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God bless you that you've been waiting for us or less. Share this. Others. Tell them. His life his life. Let us pray as we start our Sunday service father in the name of Jesus, It turns father with your name. We lift our hands and to be ordered. We bless your name Jesus We thank you for empathy we can before they fall. Thanksgiving when Jesus Christ and I pray make it possible for us to to today in Jesus name. Amen. We have studied. Others. Their life. We are life. Invite others. All right. Invite others. A message. For everyone today. But to preach about it. Yourself. Mathematics but even with this one. They're people. The things that I'm going to explain. I want to explain. I went to him. I want to teach. I want to bring to life. Want to teach you about the heart? Let us of the heart. There is one thing that has led me in my walk with God. No one can convince court. Noah can confuse God he is our maker', He knows better. He knows us better. Tell US apostles life Let them enjoy. Shirt. Sharing is caring. Tell them we're life. I want a spirit. Remember this God, he said, God was said I know integrity of your heart. I know that you integrity of your heart. Moment all of us, we can be. A lot. And our motives. And it's the one who stay to our mont. No matter how powerful we can preach. Johnsons and do it by the court such as our House. He's the one who said that you out. where life comes from. The effect of our House and if you want us accordingly, it is you want to ask enlighten with how much we are preaching and all these creatures. how much we can to priesthood us. don't pray, but the church our hearts and water. I don't swim in your times you trusted us. In order to see what will come out of the path of our hearts, he did do it. The same God, who told to leave his kid and I'm going to a city who's make is good, but you want to give the father of Nations you tested him until he arrives and he's he wants us to. And he said now I know you now, I know you. Now, I know you sometimes you see a prophecy is strong enough. He's still our dealings with this thought that will show why do we love him on the heart or not? To do this and it is from the bottom of our heart. It's in the dimension of the waters, I want us to read this. Holy Spirit I I'm whether we like it or not they will find it to find spiritual principles that we can try to ignore but they work. It's like I used to say when come to give you is a spiritual principles apply to the believer. God will be the ones that person. Wonder why we have many in the church speaking powerful potent Spain of what the it's nothing big about us. He's the one which is our hearts and I don't think we we ignore and by pros principles. Why do you like it or not is a principle that the fighting spirit of principles that we have to and be fruitful. It's the one said, be fruitful and multiply. Be fruitful and much blood. I see yourself yourself yourself after this, I'll give them the call it yourself. I know those who have been I have connect yourself share. Get the Old Testament. And he's still with that. Back to you that they're using in the Old Testament one of the conversation. Identity of the That is why won't they come upon the they have to reset concise first Tori to do certain duties to perform certain duties. you sides of the. But in the New Testament, we still have the conversation, but that is the conversation of the heart. It was a physical in the Old Testament, but the light now we are the hearts and. Concise and speak with the people that lose proactively before you, but by what you said the heart, what you said that my brother we like to release our touch, everyone can be better. but what if you want us in life with our hearts? Remember, last time I was preaching about the mindset but now I am on the hand-I with this, let's go to the book of. Scientific me-I, the Bible says I the Lord, not the not the prophets notifier this mighty and no, I'm not but I the Lord, says the and the trial the hearts. To just to I'll put it to your weights, I put it in the fruit of his tweets. Let's leave with the AM. I don't see what else's here-I'm the Lord saves the hearts and mind of night. It's the one who's in our hearts and as It's apostle go to see you soon. You know it's himself who said I the Lord search the heart and you know what the demands he knows how Apts. He knows the motives. To try to, he knows our motives and he moves us. He's the one who can who search the House and it's somebody that might. To me what you want to whatever we are doing Orvis our mones. Facts our notices. Defense our Mott, the Lord, says the heart and we want, according to his corner and to what he deserves. I want a promotion comes from the Lord and he was pointing you no matter how much I can't stand you preach and do whatever that brus of this powerful. This is awesome. This is Prophet, but my who comes from above after my heart has been touched. After to my mind has been inside. That's the reason why I lot of it by the way because what such as our heart and our mind, he cannot prevent our motives He's put God is able to Amon. I have set this Amy. People with the wrong ones and suddenly the Cros. You're everything that you're doing You is the word of It's a part of grace. God's grace my support What do you mean you have to? I've seen a lot of people not what the work-day bullets don't need to fight. don't have the means to prove a point don't be afraid to attack some of the Lord not one new person can ask yourself why these people when I take the some of the Lord they're so good, you gotta say. Why I of the day that was that was for you? So what is your faith? Why you beal the day-I chances are or this one say. Mikey with my guts no shall attack in this way, What is the top and this one? Let's do this, let's do this. I am the Lord to the heart and the light anything that is of Christ. we are doing wrong, No matter what you believe his grace now A- two you to let his favor now the want to be anywhere. the what will you want you want to test what you watch, but we have produced it. I have some people say you can for people that are taking some of the Lord, but they're busy going to. Why? A good set the House is a delight. ours not ours. Not our prison know that if I have to listen to me but in my heart and mind to do what a man, according to the according to what he did deserve, We are rewarded, according to our deeds, according to how our deeds disa. That's why we can speak of things, but there is no place that validate what you are saying. Matter how much you can preach there is a shortage of grace in the things that are going to to validate what of doing it. You. Let's speak with our mission. Let me help you for spiritual knowledge. It's to set education. Spare time knowledge, It's far that education. I can try to lead to quote Scriptures in order to defend ourselves or to prove the point No. At the end of it all the things that come with the spirit. I We're in a situation where you want to be, we want to hear in order to prove a certain point we want to vote in order to produce the plant. And then the spiritual knowledge is what in our education. The Bible says it is not so behind what I do yet. What do you say it is something beyond the next level. To all of you, we can try to be lower than you that's wrong. But we can't be in the public domain, but