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LIVE! Help me pick Bubba J’s clothes for this weekend’s Netflix taping!
Everybody, Jeff done in Paris Welcome to Facebook Live So we from the title are going to do something a little bit different today My Netflix special the first taping. Well, the first night is this Friday night and then the other ones Saturday in Dallas American Airlines Center about 10000 people each show getting a lot of fun every time I do a special I try of course make the characters look like they've changed clothes. Hopefully they changed clothes. Don't see in the same way all the time Bubba J however has had his say Since the beginning of time it's a lime Green shirt with the lettering audits as athletic team already says Ma' am Yeah forget it has a number zero 265 that's it and so we had that on forever just kind of his look and I thought well, we're doing something that you were gonna Airlines arena. I wanna change things up. I change things up a little bit here. Yeah. That's new for you. Yeah. It's new for me So again all my specials have been in theaters. This is not my night special. They always been in big theaters but my shows are always China's huge arenas so we're making everything just a little bit different to make it look better and more fun and bigger and so I think it's time for Bubba J to actually change his clothes for once as he never has. He's changed hats. He's changed boots. That's it even when Bubba J was not what you call hard figure and he was a soft bigger more like a month but it was the same shirt Verna Finley who made the first Bubba J he was em up at she made him she picked up that shirt and she actually used her husband's underwear as the underwear that sticks out in Bubba J pants, same same jeans, same underwear and same shirt and when I went from the Muppet type Bubba J Made Bubba J myself Bubba J most folks know I just took the costume off the puppet Vernon made and put it on the heard character on the real Bubba J that I am now but again that's man has been so many years. the original bones came about in 19 oh I think it was 9291 something like that Yeah. Why did we do that loss tapes on Youtube Oh yeah So by now we're searching for something and Matt let's show everybody what we did now Tom Richmond does a lot of my artwork for our merchandise In here but he does he works for one of the main illustrators of Mad magazine and he freelances a bit and does some stuff for me and great in one time We said not long ago I said Tom I'd like to see Bubba J in an odd rod car truck and for folks who don't know what that is the retreating courage back in the 70 's and I was a kid and they were I was looking for one hold on. I've got the folder here somewhere we think it is early man. I'll straight what roads cards are here we go This is my folder of abroad that collected over the years and these were basically what they were Let's find one that we know the heavy sprint heavy spreads. Awesome. I love this right here so this guy create it was a copy of Drucker right Yeah. Director's artwork I guess yeah I'm not so sure and so it basically a a car some sort of muscle car and then they put a monster. He put a monster in it There's a Mustang mister Mustang G O T was a classic That's great one I said to Tom Richmond is it time? Let's do that with Bubba J and a pickup truck Oh let's find another one here Let's see one of my favorite ones ever well. This is one of my favorite ones right there Just that crazy monster. I don't know what he's in. Awesome mini Cooper that's liquid and many Cooper in the 70 s Oh yeah. They they were in the 60 's actually okay they've been around but the Super shift was there I think was there go there go to or it was a forced breakfast and Chevy. That's right. I was gonna say yeah Camaros when I always remembered Yeah. So these are I've taken these mat anybody's really watched our videos closely has seen that I have scammed these things and printed them poster size and put him in our warehouse with the cars I love these things So I send to I I said to Thomas at Tom do a bubba J version of that and he did and here it is so now we have not we've yet to put this on a Tshirt but we're going to Oh it's great. Yeah, I think it's it's really really fun but we looked at this and I thought commit we said what can pull going Bubba J T shirt as as a transfer. We thought a pickup truck and then we thought about this about Tom's work and then we looked at it. Look at been closely here So if Bubba J I don't want a picture. Bubba J he would not wear a picture of himself on his own shirt. So then we thought alright, let's get rid of that But now if we did that that the Turks kind of on without Bubba J B in it cuz that's that's definitely a monster