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iPhone 11 FINAL Design Leaks & AirPods 3 in 2019! 馃摬 馃槺
Welcome back Guys. The Apple mothership has certainly sprung a few weeks today we're gonna. Be taking a look at one of the biggest leaks of this entire year and That's regarding the iphone 11 and its final form and Airpods Three which are coming by end of year So little scary. But even more stuff keeps getting a leak. I really never thought that 2018 the year of weeks would get beaten Apple as different plans for us this year. Everyone leaking all this information so let's start with this planet of the apes is actually happening and this is where Begins Mark my words so I thought I would share this with you honestly we're nothing. But mammals as a great man named Atm once said it was That's That's just ridiculous. How why It's cool a leveling down below Okay? So in this video? We've got a couple larger reports to digest we're gonna start with this one from on weeks in collaboration with cash Carol They're bringing us the latest look at the iphone 11 and all the little tiny details usually wouldn't see until the fall and actually gets released and there's a bunch here. I mean for anyone that loves the leaks. This is this is the bread and butter right here so let's jump right in and take a look at the model so it looks fairly familiar to what we've seen. But there are a few tweaks here on the design that actually speak volumes about what Apple is doing with this product so we're Start with the back so It's one singular piece of glass. Now there is no separation between the camera lens in the glass and it is such a brilliant design for several reasons for one It's just a cleaner look it actually disguises the lens protrusion a little bit more than usual So it looks pretty good but functionally for someone that repairs iphones is gonna make their day just that much easier actually entirely different much easier since It's a singular piece of glass and it doesn't cover the length it actually just runs up to it That means It's gonna be easily replaceable No longer would be a 500 $600 repair if you break the back of your iphone 11 So design wise great I don't know about looks you know It's still being debated but functionality wise and design wise. It's definitely an evolution so moving on the lenses on the back are now body colored That's Can I'd say to painting the inside of your headlights. The color of your car very strange design choice especially on an iphone I haven't seen it being done anywhere else This is in direct contradiction with the earlier rumor we heard about New Orleans is being completely stealth out. Just murdered black and you wouldn't be able to see much inside of them so max wind back actually message me about this a couple of days Before this leak event and he said that that coding will only be applied to the front of the phone so the back lenses will not be blacked out not for 2019 anyways and just so you know That's the nature of leaks. The information changes all the time and I'm just sharing it as it is with you guys anyways The back could be body colored and what We've seen in the video is that silver look on the inside of the lens in the black but we haven't seen the gold so That's. What that would look like I honestly think It's a little strange. I don't know if that will grow on me but I don't like it right now Rather have the lens completely blacked out and something I Didn't catch for Ming chicos earlier report is that the special dark coding would be applied only to the right lens the new lens and as on leaks point out It's not much better than just coating the entire thing or leaving the entire thing exposed. So hopefully I can figure this out definitely in time I do not like just the coded color look but I'm sure it will look different in person as it always does and this leak is mentioning that It's not very perceptible but the actual bezels have But just a little bit and they said It's not even worth mentioning probably for Apple that they did this because you literally will not be able to see now the only way that we can actually see that this has happened is in the measurements they gave the actual specifications of the device were shared and It's actually shrinking in with by point five millimeters in height by point three millimeters so That's going directly into the vessel and they said that the notch with will be shrinking by just a little bit. But it will be so hard to tell so again not really big marketing point But the vessels are slightly shrinking. The device is shrinking just a little bit, probably around 12 percent Something You'll be able to tell the actual microphone on the camera lens has a very odd placement now on leaks notes that It's different from the initial leak Now it's not synchronized with anything like It's, an asymmetric design. I see that Apple is definitely embracing that they started with the Speaker grills now it's going to the microphone on the lens and I'm sure there's a functional reason for this It's probably a poor placement inside due to the very strange triangular camera lens shape I'm guessing the housing inside is a very interesting shape so they had to work around it okay and one of the coolest things is the mute switch The mute switch, which Apple has not touched for 12 years is now changing my nude Not leaving It's just changing now it will be exactly like that on the original ipad. Did you know that the ipad actually used to have mute switches up until they killed them later on but this one will be vertical instead of horizontal mute switch which every iphone has had I feel like in your pocket reaching down and flicking the switch will be easier. It will be easier to find It's a nice rounded switch now so You'll just know if it's up you know it won't go any further but