I Can't Find Jeans To Fit My Big Booty - MIAMI MUSCLE | Facebook

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I Can't Find Jeans To Fit My Big Booty - MIAMI MUSCLE | Facebook
I'm Rocky GT. I trained really hard my training has given me a strong legs strong but strong mind and now I love my figure. But when you have a body like mine, some things are harder, It's not easy to find something that fits your butt. I just want a pair of jeans that fit me. Read ridiculous. What the? What do I do squeeze squeeze you want that big butt right? A lot of women want my body now I train people to boost their figure. My legs are shaking date. I'm gonna push her above her limits. Okay. Oh, no, I don't know what I signed up for this has gotten real. We are back, There's just like a lot of misconceptions when it comes to having a big butt. The downside is that you can't even fit close properly. So it's not easy to find something that fits your but you got this big hole all the space in the back you put on a belt. It's all crunching and tacky you have to go in like a crazy scavenger hunt just to find something so simple. You could shop all day and I can't find one story that fits me and this is too see through it. It's not easy. I don't have anything to wear. It's a day. I'm gonna go on a scavenger hunt. see if I can find something different. I just want a pair of jeans that fit me in all of this that I got going on. Hey today. I'm gonna go ahead and meet Mimi a good friend of mine. Are you ready to see if we can find him to wear. She's always gonna give you positive answer before she gives you a negative answer. of course. Yeah. We're gonna see if there's something that I could find cuz I'm feeling like I wanna wear jeans. I haven't watched so long but you know it's so hard like I know it's hard for you. It's not for me. lazy like loose if it makes it up here. It's never gonna make it up here. It's right here. I want to think that maybe something White. These are on sale. I don't know what I don't. I don't care if they're too big. Yeah. Thanks girl I'm big but we're gonna have to try it before we deny it. okay. These are nice. I like this. what about this? What do you think? no those are not gonna fit. You're not gonna fit at all. you see that home. It's. Get to the hump and it's just gonna stop. I know I'm not your typical nine or 10. I'm probably like a 1415. Are you gonna figure it out so I wanna wear jeans too. What in the world I've been wearing tights and leggings for like five years. give me a break now. it's time to start wearing jeans again. You're gonna find some stuff girl. Oh great. What about great? What's your waist is way smaller than I think it will go over your legs. We gotta try this before we know what we gotta try this. Like the wiggle and these are coming back bro. Yeah. finally, what about those? Oh so you don't wanna wear with cowboy boots. Oh yes, girl hold on fingers. I think my family you see this is perfect just in case of jeans don't fit, but there's one like that let's go. The irony of living in Miami and having all these fashion outlets and having a fashion district, you could shop all day and I can't find one story that fits me. So that's why I'm always in like on social media, but I also like to fit my body into some nice jeans. baby Okay. Maybe this stuff does not fit bro. It's me nothing fits me over here discrimination at its finest. One doesn't even come up. Did you do the jiggle good job? Let's just hurting my titties. I feel bad for the people. It's not cute. They can't pass my butt vigorous why you should see these fans. Oh my God. I look horrendous. Bands are supposed to look like what the fuck is going on. What's the fuck? I'm pregnant. I look like somebody's grandma camo. alright the last one when you look at yourself in the mirror and it doesn't fit you right you for a second think that it's you. I'm still out of love. Oh, no, he's gonna break these. you gotta go like the extra mile to find something and you have one like this. what size did you get? Obviously the jeans are not working nine times out of 10. You have to custom yourself or don't even buy em. We got one last number. the jeans do not fit so we gotta go with the Libra. Actually, like it on you think the Lord from being like and stretch bands. What is difficult finding clothes for now, I have to keep living my life and like her, but I guess things could be worse. You look good. At the color, I mean, I like to call you let's go. I'm really sad that we just couldn't find you know the jeans or fit we got so close to finding something though maybe you should come out with a line of Christmas. Alright, let's go. let's do it. I'm hungry. Yeah, I'm hungry. Make that should come out with my uncle. You actually got me thinking this is like a good idea. Watch this glow. Mimi Okay. Watch this. That's right. My fitness model is about building your lower body your legs and your butt. That's what everyone wants real curves and above all a fabulous butt. My booth that was a mission training to get a body like mine is not something you can do overnight. It's intensive training and targeted workouts. I don't train quarters. I don't accept quarters and I don't tolerate them. I've been training Sonia for a couple months. now, she has a really good tolerance to pain, so I push her. It's not gonna be nice. She has to be ready for war. I am a little bit nervous by the end of it. I'm dead. Hey Boo. How are you my time is money? Your time is money We get straight to the point. Wait thicker thighs Bigger butt kicking butt. Yeah. Yeah. you gonna work work. Alright. So today you're not gonna like me today. you're gonna work on legs and you're gonna work on glutes. So we're gonna make these bad boys big and this big cuz you wanted to go. You know what time it is girl no pain no game. It's not gonna be easy work, but you got it. Alright. Are you ready? Let's couple has really no stranger to working hard, but today I'm gonna push her. Above her limits, you want that big butt right squeeze squeeze 12 more. You got it go down. Yup. You're pulling your quads. I feel it everywhere that down. Yes, good job. Yup. All you have to do is just focus. come up. You're not letting no exactly. okay. Oh, no. Oh. yeah. Yeah. I feel the burn. Oh you feel it. you gotta stretch make sure you stretch stretching shapes your muscles before intra and post workout. Okay. Alright, now it's like great great great. Yeah. damn that really burns. She's like I didn't sign up for this shit. I don't know what I signed up myself were like Yeah, but you know that when you come train with me that you come to work, Yup the thing I love about Sonia and she voices how she feels which makes it easier to train her. I really wanna be like this. It's a little bit of pleasure, but it's more paint. Oh yeah. Well that's good. though I just want the results. That's it. Yeah you better. eat some cookies. girl for you pass up. This is a real House workout like nice and slow good job. Come on. Come on. you want that big butt right right here. You're gonna feel the activation of your glutes. All I need is eight right there. Focus on the growth more than anything that's the biggest thing when it comes to training communicating with your muscles that muscle mind connection is more powerful than anything else. Rocky GP Property baby, Let's go baby. Let's go You got it come on. Changing the way they think the way they think of themselves in the way they see themselves. I want you to imagine that part of your glutes. It's such an amazing feeling. It's such a payoff that is what drives me come on. You gotta you got it. come on. you got four left. I got you. I got you there you go. Is real, you got it? She's like bro. Why did I sign up for this next? We're gonna do lunges and kickbacks so after this first set is going to burn Okay. I'm right behind you soon as you get to the stairs. All the way to the top of the way to the top when you come down and just like this a job down. alright. Okay, you got it. Okay. Let's go baby. Take your time the more we can put into it. the better. It's gonna look the bigger. it's gonna get your butt feels like it's gonna fall off my legs are shaking. Let's go. Yup. Keep that stomach tight baby let's go. That's it baby. This has gotten real high five good job. After every workout, I can see the results right away of my butt, just getting a little bit more plump definitely bigger. I wanna be like her. You did a good job, saying alright, I can't wait to train you again anything that you want, especially big legs and a big butt is gonna take time. Yeah. It was a good workout. How does your next bill? They definitely burn? Yeah they're tight, but putting in the work is the best part. Next time, I'm Amy Muscle Your girls got a big decision to make.

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