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I'm not going to lie. It's lonely around here, it's sad. Last night, my dick said it wanted to start seeing other hands.

Posted 2 years ago

Jim Stearns 2 years ago

Wow. you let Crenshaw wipe you all over the floor. Not a word about how the so-called president is running the operation on the pandemic in real time, which is disastrous. You let him off the hook on the blame game because he’s just pointing out hypocrisy?Not a counter argument on the voter suppression charge by the Republicans. There is countless empirical data and evidence that show that they’re doing voter suppression all over many states. And not a peep of a defense from you

Debbie Schmidt 2 years ago

I loved Bill’s comments at the end, like I always do.
The drama on the news is too much!
I love that he is trying so hard to get through this
He is beaten down like most of us and he admits it.
He and Crenshaw were just fine.
This shutdown has to end!

Mike Futo 2 years ago

You need to focus on being inspirational and what are good things in life and good things about the world. Without the audience there is a notable sadness. Tragedy makes good comedy but it's clear you are a social drinker. Even with all your intelligence, wit and influence, the world continues to get nuttier. I need to also change and look at the good for now.

Eric Severino 2 years ago

I have never seen so many of your commenters in need of Aikido training. Come to think of it, I have never seen so many people on this planet in need of Aikido training? You react to everything and respond to nothing? Stop complaining. Find solutions.

Elaine Karton 2 years ago

You really messed up this week. Thanks for getting Trump reelected. Go smoke some more weed. Ps. You also were totally unprepared for your interview with the Congressman. Embarrassing and infuriating.

Howard Kadison 2 years ago

Bill you Need to prepare a little better for your show. Crenshaw wrecked you.

Stephanie Ann 2 years ago

My only question is whether or not Andrew Sullivan is ok? He seems like he is really struggling with isolation. After that interview I realized how serious this isolation has been for some people; particularly those sheltering alone.

Andy Anton 2 years ago

Kind of owned tonight by Texas Von Stauffenberg, way to allow the Faux News talking points regarding the Trump Virus. Fucking Tool!

Phil Love 2 years ago

Love the show,but please drop the laugh track. It really needs to be eliminated for all TV shows. It's not needed whatsoever

Joyce Tilli 2 years ago

Didn’t like how he let Crenshaw run all over him. But was very impressed with the tree climbing. He is 64.