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Congratulations to our retirees! What an incredible group of individuals who have collectively as a group educated for almost 400 years. Think of the...
Welcome Welcome to to to our our. our our end end end of of of the the the year celebration Well well this this year, year, year, we'll we'll we'll look look look different different different different than. than than than it it it has has has in in in in years years. years years past we wanna wanna take take this this this opportunity opportunity opportunity to to to thank. thank thank thank the the the 10 individuals individuals individuals. individuals who who who will be retiring at at the the end end of of the the 2019. 2000 1920 2000 1920 school school year. collectively these these individuals individuals individuals have have have. have more more more more than than than than 400 years of experience experience and and have have touched touched touched the the the lives lives lives of of of tens tens tens tens of of of. of thousands thousands thousands thousands of of of of students. students students. Susan Bradford Earhart Earhart Earhart Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary School. School School School, School, The The the Earhart staff is so so thankful thankful for for Susan Susan Susan Beauford. Beauford Beauford Beauford and and and the the the the impact impact impact impact that that. that that she's she's she's had on thousands of her kindness. Willingness to adapt and her love for education has set her apart. She will be greatly missed, but we are excited for her as she moves into the next chapter of her life. Thank you Susan. for all you have done for the for our USD 260 - Five student Leeanne Pullen Earhart Elementary school. I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for my years of experience here. I hope that I administered and help so many kids along the way and I just wanna Thank you because I've grown so much as a human being as a teacher as a challenge in every way and I thank you for that and I. Looking forward to next year and getting the opportunity to substitute and be in all the different buildings and you see some of my former students as well. So thanks again for all these years and for the great opportunities that to be a part of Goddard USD. Thanks so much Earhart staff is grateful for Leeann folding and her love for educating students. Leanne has truly been a positive impact on many students and staff members. We will truly miss her, but we are excited that she will get to spend more time being a grandparent. Thank you Leeanne for for all all you you have have have done done done for for for our our our earhart earhart. earhart students. students. Bren. Brenda Hasse Goddard Cool. Rendered like to wish you a very happy retirement and thank you for all your service. you've been a great asset to the Goddard High School Office to the staff and students to me personally to help keep me in line help me remember deadlines we work together on many projects behind the scenes. everyone knows that Secretary's really run the show and Brenda is just done so much to make Goddard High School a great place. We can't thank her enough for everything from the delicious carrot cakes that she brings in. so remember April first is my birthday Brenda to everything else. Done for the staff and students, we really appreciate it. We really will miss her. Melanie Huffman Goddard High School Melanie, a very happy retirement and thank her for the years of service, not only to Goddard High students, but to our education she served on many boards been active in our community to promote our within schools. students are better for it and our education is better for contributions so mela the best of luck to you. We'll miss you greatly Goddard high school and wish you all the best in your retirement and I hope you enjoy your time. Davidson Elementary School Thank you to Deb Jennings For all the positive impacts you've had on the thousands of students to your 38 year teaching career. Congratulations on your retirement, You'll be missed at CES but congratulations to you in the tee times that you and Mark will surely have in the future. Thanks for all you've done for us. Rodd Klein Explore Elementary School think Rod Klein for his 32 years of service as a teacher and more specifically to our district and to explore Elementary School, we got to know over the. Two years, but I'll tell you this, you're going out of the top of your game and we're you're gonna miss you good luck in retirement and don't be a stranger. Aaron Pullman Discovery Intermediate School. Congratulations on your retirement. Miss Poe Your dedication and professionalism has been such a tremendous asset to discovery Intermediate School. you've been an incredible leader you've had unwavering commitment to our students and our staff and your dedication and profession. so we're gonna miss you but good luck. Next phase of your life with Long and prospering Theresa Reeder Gilbert Challenger Intermediate School. We hear in challenger just want to send out a big. Thank you to Teresa Gilbert for all the time and effort she's put in the students over the years and all of the successful stories she can probably share with us about the students that have come through her classroom. she has been an awesome teacher and we will greatly miss her and best of luck in the future. Denise Scribner Pss Hello, this is Denise Scribner, I wanna thank godard public schools for the opportunity to be an employee with the district, it's been my pleasure to help Godard a high school when the Presidential Environmental Youth Award and the Kansas Green Schools of Excellence Award and Eisenhower High School to win the US Department of Education, Green Ribbon Schools Award and also the Kansas School of Excellence Awards. It has just been. Standing to be part of this wonderful school district and I will miss each and every one of you so in the future. If you see me say hello and I'll stop by from time to time goodbye, we are so thankful for Denise Scribner and the impact that she has had on so many students and colleagues her dedication to students and her dedication to helping the environment has truly made a positive impact on our world. It's hard to imagine our hallways without the Scribner enthusiasm and energy, but we are excited for her. She moves into the next chapter of her life. Thank you. Denise, for all that you've done for Tiger Nation in Vance Discovery Intermediate School dances. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. You've been truly inspirational for these last couple of months as you've worked just as hard as ever to make sure that you're giving everything you have to our students during this crazy time and that's what we're gonna miss. We're mission commitment to our kids to our families to the discovery staff staff and and to to the the God Godard Godard of. Godard Education. Education Education Association. Association. Best of luck Don't. A stranger and cheers Thank you gwynn Vevo Godard Academy, ACA is very thankful for Miss both and her years of service to not only ACA the education in general, this boat has had a positive impact on thousands of students always made time to listen to students and built amazing relationships. She will be greatly missed, but we're excited for her and as they move in to the next chapter of their lives. Thank you Theo for all you've done for USD 265 Goddard Academy students these individuals. We've greatly missed by our students, staff parents and the entire godard Public Schools community. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all that you've done and wish you the best as you enter the next phase of your life.

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