truck on Rod kinda thing So Tom always pencils things out first before he sends them to me. So we went back show this map as we go back. This was the final artwork that we're gonna have on a Tshirt or whatever we do it but you go back one generation to the pencil art and now this this car. This trucks are a little more conservative. There's no flames none of that stuff So Matt what you did was then you went in and took Bubba J out right That's right Alright. Let's show what you did. Yeah. Show you that you took Bubba J out and we ended up That you obviously color is that I did Okay so I hope Tom didn't get work. That color is Yeah. I would take credit for for times art. He's he's a far better illustrated than I show what else that you did that? we haven't thought about when Tom did it was this right here This is an old to Bubba J J's original Tshirt That's kind of an Easter egg right there It's the same color as T shirt that he's won for I can't do math 1980 190101 1230 780 1930 126 you sit anyone. I think it was 91 right 91. No Okay. So 27 years. Wow that's nuts. Okay So 27 years Bubba J has had the same T shirt but that was this is a nod to him cuz that's what's honest shirt is the same color It's the same number and that was a stock Tshirt that burn a bought of the store somewhere and we don't know what that is anyway. So here we are so we've done this so man I think we need to do is print this on transfer paper iron transfer paper and we're gonna make Bubba J Tshirt today at least what might be his Tshirt right Yes, we haven't really decided if this is where he's gonna wear, we have a few alternate outfits out in the garage and we're gonna go out there and let you guys help us pick what he's gonna wear but I at least thought this is a pretty good candidate Yeah. It totally makes sense within his character and you know in my opinion this this right here should be a new trivia question in your slideshow for your throat, right? Yeah. Alright. Let me hit print and let's see what page 33 Are you planning that one No man just check in the papers expensive Oh we don't wanna full size either I'm gonna go with that's way too big. So let's this is the paper that's way to I'm just gonna say gas here I'm going to 75 percent like so that's there's a full treatment that's about right So they're about that big Yeah Yeah Okay Alright Let's see what happens Oh great. Sit low egg Hello What do you think? We can make it It's only the sign. It's a sign in the yellow. I think we can make it I think we can do it. Yeah There's not much sign or yellow in that is all Red There we go Good luck and rock County on you Come on Twitter behind you over there Oh I hear making noise Alright. Good Do you remember we're talking about the printing when wireless printing first came out and you do network in your House. Do you remember that Oh man I was always one on top of Apple technology and it was a Royal Royal pain back then oh yes print across the room. Forget it forget it was magic That was quick Alright Perfect You know what I'm gonna say the reds a little dull You know what this thing is on camera actually comes off a little better Oh it does. Yeah in person that looks dark but I'm also gonna be interested to see how it looks transferred I guess it will be exactly these colors because The White on this transfer will go with the shirt but this is gonna be clear right the whatever's. Why it's gonna be clear No no whatever's White will be White because the shirt that you are considering has a great background which is why you picked this type of transfer Okay. So I'm gonna cut this out left me with a little bit of a little bit of a shadow of White. A White backdrop on it right but whatever that border is important because it will transfer to the shirt too The White will correct Okay So I'm gonna cut this out now again, this isn't Rocket science We were joking a little while ago. We tell everybody that this is how actually all my T shirts are made I sit in my office on off days I cut transfer as an iron one everybody shirt That's not how it happens No but what is great is the Amazon trips that you guys are doing now not the ones that are in your store but you have this specific Amazon shirt. The ones that are custom made every single night when you come to my show right right people don't know that most people watching this don't know but every night you come to my show every city we go to our Takes iconic images from that city in that state puts the date and the venue and those kind of iconic images obviously New York. It's a big hole and all kinds of on the Empire State building whatever put them on the top of the shirt along with all the characters and through Amazon, you can custom order that T shirt that night and they print for