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Fam! I'm so excited... my wife Sonia Nhira joined my brother Jasper Nhira and I on our podcast to reveal the gender of Baby Nhira and to talk about what...
Hey, Hey, what's what's what's up? up up up everybody Welcome back to the the two two brothers brothers brothers and and and one one one one Dream. Dream. Dream Dream Dream podcast. podcast. podcast. My My My name name name is Jasper and and I'm I'm Bryan Bryan Bryan here here here and and and. and it's it's it's it's so so so so good good good good to. to to to be be be back with you guys. guys. Thank Thank you you so so much much much again again again for. for for for listening. listening listening listening and watching all of the the previous previous previous podcast. podcast podcast. just Just just just. a a a a reminder. reminder. reminder reminder if if. If If you've you've you've missed any episodes, episodes, you you can can go go to to Brian Brian Brian Neer Neer Neer dot dot dot dot com. com com com Forward Forward Forward forward slash slash. slash slash podcast and and you you can can catch catch catch all all all of of of of the the the the the. previous. previous previous previous episodes episodes guys guys today. today. we we have have a a very very special. special episode. Returning guest and Brian who's a returning guest, She needs no introduction. Sonya ladies and gentlemen, I wish I had like a sound like CJ. like yeah, That would be fun. Yeah guys. I mean the episode episode that that was song was pretty. on on the the the previous previous previous. episode episode that Sonia was was on on it it was was was awesome. awesome. awesome. You You You guys guys guys really really really loved loved loved loved. it. it. it. We We We got got got got so so so so much much much much. feedback and so we we wanna wanna make make sure sure sure and and and bring bring bring her her her her back back back. back before before before before this. this this this baby and baby baby Mura Mura is is born. born baby is. Due any day any day now, you guys are excited any day. I think we should do a special gender gender reveal at the end of this podcast. Yeah. gender people already know the gender No they don't you've said it so many times no most people don't know what it is. okay. It's fine. We can tell em. yeah. alright. so at the end of that so guys it'll be incentive for people to listen exactly how we can market it. I mean they they can they can they can can just just forward forward it it to to them, them, but But I I. mean I don't tell them that they. But guys listen to the entire episode. It's gonna be a great episode. Well anyways you guys already know we like to start off every episode with something a little special, something going on in pop culture and current events, and since today is a very special episode, we're gonna be discussing everything having to do with baby Nara and baby's arrival in a couple of days. So my question for this podcast is what. The greatest piece of parenting advice that you guys have ever seen on a TV show or in a movie. That's a good question. Very specific. I didn't read it right. Yes. it's so good. That's what what what was the best parenting advice? Best very great piece of parenting that you've ever seen in a movie or a TV show Ask concussion Sign it. You can go first mm hmm. Goodness I definitely didn't well. I did read it, but I was thinking more like what's the best parenting advice? I've got I got mine. Okay. I got it. okay. go ahead. Simba dad in the Lion King, Oh yeah when he was when he was telling him how about how all the land would be his. That was powerful. well. Hello. hell that was and then and then when he was, but he wasn't just talking to him about like talking about how to steward the land. Yes, How did it and the boundaries That was a good one That is excellent. excellent. Yeah, Yeah, one one of of the the movie movie so so much. much wow. That is so good, This is not in a movie or a TV show, but I keep thinking about those celebrities that like paid for their kids to go to College. That's terrible. I know I'm thinking of like that's not to do. Oh yeah, but the question is what's the best piece of parenting that you've ever seen. I'm just saying like what not to do. I feel like what's really sad is I don't feel like there's a ton of family oriented TV shows that are like Super popular, you know, do we have? Yes, what I was gonna say yeah. there are a lot. I mean, maybe not as many as I used to be. Yeah. So many like 77. Yeah cuz I was gonna say my mind was on family matters. It matters. What's the one with the the twins full House come on down That was great. That was great. It was so so many many awesome awesome awesome nuggets. nuggets. nuggets. nuggets. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. that that that the the the the principal. principal principal principal in there was it takes takes it it takes takes takes a a a village village village to to to to raise raise raise raise. kids. kids. kids. kids. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's That's very very true. true. Yeah. I Yeah. was gonna say. Family Matters just a Winslow saying that come up, yeah like and how they like the situations that they're in. It's cuz yeah, that's probably I don't know I don't think I can remember like a specific, but there's so many before I had a lot too. Yeah. Are we gonna answer like the best parenting advice you've ever received. If you want to to you you you later later later on? on? on? Okay, Okay, Okay, you you you you got got got got a a a a question. question. question. Okay. we'll go so so alright. alright. alright. So So So do do do you you you guys guys guys have have have have anything? anything anything anything else? else else? else? I I I I need. need need need anything anything anything more more. more specific. specific like a specific piece. Parenting I was the most specific. Yeah you you guys aren't you did the best? Yeah you did the best and I I read the question wrong. Well. I will say there was a there was an Adam Sandler movie where he was like. I don't know if you guys have seen the word, I think it was called quick or he could go like like he he can can hold hold on. on on that that point point point in in in time, time, time. Yeah Yeah Yeah and and and. and like like like the the the whole lesson behind behind that that one one was was like like like really really really really powerful, powerful. powerful. powerful. It it it It was was was was. just just just talking talking talking about about about like really really being being in in in the the the moment moment moment moment. that that that parenting parenting parenting advice. advice. advice. advice. Yeah because he was talking talking about about in in a a best best piece. piece of parenting. You've ever seen okay, so like he really like his when he came back, He really started like spending time with his kids. So yeah, just like realizing that Oh, that's good. That's a good one time goes by very quickly. Yup. Well guys. let us know what's the best piece of parenting advice that you've ever seen on a TV show or in a movie is in whatever comments that you're watching this on. Yeah let us know we'd love definitely like to you. so as we move on guys, the topic for today is basically here comes baby like I said baby is due at any moment. Yeah, we are actually. Filming live from baby nearest nursery. Yup. Yup. Yup. They're doing a great job. It looks great. It looks amazing so I have quite a few questions for you guys. Let's do it. so let's do it. Let's let's get the answers and this is what people wanna know. Alright so first of all Sonia. How how was the last you know eight nine months been for you in this in this whole pregnancy as a first-time mom? How is this been? what have you learned? What just just let us know? let us know well, I mean. I just tell people it's been a while experience because you know as a woman, you're told your whole life like you can bare children and so I'd like know that my body can do this but in the process, it's also miraculous. It's like I feel like I'm when Brian experiences something in my pregnancy. I feel like I'm experiencing it right with him like I don't know my body could do this either. Yeah. that's amazing. It's all. So miraculous, Yeah, yes, like everything like I can't. I can't force this thing to grow at all. I can't force anything at all is happening naturally and so it's humans humans. Yes. So I just think for me. It's just been such a surreal experience of just like miracles. Honestly of yeah, I was reading today. It was like you have like one in A million inception. It's like one in a million Chance. Wow. In every step of the way, it's like crazy statistics like that. So it's amazing. So yeah, I think it's been a beginning was a little rough cuz you're sick all the time. Yeah. That's true morning. sickness is a lie. It's all it's all day sickness. That's true. That is very true. It's literally the truth and then I feel like it got better and then it just got uncomfortable. So there's absent flows. Yeah, I agree. Yeah. Wow. So yeah amazing. It's an experience. Well. Brian How's it been for you. You're not carrying the baby but you are caring for the mother. Yeah, that was a last eight nine months been for you they've been. New just like saying they've been doing, it's just there's something new every day. you know that you're like what is feelings and you know you're as a man, you're experiencing it from the outside in so you're not experiencing the pain, but you know you're seeing your wife kinda constantly you know, sick and extent. Yeah for you know eight nine months, which is very new and it's tough. but you know the great thing about it is that you know that everything that's happening within her is good and everything. As you continue to progress along you go to doctor appointments and you know you know for us. We've been so blessed to have a very healthy pregnancy. We thank God for that, Yes and and and we've had good doctors who have helped us and so I've just been I've been grateful throughout the process that everything has gone well. You know it's been amazing seeing look at him. He's he's going right now. but you know just because we used to feel her belly like her belly wasn't me and we should be like is she really in there? I mean I don't know if he's actually in there every now and then like you she'd be like, Oh feel it and I'll be like I don't feel anything but now it's like you see her stomach go and you know that he is in there and it's it's just each month. It's just such a fun process. It really is a fun process so whenever whenever we pray or Brian sings, he'll start moving yes. so like one of the fun. Boxx that babies know your voice in the world. Yup, so they recognize your voice and voice recognition. And so when you talk to them, they'll actually like start moving and they they feel emotions. It's just really special. That's amazing. So whenever we play Bryan's songs like he always kicks me really hard. Yes. wow. Yep, that's powerful. So if you have any cuz I know it's like most women are like when they're pregnant from what I hear they have the cravings a lot of interest. Cravings have you had any donuts and but she always, but I've always love but it's like being on another level like I Dream. I actually