when I come to the things of the spirit becomes irrelevant was the things of the spirit are not found in education my the members of the same Dream they could recite the to the good Josh, but they never believed in Jesus Christ. It. To-night We're able to tell Jesus this is you cannot do that on this day because it is time. What do we know Super Natural the people who will fight Jesus Christ? where they're excited? They must kill us. Messiah the one I'm spiritual but full of us. That we will say is not to be done on this day I see what imed I don't know, but I need to in the Ministry of the Holy Ghost that bring revelation in our lives Jesus. Ask me it's time and I love it. I will tell you what in playing fast and let the Holy Spirit reveal unto you what I need and when you're doing the right thing when you're giving or not let the spirit of God at you. I used to tell people that what is a telling me what the soul is to your father, so no pastor over to me that I was sleeping. That's true. What is what is a single to what is a sin Jewry. What do the same? that they came through revelation? We are the generation that's the revelation. Well, the revelation. I'm not prepare yourself. We are praying and death. I'm doing this. With it. The Lord has to say. All the hearts. As a Mindy, what's? Tell them don't be fools is the brought to of the monkeys. And so somebody said to Jesus, we are still standing and what seems strong and move from glory to glory, not to wait for you to approve. When we started this Ministry, we were approved by humanity, but we are approved by God and results are you. In 2020 We Play Estes prophesy. The Lord all hearts and minds. What is your 123? What you're doing? Why is your what if of what to me is the Mott are you are you? What do you want to set a President? You have to come. You are you telling you what if. It's going to be seen by God. People may not see my body, but God can see my secret motives. I give all the people that watch, according to what their actions day-I. but I the Lord, but I the Lord search all hearts and as a mindset mott. The secrets I the Lord in such all. To all hearts'. I know I'm all that. And it's a secret Moti. I think all the people you watch and put it into one that deserves. And that we are doing we have what. Whatever you desire. And who do you want to ask is? He's not. People can tell me look for the good Ipos. You have a good heart. You have a good heart, but the one who touches my heart is God. my approval is in the hands of my nature approval. My heart is known by God. I am the Lord search all hearts and it's man and moti. I give all the people that watch you at Judy, right in line with the of your heart. That's what the Bible says in the abundance of the heart, The mouth speak that is why Christ Jesus May God is not going to us so the challenges that are coming across that will need to destroy the trust in you That generation that left Egypt there were tested by God. The we trusted by the we're not trusted by the government, but the word of God. For them to be out, according to the left of many, they freeze series of test. Thank you for your money. It was good. And all be sometimes when you are old and I to be finding it difficult to believe that God can trust you. Challenges life when you pass tests in our patience, He's the one who has to be part of and give me the promise. Abraham I say you are a he trusted. What about you are? you are are we are. I Oh, The Lord, Such all the hearts. And secret Otis. I'm to My hearts' destroyed by God's people to say I'm going to do and say I'm I don't care the one who knows me. Will you do me the light in Ipo? But the road. Such orso secrets. I give all the people that you are, according their actions deserve. I appointed to what they do. I love the man and touch the hearts of people and treat each of them are, according to the way they believe and put it to what they do. It's not in line. We are here in the New Testament. we have the of the Holy Spirit. we a conversational that most of the time. We put a concept of the heart, not over the top. a concession that was easy. I want to read this. What us with this remember the was. tree was 33. Lessons. That was to me. From the love of Christ into a beautifully by the way, no fruits and the master decided to cut it. Why there's something to do to me? That's what became, but let this out to be. Why because has challenges from the roots. Challenges from the roots. The with God, Jesus is a please give it to the church. let's be born in the world. we need to be watered. Bess and be able to produce the results no matter how things can lose If you get the results, they are not pleasing to God that can be cut off as they are. The lack of results when God said be fruitful and we and multiply let us return. And able to see you share share share share for the to be good. That's the way you saw the license that it will produce fruit. That's out there very clean without foods that are plenty to a few of them. Dedicate all the fruits he not a good in a little wave of so you have to want to see if you put and by the way all is because it was to in the season for food. I'm a I don't want to be ashamed when you come from It's not bullshit. Check our House. If the major thing as you're thinking of that Let's to this. Let's do this. Let's look at this. See that's the The But before go to I want to read the promise to but as you fortunate, I see my son isn't it. I see the I see you trying to keep your feet. God bless you all share. It's a kind of thoughts you must be refused to be without it. Fruits I need you to be without the fruits. Why this is my cry why I still influence. Is so limited. We want to trust us with the big of things. Remember, who said it so. And no secret motives, no secret motives. Let's go as you bogan and you should be without food. I'll see you I see that I see you God bless you. I'll see you Michael Zola. I see my son apostle of God bless you keep as a PT. God bless the people. I see you God bless you. God bless you. God bless you God bless you for probst to do. When you need it biblically be like in your own eyes, but the Lord's the heart and you'll be lied to you before my eyes, I can be before people's eyes and be approved to my humanity by God and my heart and what me in people delight in their own eyes, but the Lord. Tell me help you this the God that you says the of Heaven and the. A lot. And what us? God bless you God bless you and God bless you I see my son God let's pray with our worship. