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Awards You Didn't See On TV!

Brando Graham & Craig McMorris (the #BoothBoyz) take an inside look at all of the fun moments from #XGames Aspen 2020!...
Hey, what's up everybody? Brandon Craig coming in from a bad boy music video from 1990, - nine bye. We're in Aspen 2020. It's the booth boys back again back. Oh, I get it. yeah. Hey. it's just like we do every year and the X games we like to give away some awards so let's get cooking. Who's man's is this award whose Mans is this ladies and gentlemen, there was a gentleman at the big air. It was maybe 1110 nine degrees. I don't know he was shirtless enjoying the action. He didn't even seem to be that bombed out so that Garner's who's who's man is this. man is Get the moose. Yeah. Hey what about this one? though I know that you have an answer for this one most likely to win a fight with a broadcast Camera award. Yeah. I'm gonna take Hendrick Carlo on that one because he's the only option that's true. He also won another award. Oh yeah. Yeah. yeah, both metals and ski history or whatever I mean, I guess not a big deal. That's simply amazing. Hopefully that goes right below this. Yeah. Yeah. we'll see how about the interview. The year or the interview of the Games, the Marshawn Lynch press conference. I'm just here so I don't get fined award. that was just that was captivating television Darcy Sharp after you wanna slop gold chatted with DC and I can explain it, but let's just watch it. Darcy Sarp your first X Games gold medal. My dude, what's going through your head right now? I am ridiculously happy. Don't blink you might miss it. You probably didn't miss it. It was very short short and sweet. Yeah. Yeah. they got right to the point. Absolutely there was no. I have another one how about the most likely to land a trick, but perhaps what they actually did in the air wasn't their intention All award. I love that title for the award to it's not that it's not too worthy. A lot of people said it was me too. I don't think it is you have a nominee. I do I'm gonna go who's yours. Brandon Cormier, who won snowmobile freestyle. Yeah, he would have been able to get my you've got it. That was an accident. that was the new treatment. He wasn't supposed to land like that by the way. Brandon Cormier It's never entered a contest in his life, not the first time that I seen well, it is first time ever doing a contest like in anything ever probably in life. Wow Okay. So maybe he should win this award Just you know just get them some momentum but I I think in men's slope style fridge optician door when he went up the spine was in the air, The entire first held their breath because we thought he was gonna break both of his legs lands on the knuckle does a back flip claims, and I think that was probably a double arm. It was the double arm claim just not only that. he was okay. But any I questioned everything in life after that. Yeah, What's it all for now? It really really rocked me. Okay. How about our favorite category fashion police I love this year was all about solid colors, top and bottom your brother, for instance, Mark McMorris rocking that Safari guide. Yeah. I like to call it the little Beijing outfit you know because he goes heavy heavy in the base. But what about Danny Davis? Oh, I love that it was just a just a hint of lavender. Just a. Bob Ross paint up and down across beautiful sky. Yeah. it's an Earl Gray tea is an absolutely they add some lavender calms you down How about Noah Bowman and Jamie Anderson White Walker. Yeah. I love that look. I like that. I like that we saw a nice. We call it the Ninja collection. Yeah. that's a part of or Gandalf post grade off the White. We got Jamie the White. We got the White. you know we love nicknames. We do now. Brandon what about our MVP our most most bowling. Player Awards remains a free award. It's gotta be Maxpro what he went through last year battling cancer missing Xtreme aspect to come back here and win Gold is six big air gold medal in such dramatic fashion was simply spectacular. That was a performance of a lifetime. You also can't forget little Bro. Mark McMorris tying Shaun White with 18 Winter X Games medals The Goat Mark you to go and speaking of McMorris. I also wanna hand out award. I haven't even told you about this The Transformer Award. The most likely to be one thing and turn into another and for 20 2016 's Aspen. That's you mister Craig McMorris getting out of the analyst booth and going and competing and rail jam and giving us the sickest run. Thank you Oh, and we've got our first out of the box. slow down. Oh my oh my gosh. Are you kidding me. I'm getting out of the booth going into the Jeep and then get out of the G. It was cold out there. I had the Frank. Thank you so much and thank you for Do you have anything else? I can't touch it. I got nothing see ya.

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