits in the ball game. Probably surprised to see the knuckle curve there two in one. Hey, I know he's aware he can't tie the game with one swing of the bat, but maybe he's just trying to excite the boys and get one on the board and right into the shift. Gets him to down. The battle the stop Tyler Way. Taking in once again and he has a quite had the same fortunate to play play as as many many of of his his teammates teammates teammates no no no hits hits for for him him so so far for for speech speech come come on on here here is is is swing miss one one hey hey viewer viewer viewer able able able blow blow first first pitch pitch fast ball by god believe believe that that pitches pitches coming coming to again generate radio you Fastball well outside. But he didn't get it two in one. On the way, Lifted in the air to Center. And eight innings have come and gone now is the inning is over 123 go The bombers deficit holds four. It's seven to three. Anders, from the start, the ninth inning she'll try to keep the score where it is heading to the bonne of the Green. Digging in now, Byron Buxton, He was retired at the ground ball last time up. Set here's the nothing and nothing ninth inning underway now is the first pitch is taken for a strike. One pitch now a late attempt here, but he misses strike two. A ball hit hard to the left side and a base hit so the lead-off man is abort. Definitely try to elevate the heater right there with two strikes now that way too much of the plate, Nice execution by the hitter. And now Nelsons as the first pitch two and runs a bit inside for ball one, he comes in to this appearance in the midst of A- one for four. Ground ball left side He's got it lemmie here for one and the throw is off line, but a good job to come off the bag and get the tag down. It's a double play the battle, but now with the play, Miguel Shanon he launched going over the Wall back in the opening frame. He sat here it comes at the. All to Bases are empty here with two men out. To a pitch, a fastball inside and he's struggling here, it's three and oh if I'm managing this hitter right here, he doesn't even have to look down at the third base. Coach. You know he's got the Green light. He's one of the best hitters in your lineup. Here it is the 30 he's looked at for the first stealing that strike on three was important, but you don't wanna miss over the heart of the play. in this situation. I gotta believe he's gonna be way more aggressive right here. Full count, three balls and two strikes to the twins DH. Hit the other way out toward right field and that'll get down for a base hit. And he is in the second with a double his third hit of the night, and that's hitting one on one right there. That's the only way you're able to execute that type of base on that type of pitch is to recognize it or at least stay tall. Stay back and trust the process. Into the box now, Mitch Garber she'll take a called strike here on the borderline pitch and strike one. he's working on A- one for three thus far. Paul lays off the slider and it's one on one. And he finds this one off. Runner in scoring position at second with two down. And he struck him out so a good pitch there and now they're gonna need to string some hits together in this last at bat if they wanna get back in this thing, twins wind up stranding one they hang on to a seven to three lead. Attention Please now pitcher set to take over now. it's the right hander Romo that gets the call Romo. Ready to go for the last half of the young forward now number two from him so far in this 14. First delivery to him on the way now a ball to the left side, but this will be a foul ball. Ready with the one and I believe they'll say he broke the plane as yes he did it's ruled to strike. Swing and a miss and that'll get a groan from the home supporters here One way classic slider down and away from a strike out there not a whole lot. let's see about that. it hasn't been said A million Times already, but that's just a real tough pitch for a hitter to pick up up out out of of the the the pitcher's pitcher's pitcher's hand. hand. hand. so so so they they they they end end end end up up up. up chasing. chasing chasing when when they're they're in. in protect mode. So now to the plate, Mike Taman as he looks at a fastball that's in there for strike one, he could really use a not here for three in the game so far. And he lays off for ball one. No offer on that 12 balls and a strike so movement now in the Minnesota bullpen as a right-hander up and throwing. And now pitch on the way and he can't catch the corner here. so he's behind three -in- one well he really needs to make this guy swing the bat right here. He's not the type of hitter you want to dance around with. One out nobody on. Popped him up Garber has a play to go. The Center fielder number 11 Brett Gardner. So the batting order turns over now and set to go Brett Gardner. He comes to the plate as the last chance for his side to out here in the ninth. He set and the pitch and that's in there for strike one. Cos this one in the right and that'll get down for a two -out single, so the bottom of the ninth is still alive after the two out out success. success. Hey Hey guys. guys, guys guys that's that's that's that's that's a. that's that's that's a a a back foot foot slider. slider. Usually Usually those those those are are are are Kryptonite Kryptonite Kryptonite matters matters matters and. matters and and and he's he's he's able able able to fight it off keep his his hands hands inside inside the the baseball baseball and and deliver a. deliver a base hit. Into the box, DJ LeMahieu and you watch a slider that stays inside for ball one. he went down on strikes last time up. Grounded fouled off to the right side. A runner on first with two away. Lr to second. On the first and that is gonna conclude the festivities here tonight and it's hard to win games at any point, but the win games on the road, especially in this ballpark, so they are very happy with this win and tonight's final seven to three the twins across the plate three times in the a helping propel them to the win. Jose Barris earns win number four on the season so that just about does it for Mark DeRozan dann, please Zack Heidi Whitney and our entire crew on Mats excursion. You've been watching MLB The Show for more make your way over over to to the the show show Nation Nation dot dot com. com. Bye.

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