Dream about eating donuts mm hmm and then ice like chewing ice, which is can like be a sign like you were iron deficient, but my doctor said. I'm fine. so I just really like ice. she does. It's very annoying. It's very annoying. Like the other night, when me Jasmine Brian were sitting on the couch, I was like thinking all I wanna do is to the ice in my Cup right, but I don't want to like make Jasper feel weird. so I just finally was like. I'm gonna chew a piece of advice. Just let everybody know that's funny cuz I've heard some very weird cravings like somebody I've heard a woman who crave like a pickle juice this juice pickle Actually I heard a lady who created this kinda interesting. She was she crave like dirt. Yeah. I'm serious' the thing. it's a thing. What no she can't see She actually. I don't believe that no it didn't so dirt like a laundry detergent. what you can't can't so. do laundry. so So So it's it's it's so so. so so people people people who like in third third world world countries countries where where where they're they're they're really. really really malnourished. malnourished. malnourished. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah they'll crave weird stuff stuff like like like wow. wow. wow. wow. So So So yeah yeah yeah. dang. that's that's crazy. crazy. It's It's It's like like like like. one one one of of of those those those those things. things things. things. That's that's That's why why why I I I had had had to to to tell tell. tell my my doctor doctor. I I was. was like Yeah and she said, I was fine. That's interesting. It's very interesting. It's different for every person question. Did you all take a parenting class in high school? I didn't no we didn't have any. yeah we were required to. I don't think they had home. Yeah, they really have momentum. That's That's That's. That's. interesting. interesting. interesting. well. well. well. Let me ask you this guys. how how how how each each of of you you you grown grown grown grown grown? in in in the the the last nine months months has has a a good good question question and and and specifically specifically specifically specifically I I I I would would. would would say say, say like like like. whatever. whenever each of you answer this question. how you grow individually and then also how you grow as a family as well. That's good. That's a very good question. for me, you know, I think that just the reality of of having a child coming into the world that just changes the way that you pursue things you know cuz up until up until this point and you know our lives. everything is kind of been for ourselves. Everything has been building for ourselves. You know to your for your family your theoretical. To extent, but with the reality that there's a little baby in here that's going to be you know, depending on us to an extent depending on us to raise him to ultimately grow and do great things in the world. Yeah it it just changes the way that you pursue things and changes the way that you go about your day for me. really that's amazing and and so for me it has it has been a growing experience. I feel like I've grown as a man grown husband being able to take care of Sonya and. I walk through this and so I would just say a crazy growth through this whole experience. That's amazing What about you? Sonia? Yeah, I think initially and I'm and I'm read and heard from a lot of people. This is a Super normal response, but initially I was really afraid like because you go through these questions of like am I ready like am I gonna be able to raise this baby and like well because like that's our goal, you know is my character good enough to be able to handle a child. Yeah, you know cuz like. A kid is such a big responsibility that's true, and so there was a really deep self analysis initially for me in the beginning and I'm as cliche as it sounds, but truly like I, it really grew my faith because I felt like God showed me all the ways that we were ready and that no parent is perfect. You're never gonna find a perfect parent, but I just felt like you know if Brian and I can be humble through the process. Yeah. Then we can navigate any situation that's right and that's right, so I think just like personal like growth and confidence in myself that like God's gonna help us raise this kid. Yeah cuz I mean parents kids sometimes yeah for real. It's like a really big responsibility so just having this thing that's so much bigger than myself and knowing that I don't have all the answers and I won't have all the answers that's good like facing that has made me challenge me to be a better person and just yeah go higher in my faith like okay. Lord. we're gonna need your. Through this, yes, absolutely one story that I heard from you know one of our good friends and someone I considered as well. he told me that you know his his first baby had been born. It was a little girl and for you know for at some point after the pregnancy, his wife left the hospital room and it was just him and the little baby girl and he said he was filled with so much fear in that moment in my. Just the reality that a little human being is his property for as long as you know, it's his responsibility and it's just the fear hit him so hard but he said that the Lord spoke to him in that moment and said you can't take care of this child and he said, the Lord said, but I can and so he said that he was filled with such relief in his heart in that moment that you know this child. Isn't though I will provide for this child, This child has a higher provider and the provider is the Lord and so for me that has helped me through this whole process. You know, trusting God for the little things like oh