Fameye - Focusing 🧘‍♂️ been working on my live band for...

Fameye • 8 months ago   7.8K     336  •  37.1K Views
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Focusing 🧘‍♂️ been working on my live band for some time now check this out with Nkyimkyim band which happens to be my personal band

Posted 8 months ago in Music & Audio
Dinash Frimpomaa
Dinash Frimpomaa8 months ago

I really love his song he is my big fan love this song!

Zender GH
Zender GH7 months ago

So proud of you Godfather Fameye always your song's inspire me alot. I love you so much 🥰🥰

Omar Promzy
Omar Promzy8 months ago

Very fantastic you do all and I love it keep it up

McLawrence Botwe
McLawrence Botwe8 months ago

I love you bro. Your inspirations is a whole mood to me

Showdem Vinto
Showdem Vinto8 months ago

Quietly voice love you my brother

Fmf Fameye Junior
Fmf Fameye Junior8 months ago

This song really inspire me too much

Arthur Set
Arthur Set8 months ago

I need a feature boss you did for some towns in prestia and more please be my God to save me from poverty

Ayæm Rïçh Khõßßy Sürphæ
Ayæm Rïçh Khõßßy Sürphæ8 months ago

One of my favorite artists

Egya Erzoah
Egya Erzoah8 months ago

Please I’m an upcoming Artist Tick Stone .. Please i would love to join your band.

Clairment Lumor
Clairment Lumor8 months ago

Nice buh bro Fameye the name of the band won't take it far !! A white man can't mention that name even me a Ghanaian voltarian find it difficult to pronounce the name 😍😍so I humbly suggest you change the name of the band ........nice work though