Cocky Ex-Convict Challenges Former Pro Boxer 😳

SPORTbible • 5 months ago   3.7K     732
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This cocky, self-proclaimed street fighter was in for a shock when he challenged an ex pro-boxer... 😳

Paul Pablo Jones
Paul Pablo Jones5 months ago

Only street fighting he's done was on his PC !!!!!

Gurung Shaud
Gurung Shaud5 months ago

That was a lot of humble pies served on his plate. Coach made that guy Mr.Humble.

Tracey White
Tracey White5 months ago

Never be cocky to a boxing coach hopefully lesson learned.

Qais Sayeed
Qais Sayeed5 months ago

I am happy the coach taught him a big lesson. Problem is that in every country we have far too many macho men who think they are big men and they own everything. Truth is they are nothing but s h i t. Be kind and humble and show respect. It will get you far in life rather then being rude and stupid and a wannabe tough guy.

Luke Vella
Luke Vella5 months ago

Didnt even put the gloves on the right hands

David Boyle
David Boyle5 months ago

If that was Jake Paul he would’ve been given the win

Eric Edsinger
Eric Edsinger5 months ago

What every Jake Paul fight would have looked like if they weren't staged money grabs

James Mcintyre
James Mcintyre5 months ago

Street fighter lol,musta meant the video game

Moshe Benavee New
Moshe Benavee New5 months ago

Looks staged to me. Not the skill vs no skill part, but the whole situation

Richard Spink
Richard Spink5 months ago

He had a big mouth and got taught a life lesson.