lord, we have enough money to be able to take care of the child while we have the a place for your child so many people there's so many practical things and do the whole process. I've just been able to trust and rely upon the Lord and the Lord has just made a way so beautifully through this whole process. Oh I. Another thing I used to be afraid of pain like I didn't handle pain well like if I had a headache or I had the flu like I had. I was gone like I was out. Brian can like dug it out he he can just keep going. I have to go home and I have to lay down this pregnancy has made me so much thicker skin. Yeah. It's like Oh, it doesn't matter that I feel nauseous all day long. you just have to get up and and you have to just do what you have to do and it's okay if you have pain in your hips or you know in your side, you just like keep going So physically and. Body like I've become a stronger person that's amazing. That's awesome. Thank you. that's those are all proud of you. Thank you. Yeah. Those are great responses and it's it's it's shown that you guys have been going especially with your first child. So yeah. everybody's really proud of you guys. Are you prepared for the baby? Thank you. Alright. So I got another question for Y'all and so I know that when anytime somebody's about to get married anytime somebody's about. When somebody's about to graduate from College from high school and especially when you're about to have a baby, everybody has a piece of advice for you. You got something to tell you and they think they know sometimes they don't know. sometimes they you know. it's really it's they're just trying to give you a piece of advice so the question is what has been the most actually let me ask you this question cuz it's it's a two -part question. what has been the best piece of advice? That you've been given as a first-time parents from anybody. I already said mine the story that I told that was the best piece of that's right, so that's that's I have ever seen. I wouldn't say this piece of advice cuz I've been thinking about it since reading that question actually it wasn't given to me during pregnancy. but I had a conversation with a mom at the time that I just really admired her parenting skills cuz I've always wanted to be a mom like that's I've daydreamed about lessons like. Teach my kids a lesson like I literally wanna teach like when I teach my kids about history. I wanna do a lesson and then take them there like I just I daydream about like ways to mother my kids and so I was talking to this mom about the way that she had raised her girls and she told me she said that one thing she had to learn was to not punish your kids when she was angry, so she would wait until the anger had subsided. Wow to implement the punishment that's good and. Literally because I have there's tempers in my family, you know like I was like, WoW like certain situations wouldn't have been what they would have been wow if parents would have just it's just in general if they would just wait for the emotions to calm down before they did they discipline the child and so I just I feel like that's really gonna help me in life is like not flying off the handle. It's just like you sit there and so I'm to Mommy's not. You gotta be funny and my friends told me that her mom went one time she literally had to sit there and her mom pays back and forth and she was, but she was not gonna lay your hands on the baby until she was like calmed down. Yeah. So that's like the best piece of advice. I've honestly ever seen. That's great advice. Yeah. That's really good advice. That's awesome. I'm gonna use that advice too. Yeah. So good. The second part of that question is what's the most interesting piece of advice that you've received from. And throughout the whole process well for me, okay, I'm not gonna say the most interesting. I'll say like I just get really annoyed when people are always harping on the negatives and the negatives. Oh, you're not gonna get sleep. you're you're not you're sleeping in your life. You're your life is over. you know I mean, yeah. I'm like okay. Obviously, whoever told you that or whoever you are you did it wrong. I don't know cuz I just maybe I'm just too optimistic but I. Really believe that you know, first of all the Bible talks about children being like one of the highest gifts that God gives it talks about children being like the greatest treasure that God can give so if obviously, it's not gonna be easy right But you know for me you know and for Sonia, I just I hope that we always have an optimistic view even in the nights that we're up even in the night that we're here in the nursery trying nurse him back to sleep. You know whatever I'm. Just pray that we always find joy in that process that somehow someway that through the hardship to the difficulties and obviously, and I am a very optimistic person you guys, you guys know me and so it always just it always hurts me when people wanna harp on the negative aspects of parenting and on the negative aspects of having a child specifically a baby and so so I don't have anything. Interesting that anybody said to me, I just have I just get annoyed when people are negative and I understand that I actually will piggyback on that because it's Amy in all advice that is given to us. That's derived out of a negative expectation. Yes, So it's like you're you should expect this negative thing and this is what you should do when that negative thing comes yeah and being during my pregnancy, I can't tell you how many ladies yeah came up. And gave me the most like terrible advice because they were basically saying that I was gonna experience all these negative things throughout my