you and it's there by Amazon Prime and a couple of days how is that Well it's fine. The one thing I will say is all of this White will transfer so I need to go Orion I think so I don't unless you want a big sort of White cloud or tighten up a little bit Okay I didn't realize there's gonna be clear Well if if we were printing on a White T shirt, it would be oh it would be clear. Just you wouldn't see it You wouldn't see it but because the shirt has a little bit of a gray sort of sweatshirt look yup that will shine through any of the White. If you have not chosen this style of transfer Alright fine fine. So I get a little trickier here but again to me what Just think about this and I think a lot of people may or may not know is how involved you are literally with every aspect of this stuff down to making your own wardrobe for the characters Oh yeah. It's you know every everything cuz we joke about this with other comedians You know when it comes to the the set the backdrop I mean everything cuz I'm yeah I'm big on I want this special to hold up and for people who enjoy them years and years from now to me God is in the details and you just wanna It look like a piece of artwork Now you can contrast that to you know before all the controversy with Bill Cosby You know I again I there's no defense there but before all that before we knew about all that his greatest special was the one that got in the television show and it was Bill Cosby himself and it was the comedy was great and it was just him sitting in front of the curtain with a microphone and a stool and all they did was changed the color of the lights on the curtains and it was beautiful. It was great and head not all that garbage happened had they not been doing all the stuff that we didn't know about You know that special would still be on and I still hold up Alright Somebody suggest that maybe we should J should wear a romper for easier taking care of himself every drug That's right. Just one Okay Are we better Oh yeah. I think now that's that's that's definitely alright. I think I go a little bit here past the tail pipe I don't think you want to get too edgy with it cuz they'll curl up right Yes Alright. We'll do the tail sticking out We're gonna leave the underneath right are the shadow or whatever that is Yeah I think so I think that that's acceptable Okay Alright let's see how that looks see how it looks Oh wait. Look at this man. I'm excited about this So this is the new piece of merchandise that we're coming out with and it's not out yet but this is fantastic This is literally the proof This isn't even a thing yet right now, this is the proof. Yeah. This is not being made. I mean they're in the process of making them now but look at this depends that whoa I think those are just great and here's here's something The limited is limited set right but we're changing ultimate Oh yeah So they made a few like this but They they made a few like this and we're gonna have a few like this in Dallas. I think it is oh but there gonna be limited limited cuz we're changing Occ made to look more like the me not committed and not the questioning occupied Oh so that's like almost like it's gonna be really like limited like like valuable cuz you'll never get the zero only a few made like an antiques roadshow in a hundred years Don't go Oh this was the this is the proof Yeah. So this is the questioning argument and that's the angry typical argument Again, we're gonna get the pin change to be more angry All these other guys will be the same oh and then we voted on. this is the other thing. We're kind of pin once a pin with a pin with a stick panda in the you know The clamp is any yeah. The other was just a pin like we'd go like through your lapel and then the other was a magnet and then they determination was the regular typical pin sharp pin that I put my finger on black after I stuck it in my jacket right now we need to transfer we need this stuff the wax paper or whatever and the disclaimer here is I don't know that I've ever done this before. Have you ever never iron just to honor shirt Well, maybe it kids Yeah. But not not This oh White background for my kids My girls Oh yeah. Made tshirts for my girls. Alright so you you have no trepidation here We're just gonna I have zero trepidation. Alright do I think I got my burn up the shirt? Is that what you're saying No, it's going out to the garage where there is flammable stuff Oh we left the iron on No Oh by the way Matt so what you drive today your wife. I did my wife's car yet Alright But the sad thing is this faster than my car Oh yeah. You do have the model three Tesla. It's and when you got the one like we did with the accident has the performance performance practice Green dude Lucas Yeah but show was sitting