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【#HuSays】Public order in China had been disrupted much more severely in 1989 than #US is experiencing today. China’s restoration of order was...
Until three beeing beeing time time time time US. US US. US Secretary Secretary Secretary of of of State State State Mike Pompeo met met with with so-called So-called so-called survivors survivor. survivors of of of the the the. the Pyar Pyar. I think that that US US US US officials officials. officials officials should should that meeting meeting with with with American American American American protesters protesters protesters protesters protesters. across across. across across the country country and and hear hear their their voices voices voices not. not not not meeting meeting meeting with with. with with demonstrators of of Chinese. Chinese Chinese protest protest protest. 30 30 30 - - - one one years years ago, ago, ago President Trump. ago, President President President Trump has threatened to dispatch soldiers to the US cities'. Protects are helped you several places please open the fair and appeared all these actually proof whole important maintaining order if in the eyes eyes of of Washington Washington Washington but in nineteen eighty-nine eighty-nine impact impact impact or or or order order in in China China had been disruptive much much more more severely severely severely in in the the US US is experiencing today order was indisputably justified justice mind if the US C's further disruption and is constitution challenged what would the nutrition do next the gentleman incident and being trading and what are the US in then was at few to the fair I was among the students on the square ninety eighty-nine we listen to Of Americas every day, we owe a indicate us to keep protesting. I want to let everyone know that today is yours in China, no longer believe any such voices coming from Washington.

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