This Country: Roses Are Red

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Roses are red, This Country is great
We liked this joke so much we made eight
Roses are red, You look like your daughter. I've got enemies on the water. you look so cute. I'd like to go on a date, but just so you know I don't smoke my vape, you're as strong as a lion, but as quiet as a mouse, some blind man with a dog walked into a bin outside my house. I like your no top. That's a nice ensemble. I'm keeping those up my business yet knows Y'all cock roses are red. You look like my mom. How do you not remember? Robert Fucking Robinson roses are red. Violets are in bloom. This is really boring. You make me laugh. I feel, but I've just got to ask. He's flattering roses are red. I like about you. you have. there's nothing left that hasn't been plumbed.

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