in the front. We'd never shown that how we no. This is a 69 El Camino Oh it's s was a 396 I'm starting to think maybe they should be on Bubba Shepherd Oh no don't say that that's really great. Hello Tom but you need a shirt like artwork now 69 S numbers match I took this much of guy friends and it's unbelievable how a car was this car worth now 4025. I don't know Yeah, I'd have to go look that up Yeah Cuz they never got the love that they like the got. They're starting to come into the room though well but it's amazing the crowd that this will draw absolutely. Yeah and it is so much fun cuz it used to be well. The cleaning crew is here cuz that's what they would you know that's what you drive cuz that's a pickup truck basically and I don't know this vinyl top now was the vital top factory was a dealer add on Oh that I don't know I mean it but it was definitely something that Chevy advertise. This was not a and I love this. Whoever did the restoration on this? I bought it. How long six years at least? Yeah but oh there's my it's great beautiful and it dry. I wish it was stick but still the automatic is it is so much fun to drive That's great Alright. Here we go We didn't go the way we're gonna go Anybody who watched Facebook like last week we're still trying to get the top of the car Ford GM one mister missed it This car is a convertible but then the aftermarket roof on it You're not gonna show it Okay. Oh sorry I was looking at comments Alright Alright. Here we go. So let's explain this a little bit So here we have the stunt Bubba J Body This is not the real Bubba J body looks a lot like it but we have a stunt. Bubba J that's made out of rubber because why Matt because you were on 30 rock I was on 30 rock and an Alec Baldwin punched me out on stage in a comedy club and hit Bubba through Bubba J and through Bubba J so they made a rubberized version So here's the rubber head above J not the real guy so whenever you see Bubba J falling down stairs in our videos Yeah so we use them. They let me have him and the prop and so yeah we use it all the time but Bubba J gets blown up in the rocket or whatever I could blow them up So we have the step body as well So now man I put these clothes on Bubba J This is not his original outfit Let me show the original shirt Here's his original shirt that he worked. What do we say 690 127 years right and was that the actual shirt that was also on the soft version like one shirt You were standing right there next No but maybe you know sometimes you have multiples of things. We don't no. No, this is the one shirt worn shirt that Vernon Finly put on the Muppet version of Bubba Jack This is the shirt that he has won for years and years and I I don't even know what this means after the zero 26 I don't know what that means but it's such a great color. It's been perfect for Bubba J it's been in forever and so you know it cut out and This was for the that that proves it right here because on the Muppet Yeah. Reach your hand up the back like this whereas the ventriloquist dummy your hand goes in like this. You just kinda slit So she's sold this up. I don't so I just cut and hot glue perfect Yeah And then yeah So this is it and what's really weird is I've worn it for 27 years and it doesn't smell that smells like my hand and then here's the jeans he wore as one forever and the belt the ones that she did same jeans same underwear. This is Vernon husband may rest in peace. These are all is as underwear they forgot and put on So again, when I made this Bubba J or not the stunt one but when I read the other but the real Bubba J I took all those clothes off the muffin and put them on the real Bubba Jack Alright So what happened was I guess a couple of weeks ago man I started to do this changing clothes for Bubba J and I was out in the garage and then it tie it came time to get on the road to go to wherever I didn't choose last week and I didn't have time to really sort this out. So I just put this shirt on really quickly and I actually thought it looked pretty good Yeah. It looks great. Yeah So what I think we should do is dress in real quickly and three different outfits and get people to to to vote and leave comments on what they think is the best one will take pictures of each one but also we have a debate on boots Let's show the boots back here So these are the boots that Bubba J any war for many many years You can tell they're all beat up I actually got him in Nashville and those are hard to be yep. They are they're really tough to because the color everything and it says Texas too. That's the other thing. Oh yeah. We're gonna do Texas you're right Oh look at Longhorn. I know Oh boy Yeah. There's I can tell you right now. There's no way but let's just go with the choice I have to