pregnancy and I remember I would have like I've had probably like 20 ladies talk about the size of my belly. Yeah and it would scare me. Yeah and Brian one day he was like you've got to stop listening to these ladies and they're like. Oh you're so small. your tummy is is so so small. small. It's It's a a pretty pretty okay. okay baby. It's okay you need to go to. But we're like just went to the doctor and the doctor is telling us that the baby is like the most healthy babies ever seen in his life and and and you have these people who are coming and and and and just it's essentially they're rejecting upon you. They're bad experiences and I don't think that I'm look at the camera and say this if you are one of those people who are doing that, Please stop, please stop and and. And if you do have advice to help somebody look out for something be very careful, how you wear it and be very careful how you how you talk to people about it because the thing is this whenever you whenever you plant that seed in somebody it takes root in their heart. Yeah, it takes root in their heart and then it'll bear bad fruit it if anything negative will bear bad fruit and so we had to do a little bit of uprooting in her heart. So. You know that Babe you just went to the doctor last week and the doctor was like number one. your weight gain is perfect. Your levels are perfect everything that I've tested is perfect. This baby is so healthy. Get out of here. I don't need to see you for another month. Yeah, our doctor actually told cuz I can find it in my doctor cuz I was like I'm really I'm actually kind of afraid like is everything okay. Yeah. and he said you need to understand ladies are gonna give you so many opinions. He said in my opinion is the only one that that he literally said that and that was helpful. so yeah. That's a really great question. That was a great question, not hit a nerve. Oh you hit a nerve I rented my rant is now over exactly it is now over and obviously there's no hard feelings towards anybody, but I'm just saying be careful with what you say. yeah. Alright guys. As we move on those are great. Those are actually incredible answers to all these questions questions so so far far and and and now now now I I I wanna wanna wanna wanna clarify. clarify clarify clarify one one one thing thing thing. real real quick. quick I. I am not under valuing the fact that this process is probably going to be one of the hardest processes. We go through. I'll talk about the process of parenting. Yeah, but why would you why would you go into it with the negative mindset? You know what does that help or anybody that expecting negative right because I I'm a I am a believer in the power of your thoughts in the power of your words and so it's. Important that you set yourself up for success, even with the word that you're saying like we feel we have filled out this pregnancy We have filled fill this baby's ears with blessings and with words of positivity and with words of affirmation and we believe that he's gonna come out and be such a happy baby. He just revealed this week. yeah. Say thanks for listening up to this point, Yeah, I told you he's done this. a lot of it's so good. It's okay. It'll be it'll be a good marketing piece for what is this? What's your mom say all the time about words there's life and death in the power of the tongue. She always says that's why our powerful. that's she always says that this podcast is gonna get a lot of views. I have a feeling. And so words' are powerful and you know our brain said to me once he was like, okay. So what if we don't get a lot of sleep well, Why can't we just have joy and peace through that? Why does it have to be such a terrible negative thing? and I thought you know that's so true. It's like well, easy and hard things will come, but it doesn't have to be bad. It could all be good. Yes. so that's good. Yeah. that's powerful. so I wanna piggy back off of all of the questions that I've asked so far. Okay. So my question for you both of you starting with. Is basically what is something that each of your parents did while they were parenting you that you will definitely implement with baby. Oh, that's a good question. That's a great question. Sonya, My mom was an absolute champion and the older that I get the older I get the more just and I am of her because she raised four kids like on her own and so literally I it's like sometimes it's hard to me and my husband like I don't know how she worked all the job that she did and took care of us and took us to all of the things and provided for us. Just I'm just an amazement of just her work ethic and her perseverance, but I just remember my mom did so many thoughtful things for us kids like so many thoughtful things like she would help us. you know, plant flowers like we would learn how to plant flowers she would teach us. you know different recipes. I don't know she just was such a thoughtful mom and she included. And she was really involved in everything like she like led the PTO and elementary school like helped raise $20000 for the school. Wow. It's like get new technology. Wow. actually, I think it was like the handheld. What do you mean? I can't remember if they were like tablets, they were tablets, but they were like the sidekicks or something. I don't know. Oh, yeah. I know she don't know, but it's crazy to think that that that was was like like the the the edge edge edge technology. technology. technology. technology. Yeah hand pilots are. Pilots' Apis mileage That's That's 00 my That's it it it it. that's that's that's that's cool. cool. cool. cool. so So So yeah yeah they like a a bunch bunch of of pilots pilots pilots for for for all. all all