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Ford v Ferrari
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Watch the new trailer for #FORDvFERRARI starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale. In theaters November 15.
How long we known each other Jen I ever break a promise to you I will put you in the driver's seat at Lamar You just shut your mouth and let me do my thing Alright Morning, Shelby Warren, Molly Go to hell Valerie wins the 20 - four hours of the month for the fifth Mister Ford Curry has a message for you sir What did he say He said Ford makes little cars only factories and God you faster Barry Ferrari at Laman So the great Shelby is gonna build a car to beat Ferrari with a four correct and how long did you tell them you needed two or 300 years 90 days for hate guys like us because we different We heard he's difficult Kim No kids are puppy dogs So there's a problem. The computer will find it Get some scotch tape and a ball roll What are they doing Making your car faster 10 miles It's not foreman We're on the verge of something and now you tell me that I can have the best man in the world behind the wheels Give me one reason why I don't fire everyone's starting with you Well sir The lighter were faster that don't work. We're nastier Go ahead girl Go to war High-risk I thought the whole point was to win the damn race This pageant we just lost Looks aren't everything

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