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you please. The money with the uprights straight at the school. Way was in mind. Decide to use on eyes, but the Lord ways and tries the hearts. He promised to do. You think about everything you do is right but remember that the Lord judges your motives. You may think that the thing you do is light, but remember that the Lord judges our mones God judges ours He ours and what I predicted the night Havok can we can be He knows someones heures ours, he said he somebodys secret what is. God loves people he judges our. I don't see anyone else to you. I'm standing here and then the one I'm about to tarnish another man of God's grace from God to me. He may support me but by God's grace and favor is not going to support me. he's power. Give me a watch But first place. To be at work in what you're doing his favor, it's not going to facilitate the things that are doing his grace is not going to validate. What are you doing? No matter how can be and the end of the day the enemy lets us to the right side. That's who have said from God. we are here to go to. I revealed the Holy Spirit tell me this and that I am here to say this. I am here to say this I have in me and you for this. He knew us before we can speak. I see I see you. I'll see you. see you want it. I'll see you God bless you. God bless you. You may think about everything you do is survive, but you remember that the Lord judges you want. Don't believe me don't judge I want you, but God will judge my body. What do we judge my body? That is why our tastes the focus is to bless humanity to please. if I'm sitting here, my focus to people that are living and that's how they visit the day-I can form the people that are needed. They will remove them in another church. I don't know that that's so nowadays there's a lot of inanity spiritual immaturity, the things that I do not have to. Other people, but remember the day you were born, the people who are set to please they will be some even go to the same man You're reis and about to hear from the Holy Spirit, but remember the same spirit. He is the one that the judges of my life to be ready for you. I was told the people that there was a man of God. I know him we have been posted and I have a team of another man of God from levels and I cudd in in some but after that the main form it will shrink everything she was shrinking everything keeps shrinking instead of one like why. So, It was not good. You are seeking human approval one day and so as me-I to eat this Ministry and did my first who am I will be your Super powerful more powerful than this is apologies matter. Of fact, I say shut up since that day woman is in this Ministry. Holy Spirit before deception destroys us. Let's make this that's Why are we not taking to some of the Lord and after If I attack that we reform. What is the God who judges over it? Who touch our? And what are? If I started a Ministry If I stop this. We are in. Suffer Let let's do this. Let's read this. I see you. My son will not from gate for you. When I want my. You may think that everything you do is right. We Are All right before our eyes. We are all collected before our eyes, but remember that the Lord judges our motives. And if you want us accordingly. Let's meet with the God bless us in invite invite right. I want see you guys. I want to see you. He's like to use on the eyes, but the Lord the ways that the Lord wastes the heart, the Lord ways that's. To some dimensions of his glory and grace, you want to ask me and until you waste my heart. There are certain blessings to you won't give me cheated. He was my heart. All the glory belongs to him. I'm about to us is God's people. I can't stop you and the people that I believe that you wanna honor me only to find out that it will be a fruitful fruitless exercise to be a fruitless. But once that front of the House for a fruitless. Try to control your sins. He is the God who sets a lot. You say, don't trust us with the weapons. It's about why you don't trust us. We be the things I've been a bit. My Buildings. I heard the voice of God bless you to be a blessing to others. I believe in the God who blesses Abraham in order for Abraham to be a blessing to others. I don't see what else to bring the Bible says. That's the reason why I see right there. I see you. I see you. I see my son the ball go. see my God bless you all God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you God be praised. God bless you. We justify our actions by appearances. I like this one We justine our actions by appearances, Godin ours. Remember, it's the God who promises when you are ready in the House of Jesus. You must desc by the appearance of what of justified and God will give you and say no I don't You from the inside to the outside you look from the outside and the inside. I borned before people's eyes and it richt in the lands of the spirit. We justify our appearances, Goss. You are of. Let's do this. did you summon? is the first chapter 16 seven. I see you. I see you. I see you. Don't be the same time my appearance with good-by God such as my heart go through Maes, he can let before you watch us VT our bodies before you watch us before you promote us in such as our heart that our artists if they're not with him, grace or to support what you are doing and you should say if the things that do. Of the borders of Mays, they are not been to this book His way by his grace is not going but what are you doing? The Bible says when you want to be you, Some people say I don't go with them to be sure I leave the watch is with that for a while, what you're doing it. It's great day to what you're doing can put favorate to what I'm doing. I went to one day what I'm doing it. Born searches, our heart and our and what to the Bible, says that come from the issue of the West, but it comes from the Lord. He's such as our hearts and that of Moses and the word of God bless you be part of this Tess. let's read this verse Chapter 16 verse seven, but the Lord. To his appearance or his height. To us by the appearance of brother, But the Lord said to somewhere do not consider his appearance or his height for I have rejected him The Lord has would look at the things man looks at I like this. I got this. I like this I have been by the Lord said to do not consider his appearance or his side for your reject. The Lord shall look. That things may may lose at the outward appearance, but the Lord and the heart and the peace, the Lord looks at the heart. God is looking at your heart, Not your not your not your style, not the kind of life but Deus at your heart and what he that is why many of us we are trying to. So it's wrong, I am right so I'm so I'm so no even when you are quiet yet us and knows us better for you before we can even ask him the things that we ask, he knows. But the rules to his appearance or his height for I have rejected the Lord has strong look at the things man looks at that is why I'm studying here and you to tell the propagation. I'm not the symptoms and the trap of your hands. I have physique that trust people of offense while I was sitting there so I know for me or for me not. My the it has made it possible for people to comprehend will be when I was sitting here. To-night. And I used to tell people I did come to come. I didn't come to me and say I'm gonna be. I was key point. We need to do we need a stick on the sexes of the heart and do what accordingly. And what is happening? If I can because I'm hoping for I'm popping out or I'm I'm Cuba Allan or the so that it may be like people can find and put the couch that we got just the back and I was that I want to be disappointed and I will repeat at some spiritual. You watch comes from the world. please call us. Take care of the ships that have given you. But the Lord said to do not consider his appearance or his height for I have rejected him The Lord has look at the things man looks at Man and the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart Menlo at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. That is what God can use Stam by the name of Moses. That is why God. Uses so it's and it changes his name. That is what God uses people that are not approved by man to do that to shut your whole. That's why God can choose get you