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20 Minute Concert - 7/24/19
Hey guys. It's Steve. It's Wednesday night. Welcome to my music room Sit here Tell me Come on Workout Babies Bitch Come on Come on. Get it How's everybody doing tonight Mary how you doing? Thanks for tuning in Kathy Wow my cousin Megan too It's a family affair tonight. So mom and dad are on there Thank you all for tuning in so hope you all having a good week. I'm having a great one myself cool off here in Tennessee And so lovely, lovely day Alright by the way for those interested I'm not left handed but Facebook's app won't let me swap it around anymore. I don't know why they're probably fix it at some point but right now I can't turn my camera. So Imma do mix old seven new stuff tonight This is one of my favorites I've written here the last couple of months the man he thinks Hi, Larry Thank you sir Thank you friends. I appreciate you coming in It is a hands I'm Super pain if they do So is he I don't think it makes me man And I'll do I can't do Camp He wants to grow up but there's so much more raising him to be the man he he Hey man. Appreciate you tune in Oh hello Karen my Wednesday friend let's see here Let me fix this Extreme little grab me crazy Alright so this is one of the more recent ones Wrote with my friend TJ Mcdonald had a great singer songwriter Check her out this song is called, What is this song called Well, I'm blanking on the name but I can sing it. So, here we go Keep it real Here we go If you're thinking you If your try to impress me You're just playing games You won't get If you all know it's something that you gotta understand I just can't buy not knowing who you truly. Our 12 is keeping it real just to new fat mask you wear won't get That's to you to keep it real Tell me all the ups and downs through You ever had just keep it real because you Matthew So keep it just to you Alright, mask you wear won't get anyway That's the deal Alright, I gotta put my old man. I am so I can see thank you Mary Dad's Thank you Elizabeth. Thank you dear I don't know Francis I hope it's not good enough for everybody make my single is pretty strong. Doesn't tell me that's doing it You never know Facebook Let's sing high. Let's do this If you want the hear you save Maybe Matters through Down Much Yes it If you want Did my feet Yes What we had Here is it Thank you all for the comments it looks like there's a lot of flying by and I will go back and one of my promise Damn Okay so I was listening to and hearing a lot of sounds lately that talk about being broken and Imperfect and all these things and and I got to thinking about it I just I disagree I think we're all kind of the way we're supposed to be whether you believe in God or you don't think we kinda where we're supposed to be at any given time and there's a song road buddy mind Bank I had this idea bouncing around We jumped in on it kinda created this an anthem for anybody that feels like they are less than what they should be Different kind of gift To know that your perfect the way That's your girl It's okay What's your name Your different Everything Is this But you are something special No your different And Different See how we're doing time Do a couple more Thank you Cathy. I appreciate that That little drive through it today and it's in here So I wrote this song hope month or so ago my friend and the spin from Sweden And happily comes to Nashville every six months or so we sat down and written They were written three now and this is the latest hold I'm coming home It is there we go It seems crazy. Dream egging me we That leads me back Where my No matter how fun Down I'm coming Country With all the changes in this great big world it still stays the same It's just something The draws me back From anyway I'm coming I'm coming home I'm coming. Hold on It's a female and so strong This is where I love myself Come in I am coming home Underneath the video there share it with your friends You can also share my page with your friends which would be greatly appreciated for those of you who are in the Nashville area August fourth I'll be doing a half hour featured writers show at Bell Cortez here in Nashville So make 630 I'll tell you more about it as we get closer but we'd love to see some of the locals come out Say hey So I grew up on all kinds of music grew up on the Beatles and like jazz like classical like hard rock but most obviously most of what I didn't grow up in a country with a few exceptions but obviously most of what I write is country these days but everyone's a while stretching muscles out and do a little something different and this This last song I'm gonna do I played it last week for those who tuned in to new song with the buddy Mike Dunbar but it's it was inspired by Dave Groll who is the drummer from Nirvana and as a lead singer Foo Fighters rock bands and he had common few years ago about all these talent shows on TV and just thought killing music because the future of music cuz now Yes thank you That's how you make it. Music stand in line for eight hours with A thousand other people and have some billionaire tell you you're not good enough and his his suggestion was that people need to buy some crappy instruments just getting their garage and suck and get their friends and they can come in and those stuck to the best time in the world and Develop their music that way but then that is what inspired this last song. So I'm I will play it for you it is not country but but I like it's kinda fun Out of the Black This guy Your friend Fast So there's that new one Thank you all so much for Karen. Thank you I think it's a fun song and it actually takes me back to when I will start new music back in high school and putting bands together and sucking having a blind. So thank you all so much for tuning in it. it's a ton of fun for me to sit here and play music for Y'all and means a lot you take the time out of your evening. Come hang out Chat and listen to a little music. So if I don't see you before, I will see you next Wednesday night right here Steve Music Group Bye

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