you have to have those. Okay Here's black ones at Bubba J war for a long time looking dude Yeah. They were like Super toes too Yeah. They were great those replacements at work but then I went back to these, he said on this for a while these we just raised Jack and James closet Audrey said yeah. Go ahead So these are okay but those don't say they're the rounded toe and they're not For your purpose, I don't think they're striking or ordered the right size size eight and a half from one of these These are eight. There is no, it must be I don't know I don't know toddler size would promise he showed up and they are really really beautiful little kid foods but again they don't stand out there a little too big but they will work but this stands out to me I love the Brown but again I feel like depending on what the shirt options are Yeah that those Red ones are just gonna look great on stage. Yeah, they look on camera not only good on stage but on camera as well So there's our lineup of boots and I think they're actually in order of what I would hear their in order what I would think to me. This would be number one right here and there's a little bit of Red right here but you're not gonna see much Yeah. Bubba J always pin tucks in one side of his pants and you you know what's interesting is as southern as I am. I'd never seen that before I met you and you explain to me that that's a very Texas thing. Absolutely Alright so He's okay Oh they're okay it so absolute show go Jack There's Jack Jack This is my daughter Ashley's Dog Jacks He came out to say hi He's a sweetie real sweet Don't worry. I'll chase that you bring it back over there You won't bring them back over there to you I know there's kitties but there won't be right here He's okay Alright Yeah. You get a lot of votes already for the Texas boots. Yeah Yeah. And hands down is what I'm seeing here. I don't want Jack to get away Let me put him in the House. Sorry for 10 seconds Here we go Thanks Hey, Matt water I'm good. Thanks Yeah Tim Crouches gotta stay with Red boots Alright we'll do that Okay. So Tommy Hughes those voting for the round toed boots. They have to be oil Spain. This is oh yeah Alright so we have the rubber head and again this is pretty good. Let me go ahead and put the rubber boots on em I mean the Red boots rubber boots I put the Red boots on and now cool Yeah. Cuz I don't know that there's much the jeans you got. He's got to be in chance, right? Yeah. Yes me Yeah Okay So put the boots that boots on him You should is truly a wide. You tuck in the inside of what? Wait why do you talk in one side of your pants Well, here's my answer having not ridden horses If this were bicycles, I know why I would take my pants off there you go Is it the same reason why it's always like this Yeah. If anybody has a different answer go ahead but yeah that's pretty much it So you don't get your your pants caught in the gears and that's it Alright So here is boy there's there's no no debate Texas boots all the way Texas boots. Okay great Alright here you go even people from New Yorker saying that I don't know where these people are from but city New York City commercial oh pace picante sauce and then the one that commercial they didn't run for long the guy go get a rope Oh lord Yeah Get it What for just a little Yeah. Long enough for somebody get fired exactly Alright So Matt what I gonna do here is I'm gonna put the rubber head on him Oh we need a hat Well, he's definitely going to need a hat cuz he's not gonna go on stage baldly right stand up against my multi thousand dollar This scanner here How much was it I don't know but if you take it out and it hits the four G T then I quit That's true Alright so let me take one picture of him like this I'm not gonna put a hat on and we don't need to handle them Well, I mean I have a hat for the show. Alright so I'm gonna take a picture like this Do it. What do we do his face? No Alright, I'll put safe Alright, there's that look There's that low I learned that from custom hundred Horton or Andrea Horton Yeah has is an interesting point. I don't even know what you would do about this at this point but she says his belt buckle is too small Do you know what he's coming to Texas? That's what I'm saying This is a really good idea Andrea I don't maybe between now and Texas or even you know where I'm from I have freaking belt buckles Oh we'll just use you like that but that's a really good point I agree we're not gonna actually go into my closet. Are we or we could just say that for a final picture later on today. If once we get a little kids big belt buckle be about that big. You know there's gotta be something around here We can just use like a sheriff star or Is there something cuz I'm removing a kid in having this here