who is one of the least in the master who are the cells, but God seek great. Don't have the dimensions, but the most branches of the heart God takes it. That is you and I but what such as heart. I study the the time to push in order to or justify myself the one who knows my heart when you watch me-I. I got to you've been it don't hurt me. Righteous he looks in the heart and the love of God is from the love of God. It's not look at the man who. The Lord not the not the not the is no means of the weight. The Lord does not know that the things may lose it. Menlo at the altar but the Lord looks on the heart. But the Lord looks at the heart. you look at the heart of why you said that one of the is in the familiar of what I say, he said. I want to you, He looks at the heart of eternal one of Jesus' work for you, I said, no, you say he's so weak. catch. people say he's weak. He's said about I have chosen you you are here to remind myself he does. This power of our challenges even when we are, you can see us. That's what the Bible speak about the eyes of the heart. When I said, here, I prophesy, I don't see with his eyes. I don't see with his eyes that can suffer from and I used the eyes of my heart speaks of the House of God. tell us what to be healthy. Your heart is eyes and who see things through the eyes of God is import is that life can be for the supernatural. Many times we sentance to the eyes that the way that education to be with me, we see things in the we miss the point and the target, but the truth is somewhere remember was a perfect as you may be. I see you share share share I see that many of the LGBT out of the abundance of the heart, The mouth speak. I want to see you guys. I want to see you God in the heart and chooses who you want to choose. I see our hearts. I see you and God bless you. God bless you. I see to me watching it. I see you God of the House we cannot convince you can't. I cannot believe it. He knows me better. He's the one who said I am from you before you were born before you have a time before you have ice. What before you you become a substance before you were born. You before the future of the cats before the passion and the marchal calls before you develop what are from? you think about this? You us before we were born in the wombs of our mothers. We use it. You think it was us now because we are able to speak you are before you are even before you were even you are able to see the person I mean if you tell us, he knew. Before you formation. What what is this one when you ask before we were formed by the mentality that to do it because I can speak. I can't explain some. I can't express myself. I can speak way better than others and God will say this one you have this one. This one is good. Listen. I am the way he said. The things that is speaking of is this. What is good? Hallelujah? Go. Why are these White people? you speak that time? But no, that's what you're doing I thought the grace of God meditating the things that I'm doing, I was supposed to show up and ask myself. We thought that many others. What did you? Before I thought you know, I knew you before you were born. I say thank you. I will tell you a prophet to the Nations. let's go to something. Orin Long time ago. Before I came to become a my generation is not there before you be encourage in my my tradition started there before the official of gods. My tradition started the day they decided to because I can speak. It's not up to you because I can go to school. I can beat the No. My started today before I was born in. That's why I started That is why I'm saying is the God who knows us better. He's such a heart that's our artists and what has supported. see you I see you. The whyy for us God bless you, I see my son, God bless you. God bless you praise. God bless you God bless you. God bless you. I see you. Let's all God bless you. God bless you. Thank you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you and God bless you for Jesus. God bless you. God bless. God bless you God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you call yourself please. God bless you is there's no way to test out of the. God bless you, but the Lord said to us do not consider his appearance or his side for regenerative the Lord, The should look at the face may look like man and the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. I see. And the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. Let's do this. Let's look at this. Let's do this. I got to read this yourself. Ezekiel Chapter 16 States. That's with this. Just with this. For God to see. Let's Joshua. Joshua Chapter five. Father, we thank you, We bless your name We thank you for the gift of life in Jesus Christ and we pray speak with us today tonight. In Jesus name, we knew that is that he needs to be on the Holy Spirit before the name of our ministers in the name of Jesus, let's make this let's make this just of the verse and the time the Lord come to church, make sleeptight and circumstances this second generation of Israel. Let's with you. I would tell myself. The Bible says that at the time, the Lord said to Joshua make some friends and it's a concise, then your generation of Israelites as before them. This one was a physical situation, but the Bible that you just have to speak about. There's a confession must be of the You must be of the heart. And you we've been the conversation not the time conversation, but the may you have to go out. I'm not here to justify myself that there is God who knows me better. He knows better. He's the one who created it is the inflection most is. Every touched by it. We are both creation. He knows us better. And some of you say I am I so much. I love you so much and the way I'm going to. I'm so surprised I have put too much. I love you. He knows everything about us. The Bible says there's a concession Uss This-we're go to Joshua cancellation of people of the concession must be of the heart. I see you on the top I see God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you, I said the. Better by the man. To God, That is something that is too much bott Fortis without his grace, but what you are doing. Why are you so trusting us to be your peace? He knows. He knows so hard. That I see the book of Romans verse 30. No, and I said you if this is what I did as a he's a conception of God by the spirit, not by the heat of such a place the men, but for good God to us 29. said. That want me to that's why I'm on people you can't try to be rich, but God said you have. I believe this are you calling your people. Lord my truth is what you are and it's a it's a conception of God by the spirit, not the way that he took such a Ministry manin. That's from God. You are what you come from a man it must have from God you praise. It's a. it's all men to praise us Lord. I want you to praise me my praise is coming from God. Price must come from God. You are coming from you I need that was the day that want to praise you want to be. The Bible says and he showed me the letter of the law. Lord God, It is a change of heart by God's spirit. I want do the translation. I like to do the translation Andrus. It's haunted me and you will obey the letter of the law. Why is the church of a produced by God spirit? We need a child of God. You need a change of our heart, The heart that you can forgive. we need to charge of our heart. That's why the most. People of the