all the the the kids kids kids to to to learn learn learn learn. technology. Yeah Yeah so so I I just just I I I just just just. just admired. admired admired admired her her her ability to do do so so much. much much with with what what was was. was was in in in her her her hands and and and I I I don't. don't don't know know know I I I just just just would would would would like. like like like to to to love my children children with with all all that that that I I I have have have that's that's that's that's in in in in my my my my hand. hand. hand. hand. hand. That's that's that's that's good. good. good. good. That's that's That's powerful. powerful. powerful. That's That's good. good. Yeah. That's awesome. For me, I you know our parents did a fantastic job of just allowing us to become who God has called us to be I feel like they there was never a point in our lives where they forced us into anything where they're like projected besides singing in church and we all had to do that and traveling in me even just had to say yes it did and traveling and traveling in Ministry, but other than that there was nothing that they. Rejected upon us, they never projected like College where you go where you go to College upon us, They never projected like you have to play the sport. You have to do this this and that They always really, I think they did a masterful job of stewarding our gifts and helping us allowing us to grow into our gifts and grow into who God has called us to be. And but then they also demonstrated what it looked like to follow their dreams. I. my parents are such passionate people, they're passionate about what God has called them to do and that really rubbed off on us. I would say it really allowed us to open up the door and gave us the opportunity to think outside the box and and realize that you know a nine to five job didn't have to be your only goal in mind. you know this certain career path this certain amount of money. Wasn't our aim wasn't our goal in life and I'm just I'm just going to value that and and and with our child, I just pray that the Lord allows us to do the same thing to not project our preferences upon him, you know, obviously we raise him up in the admonition of of of God and like certain standards standards living vicariously. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We don't we don't wanna live by curiously through our son and you know I can I'm a. Competitive person and so I can see myself, I could see myself like tendencies that would want to push towards success rather than in a certain way and in a certain way rather than set him up for success to be successful right and there's a difference. There's a huge difference between like trying to push your kids to success because that's what it looks like in your eyes or giving them the tools and not only that Modeling what it looks like modeling what it looks like being able to live my life in such a way like my parents like our parents have in such a way that it's an example to our child that I can follow my dreams. I can chase my dreams. I can have all the successes that I love. I always tells me. he always says my parents always told me like I could fulfill my dreams like the dreams are in my heart that they like that was always the tone and what was verbalize is you can have the Dream. In your heart and so Dream big and I think that's so powerful. That's that's so powerful. Jasper. What would you say? what would you say aspect of parenting that year? Yeah. Well, I mean, I don't know. I'm not married. I'm not married. I don't have any kids, but I can you know just based off of like what I would want to emulate from my parents with my kids is kind of like what Brian was saying, just like leading, by example, it's so important to lead by example, because the thing is at the end of the day, your kid is Going to learn more about what you do, because the kids are gonna be around. That's right. That's right at least 18 years, so you can say whatever you wanna say Yeah. But if you don't live it then the kid is it's gonna be contradictory in their mind and they'll learn more from what you've done. That's all for me. It's more of just modeling what you what you basically living what you say that's good And just being a good person like they've said, allowing your kid to grow up in an environment where they can thrive where they're not afraid I. You're gonna discipline the child, but discipline a child responsibly that's right and just be there cuz I think at the end of the day, it's more about being there for the kid and it's it's always amazing to me, just like how talented as human beings. We are. Yeah, so like allowing the space for your your child to discover who they are and discover what their talents are and then supporting them in that and then putting them in the best position to succeed in life. Yeah, it's so good one of the things that I've and I've shared this with Brian so many times. Well, the reason why fear was one of the things I dealt with the beginning of pregnancy is I didn't really see a functional home dynamic model and so it was like how do I how do I model that for my child? when I have not seen that and God is encouraged me so much because Brian has been raising an incredible family now, nobody no family is perfect, but I mean, honestly you guys is family is pretty unreal like I've told Brian So many times like do you understand that. This isn't normal look at that piece is such a standard in their home Like I'd I never experienced that as a kid like this is the standard not chaos, peace. Yeah and like his parents are just such peaceful people. Yeah and very consistent. I mean his mom's name is conscience