2-Year-Old Girl Falls In Love With Sick Shelter Pittie | Facebook

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This 2-year-old refused to leave a sick, scared pittie in the shelter 馃槏
She pointed to the doggy shaking in the back. My daughter wanted to meet her more than any other dog at the shelter. She didn't have a name she stunk like mange, which it's not running for her nose. She said mommy that one. She asked me to let the dog be out. She panicked refuse to walk when we attempted to take her out G took the leash and was so patient with her. I watched this beautiful dog melt into G's hands. She would not let my daughter leave her side wherever she went. She went. G Wipe the dogs, runny nose and the eyes of your dress. Do you repeatedly looked at me and said doggy sick leave help. GE gave the dog hugs kisses and even belly rubs, and she couldn't care less how badly this dog loves her smile. I placed the dog back in her kennel and she began to shake on Controllably again, but she refused to leave her, she said. Sick doggy need help go home. I realized once again how incredibly amazing she is and she got her way. sick dog got to go home. Scarlet is now at home and feeling much better than she still won't let out of her sight. New Pack members Scarlett

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