Fox reporter tries to drum up ‘scandal.’ Jen Psaki shuts him down instantly

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BREAKING: A Fox reporter just tried to drum up a ‘scandal.’ Jen Psaki shut him down instantly.

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Posted 5 months ago in Politics

Bruce Dascanio 5 months ago

Yaay,Brian! This is one of the best commentaries I've viewed in a while. You nailed it,about the right's relentless fear- mongering on the subject of immigration. Their argument is not only worn and tired,but distinctly un-American!

Kurokawa Jason 5 months ago

I'm 51yo and been a democrat my entire adult life but I've never been more disgusted by republicans than right now. They have transitioned from a group with differing political views to plain horrible, dishonest, despicable people that frankly ignore their own political views to simply bitch, moan and oppose.

Kathleen Byrne Harris 5 months ago

You aren't even a border state. Try being compassionate and helpful.

Norm DeVol 5 months ago

Many farmers have to destroy their crops because workers aren’t coming up to pick them! This is a general comment about Reps not wanting any migrants here so please don’t jump all over me.
These kids deserve to be taken care of.

Eric Agassounon 5 months ago

Republicans' desperation.....
They were the ones who put these children in cages under Trump's administration

Robin Wellner 5 months ago

Fox should not be allowed to put “news” in their titles. Lies is more appropriate

Susan Jo Allen 5 months ago

Gop is losing it. They're so desperate to find something wrong they're making asses out of themselves daily. The lies are getting old. Time for this party to fold.

Linda Jett 5 months ago

The problem is the Republican were completely silent of the inhumane treatment of the undocumented people up until 4 months ago. Now that's their main concern is the border. The Republicans are just trying to smear president Biden because he's doing such a tremendous job trying to clean up trump and his administrations mess.