like. Yeah. Yeah. they're people they are and I think that that aspect of modeling is really important. Yeah exactly that's. Yeah, you guys have already have a good start. You know all this all the stuff that you've done for baby new-york so far you know talking to him and letting him listen to great music things of that nature and all that stuff is just leading up to a great kid. Alright guys. so I wanna hit this is gonna be a little bit more fun and not as serious. so I wanna what is something that you have seen another parent do it can be in real life or on a television show. In a movie that you're like, I'm definitely not doing that and guys. listen. Listen. we're we're focusing this podcast on them, but I'm gonna start this one. Alright, so I'm on several occasions at the store and at the airport. Alright. listen, I've I've seen a parent with their child a toddler and they had a leash. I shouldn't have done this cuz I've been that was mine that was mine. That's it and the reason I brought this question of this is when I saw that I was like never I was like talking to the question like Oh, I'm gonna I'm I'm telling telling them them that that that was was was mine. mine. mine cuz cuz cuz at the end, it's okay. okay. your your child child is is not not not in in. in there. there. It's It's It's not not the child is not, but here's here's the the thing thing I've I've I've seen seen seen some some some kids kids kids that that that are are are are. so so so out out out of of of control. control. control. Yeah. that's that's the the right right thing thing to to to do. do. do. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah because because because you're you're you're gonna gonna gonna lose lose. lose a a kid. kid in general. I would say absolutely never so what about you guys? What have you seen that you're like and you get obviously if you don't have another one. Yeah. Yeah. I have one go ahead so okay. This is like such a pet peeve and I feel like parents have to be careful cuz like you before you become a parent. You're like I'll never do that again. I'm gonna be really careful not to make that ungodly vow Yeah, but with God's grace, I really don't want my kids to be addicted to technology. Yes the way that's a that's like a little little. Kids and it's like their parents just like shove technology in their face. Yeah, just to like distract them. Yeah, That is really it's hard. It's really hard and I was talking to Bryan about it. We've talked about it so many times, but it's the reality is it's like okay if we if we if our expectation is for our kids, not to be on technology, then we ourselves can't model that we're constantly in our phone. It's hard. it's hard and so. That's something I really just I just pray for God's wisdom on And for help that I mean just go play in the dirt like we played in the dirt and we were fine and we learned a lot and then didn't you say that that fact, yeah the other day about. Yeah, I was listening to I was listening to a podcast on initiating boys and just helping boys go into men and like it's not it doesn't just happen. It has to be you have a boy has to be guided into manhood and they were talking about. Most lessons for boys are learned in nature. Well, I learned that was like 9090 like 96 percent of lessons that boys learn that they need to learn you need to learn is learned in nature, but we're spending on 96 percent of our time inside. Yeah inside. and so, yeah, it's really it's it's really it's really important. You know that that we do our best to not have them be dependent upon. Cuz I have seen kids, I've literally seen kids who have problems focusing Oh, there's there's studies that and even myself, I know I like tendencies in myself that I notice that I'm like I need to. I need to step back until like Sonia said. You know, I just pray for the grace of God to be able to to be able to steward our steward our son's attention. Yeah well and I have one more when kids are older. Well, I mean it could be any time. It's like when parents try to be your kid's friend like friendship is more. And like parenting, I just can't it's like so it's like you have to establish the rules like some parents are more concerned about the kid liking them more than you know, disciplining the child. Yeah. And so I just have seen a lot of spoiled kids. Yeah, I just really want to avoid doing that. Yeah. What about you right now? Well? honestly, I think it's very what comes to mind is like a very serious 11 time I was working at the YMCA camp. Yeah and. There was this one kid who was shockingly bad, like shocking Like behavior, Whoa. He was bad. I was scared of it. I was like he don't put him in my group. Please do not let you know. I was scared that you fight me and he was tough and he was a little bit was tough and he had a little brother who was Meaner than him. Oh man he would terrorize them for years old he would they were and. Like this is a lower income camp for kids with lower incomes, but these kids were so bad. I was like how did they become so that he would get home from camp and just be like dad like oh, that was one of the worst summers of my life. That was the worst and they lied about how much they were gonna pay us but but so but one day I have to for some reason I had to walk back to. I had to leave my group and walk back to the office and I saw this little kid. Dropped off by his dad and his dad was verbally abusing him. His dad was verbally shaming him, putting him down like very mean things saying very mean things very aggressively to this to this little kid. And in that moment, my heart just broke for that broke for the little kid because I was like that little kid is literally