QB Baker Mayfield media availability

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QB Baker Mayfield meets with the media live:

Posted 9 months ago in Sports

Julie Secrest Lokken 9 months ago

We love you Baker and the Browns!! Thanks for a great season!!!

Rachael Pavone 9 months ago

Thank you for a great season Baker. You’re our franchise quarterback! I’m disappointed right now but hopeful for what’s to come.

Missy Guran Paal 9 months ago

Awesome season Baker!!! You are our franchise QB!!! We will dominate next year!

Jen Nay 9 months ago

My late husband is still smiling ear to ear! We love this team! Go BROWNS! Look out everyone...2021 is our year!! Love you Baker! You make us proud❤️

Holly Marie Jenkins 9 months ago

LOVE YOU, BAKER! Thank you for setting a new standard for Cleveland and being the leader you are. You boys make us proud!

Karie Walters 9 months ago

Great season. The way this team has/ is coming together speaks volumes not only of the chemistry of the players but the coaching staff as well. Can't wait till the new season

Jacqueline Durst 9 months ago

Thank you Baker & the whole team/staff for an exciting season! You fought hard!

Andrew Jones 9 months ago

Thank you for making the Browns relevant again! Next year, Super Bowl!

George Ogeka 9 months ago

Great season Baker! Thank you for bringing excitement to Cleveland!

Anna Seiber 9 months ago

You gave us a great season. Please don’t feel bad about today’s game. I couldn’t be happier about being a Browns fan. I’ve been a Browns fan since the 1950’s. ❤️