Yeah. The big belt buckle. How did I never think of that I have been away from Texas Awesome suggestion that I'm great It's very long but someone pointed out a little earlier that they felt like this shirt for this special seems a little formal It's like a sort of a formal bubba J Alright Yeah but it looks like Jay Leno it looks like yeah. Bubba J Leno perfect Alright did they still wear denim on show all the time all the time every time Yeah Alright Alright let's take this off now and again this is a stunning bubba J is not the real Bubba J we've never showed the real bubba J it's like taking off Mickey Mouse head hoo This is Gary here Alright, I'm at the other thing. I should have put on him right? There's question number one The other one that I saw at the store that I thought it was laugh out loud. Funny was this but I have an idea that we should save this for some other time That's definitely an interesting choice yet I think it's great though but again I think it's for another time. Another place. Another special Maybe my greatest hits farewell tour of the aloha Tour like you said earlier right Yeah that this is very vacation Jimmy buffet like always a parent. Yeah. Absolutely He's a parent Yeah Okay. So I'm just gonna just a heck of it Let's take a picture of this cuz I love this Yeah. Hold on to his Green hat Okay make sure he didn't fall Take another photo Alright Kathy Matson says he needs a tank top in George basically Jean shorts Alright, there we go Yeah. This is definitely a deposit Okay on my not this special but the next special after that I I think we have to do this and would would you can I think what I would do is honestly is I would create a lower body so we actually has lower legs and given flipflops with a toe and a bandaid on it like you stepped on a pop up Oh I like it Yeah. You heard it here first guys. Yup And wait a minute. Oh and here's what I made form earlier I made him a beer cans so I gotta create a hand I gotta create a hands. He's actually holding a holding a beer can like that by Friday No Not by Friday not make Friday This is the next oh okay. It's gonna be resting it on his belly like that I think would be really funny Yeah Alright Well there's that look Alright moving on Oh Nikki Hoops is do not put a Hawaiian shirt on Texas. Bubba J no no we're not we're not putting Hawaiian shirt on for this special at I just wanted to show that because I thought it was really fun but yeah but it's it's a look So we'll do that some other time Maybe I do have a special in Florida here Oh yeah Be the perfect place or anyway Who knows Okay Myrtle Beach. You could South Carolina Alright Okay. So there's that Oh now we're onto that We're here. What we're talking about now is we're gonna be making well we've gotta choose you got two different blankets. That's true You've only got one applicant cut out at the moment Okay Where to go whether it is Okay So we have two shirt choices Let's show those real quick and again I don't know if this gonna fit I spot this Oh you know what you're gonna have I already had it picked out I mean come on This is the first time we've looked at this like this Give me a break Show us over here Yup Okay Here we go Right Right Yeah. Is that and there's that it come on You have to go the blue Yeah too I like yeah. I think they both Americans boots are Red if his boots are Red I'm afraid this Red will clap be classy Yep. That won't work Yeah it's it's too different No and that works great Look at that. I mean yeah. It's Red White and blue Yup Yeah out my only fear is his arms only this long Oh on the real one too So let's put the shirt. I wanna see what's gonna work Hm So I got a three T I think the other one I bought was the two teeth It would be too way too small Let's see it I hope oh couldn't wear one shirt under another and have Red like extra sleeves. Yeah but I think that this Red is still gonna fight that I think you almost need to get a different color Oh I'll put socks on his arms to make it look at extension of the shirt Somebody said blue all day long Oh sandy Stevens wants to Red shirt Oh look at this. I think it's gonna work Oh yeah. Little hot glue hot glue to keep it down Oh come on I like this sort of what is it? It's a baseball shirt is what I always knew it as but well that's not a baseball shirt. This is a short sleeve shirt This was the baseball right but what was the other name for the item? Some weird name raglan or something? Yeah. That's it Yeah Come on you guys. This is Greg. Hello Just a little sticky or hot glue right there having some sticking out and we got the pickup truck Oh is it too big Oh it might be too big. We're gonna have to put on Oh That's a little bit large It is it needs to be just it's gonna be it's overwhelming It's yeah