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You've got to hear about my young friend Sidney Keys III and how he's encouraging other kids to read. If Oprah Winfrey gave me a shoutout at 11 years...
Our next guest who brought to my attention by none other than The Flash chic in the country to me, this is my amazing wife. This is Marjorie. So I'm calling this Marjorie's fines. Okay. So Marjorie tell us about this story. Well, this is about an amazing little boy. He's tackling literacy in the African-American community One book at a time, and he's only 11 years old. Take a look at this. My name is Denise, The third and I am the CEO and founder of Books and Bros Young Sydney started a book and Bross book Club to encourage other young boys to love reading like he does well it all kind of began when my mom took me on a surprise visit to I see me bookstore the extraordinary moment. Sydney first read about characters who look like he did when viral after his mom posted it online inspiring a movement and I came up with the idea of a book club and I was like maybe we can name it, books and Bros in the bookstore owners. They let us use their space. The first time we hosted our first meet up when it first started off. Seven members and it grew and grew and I am in awe of Sydney. Hey guys. Thank you for coming to this meetup books and Bross is paving the way for change celebrating African-american children's books and showing that reading is fun. The biggest impact that I've seen Sydney have on the Ferguson community has been to show that something positive can come out of here, especially from a kid on bross, you dab, Okay, Books' and bross. It's like he was that spark and that just caused a ripple effect. The that we're gonna be reading this month is the watsons go to Birmingham. Sidney's mission is as clear as his message Co bross Read and Sydney The bross have a message for you too for joining the book club again like reading at all Now, I love it. What books are most help me with it help me. Read more. Fluently only used to read two books a year and now I I read two books a month. I wanna thanks Sydney for encouraging us to read and make me excited about writing my very first book. Thanks Sydney. You think he Sydney. Thank you. Sydney. You are. Well, everybody, please welcome Sydney Keys the third. So now, Sydney I hear you got something for me. What is it? The special thing that I have for you is actually a cool brose shirt and so this is the coro that you have. Yeah, and I didn't forget about you either miss Harvey. I got you a shirt as well since you're not a. I like them did you ever expect this whole thing to take off like you did. I never expected it to be this quickly like I am like had that much time to process that I'm actually here with you right now. Yeah, you know what I'm saying what I'm talking about. Well, tell us what you've learned from this well. What I've learned from this was when I was younger, I used to stutter a lot. but when I started a book and rows that helped me a lot about not stuttering. You know mister Harvey used to stutter I I used to study a severely man. Yeah. I couldn't talk outside my House and now he talks for a living. All the time all the time, yeah man well. Sydney. There's one more person that you've been inspired. Take a look right here. I've never been happier to do a videotape greeting. I wish I could be there to give you a hug. Sydney Keys first of all to be 11 years old and starting your own books and bross book Club High Five yourself high five yourself. I remember when I first started the book club on the Oprah Winfrey. And everybody told me it would never work because you couldn't get people to read and then millions of books sold later and an entire culture being able to change itself and be inspired by reading. I proved them wrong. Just like you are you're proving everybody wrong cuz you know a lot of people think the young black boys don't read but you obviously know differently and so you obviously know that it's a great way of connecting and learning and expanding you get to see the whole world through a book so. I just want you to know how proud I am of you. How I know what it means to be a young brother in school trying to convince other brothers to read and sisters too. I hope and just keep doing it because this I know for sure, Sydney Keys it's gonna pay off. After this show right here or you're gonna have way more than 50 people in this book, you're about to blow up. Hey. Listen Sidney. We got one more surprise for you. Amazon wants you to keep encouraging boys to sign up for books and Bros. That's why they're donating $11000 to sponsor 50 kids with a one -year Now, Sydney that's not all men each one of them, including you are gonna get a brand new Amazon Kindle eReader with a cover. You like to sponsor a child just head over to Steve TV dot com for more information. how about that right there? Man. Yeah, I wanna say thanks to Marjorie my flag for bringing this story to my attention. Hey folks give it up for the amazing Sydney Keys.

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