Isaac Oyedepo

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Be mindful of the words you speak over your life! Pastor Isaac Oyedepo

Posted 9 months ago in Religion & Spirituality

Iyabo Oluwabunmi Akinkuolie 9 months ago

I will never see poverty in my life in Jesus name.

Goodwin David 9 months ago

Amen in the name of Jesus I speak positive into my life this moment and I shall receive good things this year in Jesus name amen

Okwor Chigozie 9 months ago

I speak to my life today that anything that is not of the Lord in my body is hereby uprooted.

James Mariam 9 months ago

I speak in my life Anytin dat is not of me shall be uprooted in Jesus name Amen.

Charity Ijeoma Nwanaga 9 months ago

I speak favor in my life and family in the name of Jesus Christ amen

Miracle Ebere Nwobodo 9 months ago

I heard you Sir, very correct.... For our words are bullets that piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit... I prosper on every side in the name of Jesus. Amennnnnnnn

Ogechukwu Adiele 9 months ago

I speak to my life and my husband life now that anything that is not of the God in my body and in the body of husband is here by uprooted in Jesus Christ name Amen 馃檹

Lilian Ngushi 9 months ago

Amen man of God, that's very true

John Johnson 9 months ago

My prayer brother Johnson India se

Gloria Eigege 9 months ago