sometimes in your pocket I get a little confused depending on which way your phone is facing the mute switch It's different and lastly they did mention that the Cdc is not happening in 20 Teen in the past We've heard from other sources that Apple is testing it and It's likely if they were to release it would be 2020 at the earliest. So you guys remember all the Airpods two weeks right the matte black color, all those exciting features. Well We got none of it Anyways digit times has just published a report saying Airpods three are happening in their happening in 2019 with an entirely new form factor So these will be noise cancelling headphones noise cancelling versions of air pods to the problem I have Titling is Apple never even officially called Airpods two air buds too That was just something we picked up on in the documentation. There is a very strange thing going on with the release schedule of Airpods But we know the airports to God delayed because of airpower and even back then the leaks were saying apple's initial plans were to release Airpods three and two in the same year so looks like It's still happening so the main focus will be noise cancellation and because of that the design has to change so we're gonna be getting in in ear tube very likely sealed off This is gonna change the way or pods look because they say in the article that battery life will be a major concern here and this design you're seeing this is our interpretation of Airpods three based on the actual patent applications. If you actually look through those Apple has gave us the rough shape of this new in ear headphone that they're working on and we literally just built his design around this. So I actually really like it when it came to It's a little giant It's a little sharp something that I don't think Apple would go so aggressive on. But I wanted to make a point here This could be a very, very cool thing and I don't know what the Would look like we're just inferring here but I'm assuming you have a little seal around it or something like that. So this coming in the power beats pro product colors would be pretty neat We basically combined air pods to plus the power beats pro with an Apple spin on it and That's. What you're seeing here the case would change would likely be an opening up one we'd slide them in you know we don't know we don't know that at all but apparently these are coming by end of year and it gets better so their report was cool then my boy man Chico comes in and says yes these are happening and they're happening by end of year and he gave us some more details in Chico elaborates that not only are we getting an upgraded version of Airpods Apple will be refined Changing the existing version of the same price point. So we just got your puns to what could they possibly do those to refresh them? I'm guessing. Give them some fresh colors. That's the only way I see this working otherwise Airpods two point Five makes no sense if You're actually gonna be selling people these Airpods three models alongside them and I'm guessing Apple will be getting rid of air pods one and just have Airpods too and then Airpods three with two separate designs and possibly different colors between them Make it simpler because having three versions of the Airpods certainly would it make sense I mean she Co Didn't Any details regarding the actual design of Airpods three but one thing, he said peaks my interest, he said that internally inside the proposal now use a system in package design for the chip manufacturing process And this is a great thing because of several reasons for one Apple can make more of these with less problems. So a higher yield rate to this means that there's more space inside of the airport. Now. So that leaves more space for that larger battery because noise cancellation is pretty taxing on them and I actually connected a dot here so earlier, Max Wineberg The Airpods case might be changing for the new generation little did we know at the time that Airpods two was not a true refresh He was likely referring to this Airpods three redesigned. So we designed this case accordingly. Of course it will be larger to support a different design. But yes, it will be a bigger case other than that we don't know really anything else. I'll be updating you on the leaks and features possibly of this as time goes on. But then Chico is saying this will be a smash hit and will take Apple to the next level. This product alone is Such a big deal for Apple, so That's. Why maybe the waited so long to release it I don't know I certainly do not take Apple for a fool. They absolutely owned the wireless Bluetooth headphone market right now with their air pods Airpods Two is gonna help put a bigger dent in that and then by end of year I'm guessing with the iphone 11 or whatever it will be called Apple will be launching these in conjunction so There'll be like a killer duo pair with possibly that matte black coating on both That's simply been show not killed The project was delayed until end of year It's very exciting and I'm gonna tie this With an interview with Johnny Eye and the way that he designs things so in an interview with Document Journal, Johnny I've says that he's constantly designing things and Apple they place things on the back burner very often until technology matures enough where that technology becomes viable. So Apple is constantly revisiting older designs that they have stashed away and it's a very interesting prospect to me because airpower just got killed in technology was simply not possible in 2019. So do not think for a minute that Apple is leaving that alone in the future They will likely revisit that once the technology catches up amongst other things Future anyways guys thanks for watching stay tune for the next one

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