so-called Christians most people who can go come forgive and Christians because we have never had a divine had the surgery That's right before God use you will change your identity. You need a change of heart. I wanna be in life. It's a compulsion to the state of our House. You. I cross the conversation, it's going to be a who obey that's on the Lord that is going to cause us. Yes, it's going to say it is the it's very good to look at that. now the one in the Department. But we give you a check of produced by God's just a. The baby But every jealousy unforgiveness, please others. Tell me I don't have room to people. I do have negative energy Jesus. We thought we help you to challenge your energy your effort to positive things. Borned no-I. Andrus the conversation is what that that's all of the Lord. It is a church of God and this is not produced by humanity. This chapter of heart. It's not you're not on this chapter of us is not in the domain this child of Hearts' is produced by the spirit of God. We didn't change that conclusion by God's spirit, I have said that I'm destroying greatness. I said people who are supposed to be fine in the of life, be destroyed by the beat of the houses They would tell me. that's what the way before you come in the Bible, says guard your heart with Dence. You know that is what I meant of life comes. I will tell you that every life again you need to College. Many College must come out. I can tell you to be quiet and you just tell people I'm not just myself. That we want to see it was all about my sons, They say, Can we have something a statement that we can put on the Beach and I create I sleep and wake of a single. We're going to write anything. I'm not here to justify before anyone. I'm not here to pull a prayer by myself. That is God in heaven who knows me Bess. They say you are bigger than what what why do people say I believe in that book, I said no that we do. I tell my son Wiseman Russes. We like to save andree that. It's ABC give us a shout to say you can die and I refuse. I say no if you lose that preaches by myself to meditate and to put myself where I like to walk, I am wrong. That is the God God who knows. Looks like we're trying to convince people to believe in us and don't believe in that. What I am doing is he just watches his grace his mercy his favor with validated. We need to a conversation of the heart. We've been a sensational about you. That's why I'm looking at to what you order to prove ourselves in order to prove a no-I need Uss of the Earth. And then we also need the Ministry Ministry of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit to the of the break about issues' the things that they were doing they were coming to them for the very we are the spiritual. we are too. That's why there's too much keyes in the debate out today. Most people are not in the water to understand spiritual things from the economy at the point. That is why I'm going to tell Abraham go to the city. Yes, lord was' with God. Let's do this. Before Else All the else. Got your heart? For it is the worst of life. Your heart is the worst of life. Let's with the I'll see you God bless you. That's why I say we we don't see with his eyes supernatural things the is on the eyes of our hearts the eyes of our hearts my core that those are the eyes that can see into the Super power. Not that is why it's funny to everyone who cannot be getting the Super natural you in the heart is coming in your blood flows. Hess. You're the hottest it's gonna be so it does not have to fight for right into the supernatural and the hearts' for a bit on it or it's Curtis Columbia sponsored by God. The Bible says we we go back and come to the where we at 33. God said that you have to shut the fuck. Put on your heart. Stop improving your plants Remember something that God who knows you before you were born and the same or 10 years as a prophet is not coming from people you have been taken before you were formed. You know what those who. That's why I got a lot of people out there who need people who can I use your imagination. We can help you to discover who you are in Christ, Jesus and be able to empty ourselves to this generation so that your from God to be the best of the place. For you know to die with potentials with the little traits. This is the most important debate that you. The redeem of the Lord. Or listen to this, I'll see you on top. God bless you God bless you God bless you above all else guard your heart for it is the worst of life with the. For each commands the cost of your life, let's it is our our cross. Because you will have to determine your question. The world I ochs, but the one who will speak better. He's the one we are created to be is going. Didn't say I love what? We tend to look for the best in others as they preach us with the desires. Why are they are ahead of us with the everywhere we are looking for a better life of our toch. I don't believe that gospel I believe in the God who said you put us in the God of Davide follow me all the days of my life. We got to be better. We have the targeting people better than the people that who have rejected on a point of why is it good and what can you just tell us? I think you're thinking to you who are spiritual in powerful than others and anointed cannot be defeated in the mouth of God. Well, you don't want to be judged today. That's the power that you can say come in 19. Has detected the sooner the loop of in our government, the level of poverty in our country. You can the challenge to us for us to be. That you are doing is and be a blessing to humanity in the thing that you may be able to give a helping hand to us. Let's do this efficient Areva. I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened I pray that the eyes of your heart may be you like not this eyes, but the eyes of your heart may be in lightened. We need to learn that that can live the eyes of our hearts and to be able to see the soup and be able to see the things which can't be may the odds of your heart. Be light. I pray also the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hopes to which you scored you the riches of his glorious inheritance in the Saints. What are the the It looks like when you speak up on the beaches of his glorious inheritance, I believe that God can provide. I believe I can bring the ability to go to. Here to help me to redeem the world. do business in the deep waters. I pray, but all the city becomes in me. Because they need because we see things through his eyes, we see this thing things through his eyes. But the man speak about the eyes of your heart. This I cannot see the venture into the supernatural This I cannot see spiritual things this eyes. cannot. see you on the right. This is the limit. They're trying to walk now, you know that that with his eyes when you speak about the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, I miss the light. I wish I need a May May Uss light into the eyes of your heart and be able to see into the Super natural. But Yeah. For you. For you. For you. For you. Circle You. For you. For you. You. For you. I know you. I like you. Don't see what else to be grateful for. Your day. See what else? Let's shut down the city. By the eyes of your heart, even with the light so that you can know and understand that the to which has told you it is not what Jesus. I show you I do it with the lights. The eyes of your