only emulating what he seen his dad do to him. Yeah. he's doing it cuz I was shockingly bad. I'm telling you we couldn't control this little kid. I think they ultimately had to kick him out at one point because he was. Beating up these little kids and his little brother was beating up these little. I mean it was bad, but what that one day I showed up, I showed up and it was like it was crazy that I felt like God allowed me to see that moment. God allowed me because my heart began to break for kids who are in environments like that where their parents are abusing them, verbally physically and not like it was a marking moment for me for real for real to be able to be able to. That and experience that and and and I had a greater compassion because I I honestly, I dislike that little kid, I dislike them borderline like and I'm gonna say the H word, but but from that moment on, I had a greater like there was a compassion, a compelling compassion that I have for this little kid and and and just like I wanted to be around him more to like put my arms around him more until you know hopefully meant. And and show him a better and show him a better way from that moment on he was only there for a couple more days cuz he did ultimately get kicked out of the camp cuz we just I could not control him but that's the one thing. It's like. I just pray that God allows me to guard my mouth and guard my actions because I know that my actions more than anything I say will form form our child. Yeah. And so, yeah, that's my that's powerful. That's incredibly powerful. Well guys. This has been incredible. so I mean we're anticipating the birth of baby any day. now you see them. Yup. I got a rapid fire question cuz we're almost at the conclusion of this podcast. So the next question I have is so what are you looking for to most from the rival baby New-york Sonia looking forward to most? Oh my. Gosh probably all the lessons that I get to teach my little boy. I I it's just I don't know my brain is just wired of really strange way by the grace of God, but I think about all these different things that we can do as object lessons to teach him principles to teach him lessons. and so I'm just so excited to see you know when he's older. How you or as I mean, literally the second he comes out he's learning, but yeah, just the opportunity to be able to teach him and to raise him up the way that he should go. That's awesome. That's bad. That's powerful. Yeah about you I'm just really I'm just excited to hold him. I'm just excited to like be chilling on the couch just hanging out. you know just having Brian was like, I'm probably gonna hold him more than you. I was like, okay. He's like I think I will. I really think that I want to. I got I want to hold. Yeah. Brian has a really sweet. I love her For Kids. I do love babies a lot. it's when they get older and they make him tired. That's when you have to push through, but when they just sit there and he can rock him. He's good. Absolutely. So that's the one thing off the top of my head that I'm just. I can't wait for it. exactly that's powerful and guys will follow up with Brian just said in a couple of months. so how much you so we'll see you. Yeah. But anyways and you know one thing I did wanna know just is basically like you guys have been so blessed by friends and family members. But what is one piece of anything that you've been gifted for the vapor? Are you are you most looking forward to sharing with baby great question. That's a good question. Well, I bought it for myself. I bought a baby carrier. Oh my God I did I did it was like arguments, but people will give it people gave us money to buy so they can tell people who have supported us in here have a great. Probably our stroller, Oh, yeah. I'm so excited. we're gonna be mommy and daddy gave that mommy and daddy gave us the funds for that. so many of you are part of the music our music family that we've built here at Brier music and a lot of you are very invested, Sonia and Bryan's journey and you know a lot of these so many people have actually wanted to know if they're if they have a registry, that's not something that they typically would publish. but I've. Like it's something that we needed to make available to the Fam who wanted to have that information. So what I'll do is I'll provide a link to the registry in the comments comment section each of the platforms that we release this podcast on and you know if that's something that God put on your heart to do they they will be very grateful for that. but we're just so grateful for your just watching the journey supporting this journey as a viewer as a part of what we're doing spreading the message of hope around the. We're just so grateful for that, but anyways as we close out this this podcast I want to thank you all again for watching and Brianna Sonya Thank you for letting us dedicate this podcast to baby Nra and we will be arriving anytime you time and you guys already know it's gonna be a bunch of content around baby new-york but We just wanna thank you again for tuning in to the two brothers One Dream podcast. We're excited to get a bunch of the episodes for you. We have another one lined up in a couple of weeks and a lot more coming to you for the second half of the year. so thank you so much Y'all have a wonderful day. Thank you for listening to today's episode of the two brothers one Dream pockets before we let you go. We'd love for you to leave us a comment with any thoughts you have about today's episode Also make sure to subscribe and follow us on social media to stay up to date with future episodes Until next time. Keep the Dream alive.

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