So this was at 75 percent so I think I think you're gonna want it to be 60 blind that oh no no that's wrong We think no I think it's just a 75 year Take a step back and take a look I hold it I only know what they look like up close man That's what I'm saying that's why you need to step back but I think your inclination of that being two biggest is right now is it too much blue with the sleeves No what his pants is 00 I do see the same color blue Hmm Almost uniform It is it's a lot of blue Oh Emily Dedicarse says she is perfect and shall be child says that she loves it but look at all the blue. It's a lot of blue chance and oh hm How hard is it find like lighter blue pants like oh I'm not gonna mess with that we could but This is a tough call dude Okay Matt Do you wanna try the burgundy shirt just for changes color truck 00. You're worried about the truck. I'm truck too I think that this is the the issue The other problem too is you are holding up against No. No, I'm saying I'm saying if we changed it to the Red Red shirt How does it change the color of the truck Not at all right Yeah With my computer yeah I could do Sure A lot of people out from Jody Harris that matches too much. Bubba J is not a closed matching guy That's another good point Yup That's a good point. All right. Let's put the burgundy on this gonna be a little big. I have to pull this but that's not good news for Alright Comedians don't like me or my like are you kidding me It's been an hour dressing is doll on on Facebook live Yeah Alright man. I don't know. I don't hate this Oh no I don't either dude Right Alright so out there. What do you guys think of the burgundy but now is the Red two matching for the boots I don't I don't take a step back here. I don't think so man Oh yeah. I did. The truck is still too big Yeah But right color I don't I don't mind it What do you I think out there hm And then other boots that common. The only other thing we could do. We go back to the black boots That's not right You just they'll just go away. It just depends on whether you want that extra little splash of color, it is feed Yeah, ain't bad dude 00 Well, we kinda write those off but you're right. They're big but they're not bad and the tan will look really good with those those burgundy sleeves Couple of dudes just hanging out in the garage leather. All of that I thought han in the burgundy might be the wind and and if you like seriously, if you take it with a a nice yeah built buckle but that could be something Okay. This is a whole new We didn't anticipate this at all No Alright so let me so we need to downsize the truck Change the boots some Is much better than blue on blue reds don't need to match. This is Bubba J yeah. That's true but again I don't like this I like this I I agree I think there's tan boots are or directly They're little big I'm questioning whether even the the Panthers are gonna fit around them Oh and just somebody sitting Bubba J Decapitated just for those people that are joining us. Yeah Joining us We are dressing the stunt Bubba J that was made for 30 rock. I was on episode of 30 Rock and this is Baldwin punch What did he do? He didn't punch? He ripped. He ripped Bubba J head off Oh we remember head off. Yeah. Cuz I was picking on him in the club. That's right So we got mad at Bubba J and Kill Bubba J and so this is the rubber stunt head for Bubba J It's not the real Bubba J See watch Wow, it's like a football Alright. So My Uber is going cold Alright so I'm gonna put this up. These are huge cute So Matt, we're not gonna be able to stick his his leg out I mean it's apparently yeah Oh yeah. You're not gonna be able to tuck him on Well unless we have an emergency We have an emergency House shopping trip this afternoon right Yeah Okay man. Who's shopping Alright there's one There's a little bit of a delay between the Red and the Brown boots really Yeah Cuz I think a lot of people like we are a little bit smitten with the steer on That's right cuz it's Texas Yeah Somebody just said draw a longhorn on the tan boots Here's how to start a fight I'm gonna draw Baylor bear on here it goes Somebody said to Bubba J take out parking spot when he ripped set off That's great Alright so here we are and want a little bit of that to show right? Yeah. It's got to otherwise look at this shoe purpose. Yeah Yeah Okay You know my could just cut those boots down I could actually physically cut them and we can do that Do that with the pant leg cuz they're up to here now they're supposed to be that Oh yeah I think I don't think they look too By the way No, it didn't look like his feet are too large Both pant legs out. Make him look dressed up Okay. So yeah we have another vote for a belt buckle Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I