hearts I see achieve that flatter with the light. One sliding down his vision. The things are clear. I said something people say I'm about to take the baby before the teaching of the preacher and everything You're the eyes of your hearts must be reflected with the light. So that you can know and understand the world to which he told you and is his glorious Ints. Jesus said. apart, you are still with this. Something Jesus. That you you know there are the eyes of God. We're not flooded. And what to believe. With lies I see the natural that people who like to do with the light to the see on the metro we need to be watched the Lara. That's what we can see on the That's what we do. We see things we wait for the newspaper. We're waiting for our message when you're seated on the newspaper, our message that based on what you have a message of peace or when you're sick or the tradition but this. Not all that, but our eyes the eyes of your hearts, the answer of my heart, you must be reflected with the light for me to be able to see beyond what you can see for me to be able to see beyond what what the natural man you see for me to be able to see beyond the actual and Chop into the Super natural, What is life? that's look at this if the major thing that should be thinking of by the House of your heart, What is that may the eyes of God to be flooded with with with the light? By having the I show up flooded with light so that you can know and understand the world, which you for you and how did Jesus grow in the in the age. He's such a part was. Such a path. Your heart, let's do this. Listen to this. That's the way it is. I don't give me a. For you, I can't Dream by people, it's created for my God. Prayer we must ask God to us that you are in the spirit. You're start with the. Godin You see on some of us can't hear me when you a lawyer in the spirit of things, I'm. Another I'm Can you give me a God and renew a right spirit within me? Where are you right? For you. One For your life. US clean hearts Right spirit within us, That is also a. I am doing is sponsored by the Holy Spirit God's Grace want to support it. What I'm doing what I said what spirit in it. What is going to be saved? I'm gonna be fruitful and what I'm doing. it and Four and renew a right spirit within me. Of Jesus in us and the heart. Theus does for Who thes. The Bible says that I should be sick. You know that the weakness of your hearts. Let's do this Bott Toure Ezekiel, 60 percent. check Let us talk to try to this. You see the The rule of seekers. He said your 60 minutes. And seek to the Earth, save the sovereign and the Lord. What do they seek hearts? have the sovereign Lord you. What did they say? how do you have? So the sovereign lord. How we just about to look in the last, it is your hearts and minds, says the Lord. What else? I will say. That's what. What you see how do you? Tell yourself today that you see the. I use for the night We the same hearts. The baby peace because you are sick. I see you because you are hot to search. Can someone Uss greatness you want you like and see you How to the next? Let's God for you. What the secret says the son and Lord pray unto God you choose to obey God because that's why because of Christ's, please let us come to our hearts. No matter how much I can be God knows a bunch of in my heart and who want to meet the importance to my heart. We can feel that our bodies and what a what it be. Let's do this. Let's do this. I want this so that's why. Empty Haight, who has sat in there is no return. In your House. The state of your action before we go to the state of the church trying to stay of your heart and tell yourself I need to if that's too much I don't have forgotten what we be rewarded by God for you have to be returns today or why the to silence us so I need him to me. Why are Laing is short. Bye. About other men of God, we praise the bps. Why are you saying social socially Indians to prove a point to Andy's as back? Look his life. Above all, God knows those that are least the what I said. I cannot help you, I tell people it's like we have a pen in this matter of this one. this one I said this one, the Bible says, by my higher what I say. This you are able will be preaching about from the bottom of the. And I say you is we cannot help you. I know I can for you yes of the heaven and Earth. He's the one who said the way you where am I from the foundation of this world. I see you call yourself. As you pull it, I see you God bless you but but I see it but God to us about what you keep they are busy. You see that. I don't know I see my the Lord's know that are that Sayan Chapter two verse 19. I'll see you when I see you my daughter and just sing. Search search of forgiveness Search a search of the is called the search of the That is of the disease called Jessy. That's not right. What do you watching us? That that isn't it, It's like have we a. No movement, or not that no rules, no to get you nothing, He said. The move will down, he said Allah. The Bible says it is the book of Hebrews that God the spirit of destroying the man that destroyed us. I The need that we have too much. I see you. With your What's not your foundation Stone? This is scripture. There's a story that is through the Lord knows those who are least. Let's go back to that shot. Ichi the side there is no. Go to the heart of the world. That's me me not clear to me. get to you can't get to me. Let me that although we do a lawyer the spirit within me. Joining us today. Mays you out. Within you. Royalty is a way to go. Loyalty is a way to go. We have the we have a revelation. Let us see what this is so good. We need revelation. I used to tell people that church is not preaching about giving that busy producing ious poors, but chances are it comes to them through revelation. They can give us they are they are here to us even though they believe in in the Holy Spirit. The eyes of my heart, I'm flattered with light. We want to see you on the next right. Cheated the eyes of your heart, I'm flooded with light, you will the natural. me know when you are spirit within me. We do the spirit. let us do that. Me-I that will be my spirit within me. That is that it can be believer in your Holy Spirit. The All parts. And when you let me. And you're in right spiritually important to you. To you can say, you know I want to get to the Holy Spirit. you come to the House and the spirit of fear of Goss, jealousy Heru, and I think you are the King of the Lord. It is not that we give back to to the right spirit in me and hard to hold on to your holy spirit within me. It is a kid and he would tell myself I may God bless you. God bless you. God bless you as you are watching this God God let us do this. But I see you there was a physical Joshua had to say that Weise justa Ais with that, but the even if just ssss of the heart. You have to be in order to qualify for them to to Ara to perform such Judas. they have to be a accentuation. You know what the The. We are trying to do this without that's a conversation of the our hearts. You are hard. my heart must be Ais. We've been this circus thoughts and be able to be fruitful and multiply. Be able to say boss Be fruitful multiply. I want to say that my prayer for you. It's for you to be here good to have you know that they seek and seek God first affect your heart your health. Many people say I I I I I gotta talk to you out. Let's do this justa