Kurt Schneider - Was this a waste of 5 hours?? Let me...

Kurt Schneider • 2 years ago   156.9K     47.8K  •  8.3M Views
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Was this a waste of 5 hours?? Let me know馃槄 w/ @acousticjason #harrypotter #washingmachine #music

Posted 2 years ago in Home & Garden
Nela Kovac
Nela Kovac8 months ago

I was watching this video and my boyfriend was: ohh how did you make washing machine do that tune? He thought it was our washing machine making the noise 馃ぃ馃ぃ

Josh Goldman
Josh Goldman2 years ago

Practicing music is never a waste of hours! More more more!

Afsheen Tufail
Afsheen Tufail2 years ago

OMG!! you are so innovative...your ideas of creating music from different stuff is amazing...hands down 馃檶馃

Peter Hahn
Peter Hahn2 years ago

My Non-verbal autistic son LOVES washing machines and and music. May have taken you 5 hours to make, but he'll spend 100 hours watching it. Thank you.

Chico Gracia
Chico Gracia2 years ago

What brand washing machine? I wanna buy that because the one I have the buttons aren't as responsive. That seems like a reliable unit.

Dawa Tshering Lepcha
Dawa Tshering Lepcha2 years ago

New musical instrument developed during the height of lockdown due to spread of deadliest COVID-19 pandemic globally.
It's amazing !
Very nice music !
Keep it up !

Bennett Russell
Bennett Russell2 years ago

For all the haters, I have the exact model used in the video and I can confirm that it has all the tones used

Avinash Yadav
Avinash Yadav2 years ago

Oh yeah thats what harry potter does. Plays the harry potter theme in his spare time while doing the Laundry. Very smart 馃憦馃徎.

Lucy Benn
Lucy Benn2 years ago

Tom Spencer when you actually use the washing machine 馃槀

Tiffany Streeval
Tiffany Streeval2 years ago

The fact that it only took 5 hours blows my mind! 馃く. So much talent... And the creativity to even think of it. The end was the icing on the cake. Thank you for bring a little joy to our lives. Lord knows we could use it.