gotta go find a belt buckle Okay I'm telling you I'm leaning towards this big time I love this right This is a good look. I mean it's it's a very not that he doesn't always look casual but this is a very good now Here's a question A little kid Cuz he's not a little kid Oh I don't think so sure I wonder if I could somehow just prop his hand up like this and have him holding a beer like that Yeah. Just a little oh my gosh. Beautiful is beautiful right in little Armature wearing his arm Okay folks. What do you think about that Our family is gonna be watching going. No I I mean it's pretty funny That's Bubba J talked about I think this is great but now okay, here's the other debate is now the hat Okay I'm going this direction right by the way I I'm. I'm thinking this is cool Yeah. I'm gonna see if I can get somebody to go find a sunless smaller boots like this right Yeah Yeah Man what might be on Facebook? Live real quick alright So hats here are choices Let's bring him over here Oh yeah. I think I already have an opinion Okay so here's the deal This right here was this is what he's been wearing for two years now because of special in Ireland all of all over the map No no, I mean relative disaster real disaster right So because went to Ireland, we got a Green hat. He's been wearing that ever since we found this gray one weather We got the blue one and we have the black one that was supposed to be kids size but it's not but I can make it work and it has a kind of a Green American flag on. It's pretty interesting Hold on Matt Try to read your mind Tragic I agree that that's I'm Maggie. That's out Okay So out of those 30 Yeah that's pretty great It just doesn't it It's good I thought that would be my favorite but it's not it doesn't it doesn't pop and it's a little big I can make it work but it's just a little bit Yup I think it pull is too much attention Yeah Yup It's stupid too Alright. Great and black or out So now it's down to blue and Green but I think Blue It's a bright blue You know we have to take all to the set just in case it doesn't look good on camera Oh it doesn't work It's too bright Yeah You right I don't know that we have had that works here We know that the Green works because like everybody says he doesn't match the Green is the best of the bunch. I think startled by Christmas a little bit I don't know if anybody make that comparison just cuz they those colors are bright or you're all muted Well I hope we don't go see if I have any other hats for Bubba J and then we'll get the belt buckle should we sign off for now and then come back we good cuz if you wanna if you wanna print another side, you know recolor this and print another one. It's gonna take a minute of smaller one. We're gonna find a different hat. We're gonna see go get belt buckle choices and see if we can get boots Chrissy trucks what has she goes if you go with the blue one? Can you distress it That's true Yeah. We could dirty. Go put some Greece like greasy hand prints on it like he's been touching the bill Yup That could be something bubba in the dirt and down Yeah Alright. So all of the above So again we're gonna print this smaller We're gonna go get all some hat and we're gonna get also the boots Okay. So I have to bring this up only because like literally like 30 comments in the last two seconds or there everybody's talking about a cowboy hat for Bubba It's tough it just it's not Bubba J Yeah. It's too. It's too days. he's a Red neck He's not a cowboy into me. There's a difference Yeah, he's he's more of a good old boy then he is a a farm boy I think yeah I think so it's just a baseball has always been his thing Cowboy hat and then he starts to look like a kid to me Oh that's a good point too. Yeah Little kid cuz this is this is a little kid outfit to me Well, here's the thing I think I think the moment this get smaller It will feel less kid like okay Alright so we think Matt Signoff and cuz otherwise we're gonna be dragging people around the House You can sit in the office for 30 minutes right Yeah. They print that thing like that It'll take me. Yeah. It'll take two minutes to change the color on that What are we changing Oh no no no. We're just resizing it every single. Oh that'll take five seconds. Yeah. Take that and then but we got to get boots Nowhere hats. Are we I do want around the House forever Okay You're just sign off and come back Yeah. It works for me, right Yeah. Yeah Stay tuned Stay tuned. This is gonna be fun and then we have to dress Walter Oh and we also need to go. Look at your belt buckles Yeah. That's right I get it from you. I can find Alright so folks join us again in the next. I don't know maybe in a couple hours hour Come back something like that

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