the We just we just right at the private school and the time to set out to Joshua may be sharp much. There's a concise again I can. That's some type of. And just what made you so much that is a concise to of his life and he and the heat of the trustees. We all know that when men both orci, they are forced to cut. And Joshua Geneva, and he's like you know the next. This is the righteous one of the people don't take out of Egypt. That means you need all in man-of-war. That's in the wilderness by the way and they came out of Egypt. Now, all the people don't take out Where's but all the people that were born in the wilderness by the way is the chamber from out of Ephesians. They are also comes out. That is why the other generation within them amongst the circumcision. That is why there is supposed to be a concise. I did that is why have a conversation? I gave. It. I can. Others who joined them along the way. Don't say there was no way that you could Canaan alise. That's right time to cally. you answered concisely the sky. Another day Let's lead to a chapter five. I mean your life. He says now all that people that came out Weise, but all the people that are important in the wilderness by the way that they change for the out of Egypt that they are not. From the truth, you like what what he has to be all the people that we came out of Egypt. We check out those Egypt wess. You must obey God in the flesh of the Lord and to the of strength that they will not you. that should that which the Lord shall add to their fathers that he will give us the land that we live in the of it and the movie based on the Street that Joshua for the second. Will they have nots then by the way there's a lesson that I want you to do your best and you came to pass whether you're Darci. All the people in the places in way the night. I like this. I understand that the lord of the. What is this trying to watch the God is this? I have to say after the George's once Avis and the Lord said to Joshua this day. Borned away the reproach of for a few. What's the name of the place is up to this day? Why Joshua when Alicia Elijah they have to pass? That is the place of the. God is the place of compensation. Give me a place of the of the frost, then to be part of by the enemy is still waiting for you. You may feel pain good-by the of change. I'm ahead of you. The Bible says that God is the place where God do the wrong way that you approach of us and then the last many times when somebody is watching you to move or to come with the testimony. I've been praying for people. That's why they're not rise up when God is about to change your life and bring it to around check What are the people who are successfully in life that the first time? That the God Changes one the way we want to point of giving up so don't give up the type of God you may be educated and the kingdom of your life. You will feel the pain of separation but Bts out ahead of you still alive to ahead of you of me and how about let's do this. You. Let's read this. I love first time. First night, I hope you are let you guys like I want to hear you. I want to see you. I see you you see what you see. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you all yes or yes all you have do you have to pass through. Before you come to the portion or that anoint you. Who can little to personal? To be with you. Give it up for you come up, you will be circumcised. You'll get the best view of the Holy Spirit. The Contra and Joshua this day-I with the new of Egypt from of you. Is the place where they need you to reproach. I want the way he gave the place to chill out. When you are going to experience A touch a turnout and make the place It's it looks like a piece of me, it looks like a place of It looks like a place of full. But that's a place where God is going away the reproach of Egypt. that's the type of God will be running away the reproach of Egypt, God is running away The people of God is running away the reproach of Egypt, God is rolling. Way that we approach of Egypt, God is running away because of its youmans God is really with the because of its what is willing way that we approach of Egypt. Egypt That is something wrong be so that shame you will see the portion May God all the way to the process of Egypt in your life May God the world. I where some of the things that you feel are feeling that are telling you they're not. You just said, I want you to believe that we'll sing when things happen with you is the WTI have graduated, I have a past that stage I choose to confess my weakness where by one things are you waiting in my life? I think the enemies attacking me. No. I figured you to be gorgeous want to communicate with me. You want to make sense in my head. You want to go charis me with a certain of this. None of them think that it is the it is there are some of the things that are certain things that going to be with me. you want to draw my attention now, the other thing that you're going through it is discourage and Hasan. God is your approach God is calling on you to approach God is running away You only approach God is putting away on the approach. God is right away that people put your Egypt. you know for me. In the name of Jesus and May, you may see the path you have set in the back like I used to tell people that no true. that's not true for a bit. It's not the destiny if I'm if I'm gonna be ready for the pain. Every woman run away from the labor pains when you're planning your things are going to be part and part of your journey of feeling that is coming or cast away to the way the enemy orchestrated by the government, some of the pages inside that you are pregnant You of the career of the destiny you get something big on the inside of you and you promise your siblings may not go for what you're going through because you're destin are not the same what you do have going through. You are part of do not go through what is going through why because the destiny of the will of the same man, but we can give you the destinies. The his that God the father. I am I have never seen some of my attacks and the challenges in my life. be the you the worship. I'm strong. I don't doubt I'm powerful. I don't doubt the God in me. I'm not afraid of we could cause of this world that Pbs. I've seen some of the challenges that I have gone through that it was God towell to communicate. I have to honor the door and I see this God want to change and take you to the other side the progress to dry up for me to move forward when Elijah just blew up, it was one of the Tori would like to do. Man when I want to put your shoes your life, the Brutus towell. Some of the pros are some of the friendships in your life are cosi going to want you to move forward. pru for you to move forward. For all of you really a lot to say he wants to die of my book and the devil is he He's they have the right of my book. No the to dry out the right by God himself the right upper by the God of Adger for Elijah to move forward. Some of the groups are doing up in your life for God to to move. For you to move forward some of the relationships in your life that has the the short term, there's no no that what what part of you to move forward? I will tell myself and. I see I need to, but I'll tell you why the poors tomorrow for the form everywhere you. Remember the Abraham with the Lord they have to face A-frame mine. It was a struggle The family was not planted by the delay. The family was really created by the enemy. The mind was that were together at attention. The framework was there for the two to see for them to go away so that God can be the one to communicate with the Abraham. Try not to be help you today why you are going through. It's may not be a of damage or the faith may the eyes of your heart to be lightened for you to see beyond the natural that realize God want to communicate something with you. I know what some of them will become sick. Want to be with them? So there were too busy to play. So you mean, even to me that that would be even and I pray and say, let's pray, let us pray. Let us pray so that submitted for you to take some of the heritage of it is God want to communicate with you that you are able to use your brains some of the things that you are facing and anointing worry you are not imed ordinated from the pit of it is God will not want to draw your attention. It is going to want to be with us some of the pastors who are facing. That will implement what they do by the they are specifically designed by God for our laing up because it is the size of your God or that the level of your promotion. God bless you let's finish with this Joshua and what they this one set. I just throw it away that he approached Essen with this then I will be there so your case of the. Second of the two let's finish with this the Lord was about to take place. What the Lord was about to take Elijah up to heaven in a way. Elijah Elisha, where from the place of Ssss, now we turn to get that. The spirit of God. Elijah and Alicia somebody from. From from a place where he has been run away from a place where Weise make our meetings be educated May and from there, let us take the journey to get after you don't have to my heart has been should come inside. I have to live at the gods. Then there will be a spirit amongst us. That is why we are in Ministry way in life. Our journey to go start, there's no start educating we didn't have to give up. Before he said that the propulsion of the journey there were from the place where that he approaches people on away the place where the is teaching in a place. You know, I don't know what all of them were trying to spirit. That's enough for the place they are pass until you receive that portion of Elijah because they start from the. They tell us from giving up. When you slip. Will return to Egypt then you have to be in a certain place. Disneys Toru with that lawyer and spirit. But Alicia and the way Charing from giving May we're all from my brother may we travel from May we start our journey on to our hearts. Weise may we put this after we have and the of the heart may we submit to after we. Our hearts and spirits and we are turning the light and the Holy Spirit. I am I am so with my father and my children in start stand up from a place of aeration my journey with the start up from the place where I come inside. I'm the spirit. When the Lord was about to take Elijah up to heaven in a way, Elijah. And Asia were coming from. That is the He's the President of the. It's a pleasure, there must be a part of us. We live the second of the one of the concession of the tongue. We've been Uss of God, but the real the insights from the outside. That's why the different that is why the people that are not proving that God is approving them. That is only one person I used to ask where I will call say he's said that why the churches who have precisely that that that lost that busy' while our and it's in the spirit of God, you see the whole thing must be no there is a missing in there is a missing spiritual element in what you are doing. There's a mis'. If the things that you're doing when the church says, and it's like even the teachers that are not with the type of offer that when they're preaching about it, I need to like me no-I everywhere business is owned by the members of the Church of of they are doing well and we are serving God with the diligence they are going with this. Why are you holding up the ass spiritual is more than others? There's nothing to like about us to be ready to listen to that. I'm a tosi. I don't believe in that whatever so I let go and one when the lord of. I want to take you out to heaven, You know we read and let you in from China, It is going to give God ready to change, but there's coming from God. We have not let us die from the Kingdom of God of the be concise. Oh God to me the heart and give me the right spirit loyal Spirit. Dear God. Dear God. Dear God Dear God Dear God I want to finish May God in the of Egypt. Why am I don't believe in trust Egypt. Pushes people away from me, I'm not a part of my family. I am the redeem of the Lord. I am notting the dimension of the people of Egypt. My it is approach has been away from me. What I want to take a relationship with and letitia with some deeper another worship. One of the into heaven when the when do we from. Why did you start your Christianity? Our Christian journey with the conversation of the Man we're stuck in a Christian Jackie with the concussion of the. And watch us. Many of us we like to there is too much struggle in the body of Christ. Many of us are struggling in our day. We didn't start our conversation of the Lord because God looks on the inside and out from the outside May we are the Goss go and check yourself how many people who hate it? How many people you refuse to forgive many of us. Of bitterness and if you hate the jealousy, Why Because but it will kill the Bible and preaching and doing all kind of things because most of us have not and one of the heart and then it is Jess of the hearts. It is the conversation of your Heart. That's what you want and how you want is in Christ Jesus. Is going to it is for you to watch us. It is what moves our lu's. What who sets our heart and do what Usp? May you have to put the of the heart. Let us all of us and the check. Let's check. That is too much you hate that I'm I'm. Too much you hate in the body of Christ to gossip us in the church will fit on the one for me. Because our hearts and be to come. May God help us in the name of Jesus. That's my message for you May God help us in Jesus name. Father We may God in Jesus name In the name of Jesus in Jesus Name. God bless you. God bless you. Thank you for being part of this service Godin ssss. Shake your hearts of the Earth God want you to it? There's something that seely away, but the grace is Grace and Favor is is facilitating the things that we're doing why to one another our hearts and the compensation. Why are we We each other? The best things our House is not yet on the go in China of the people, you are not believers and believers. Well in life, God is blessing them. That is why the be all you. Do that? Your ass Speaking to and what are you telling me to the Bible? we have been here at this time. The other one is good. I mean. love I am so much. That God wants to I cannot call him. He knows me better even when I am White, I cannot help you I can't convince you I cannot justify my actions before you. He knows me better. He's good-by himself. I enlighten the eyes of your heart may you begin to see on the natural. It's a child of and enlighten the eyes of your hearts in Jesus Christ. God bless you be blessed when you are, I thank you for following up with my God bless you in Jesus name it is done.

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