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Chris Buck - Building The Blues - Modern Blues Concepts...
Um let's take a look at the medical um it's, marginally easier, emotionally harder is depending on which way you look at it. So it's definitely worth paying a little more attention to See what my first get across the covering you'll be in your strength when you think that handles route same applies. If we can get that third finger over to the extreme as well. All more power to it don't worry account. Another cool thing about mine of course, he can be a little bit more happy and they're like asking what you're doing because pretty much every no, you hips, if you're familiar with the name on the panasonic shaped or just generally amount of shape Pretty much everything works it's just the case of exploring what works for you. One. The same time, just move them down. So try, incorporate that in the court Russian Yeah, I just finished putting together with the beauty of a couple of ideas that I get asked a lot of questions about um put on facebook recently, just seeing boy was that people wanted to see me break down and the couple of color themes coming through. So I've been looking at alot it's playing with your fingers over the black trim and how you kinda go on instagram too um so long structure in the big one will pick up on you know how to kind of way we go about building solos and kind of interesting and dynamic way be taking a look at what notes you really wanna be hit in there solos then and how you can work out the cords you've kinda plane over I'm um when I guess you know really frequently is that all kind of hendrix thing you know get you come over kind of using that's the kind of stuff and then figure it's more interesting. Harmony over and then again, another big one is um trying to come back from the top layer. More vote um yes, if there's anything that kind of people have attached to me in the past couple of months is um kind of focus lie plan is making the silence um yeah, let's vocalist possible. I guess um yes beam can be a great day yeah really helpful Um of interest of people I think it's in some ways smoking sexual breaks. This you know, kind of explanations of certain techniques, piping for the most part it's breaking that full process behind lot of things and you know kind of uh with the solar structure and you know really kind of thinking about where it started and where you wanna finish and the staff that can comes in between and as much as I can tell you, which notes to play and try to break down some of the rationale and you know why I play why do I guess um and why you know great players sound the way they do and How to think a little bit more so. Um yeah you know there's some kind of technical stuff, but I think the most part it's gonna be just trying to get some of the whole process. Is explained so I think from is for any type of players from gonna be from all kind of intermediate level. This couple of techniques which you know really kind of um revolves around. You know in the basics, but again this hopefully something to be taken away for um, for anyone. I mean the whole kind of said the whole conceptual stuff. You don't really have to be all the any level to take away from that. I guess it's an idea that can penetrate on any level, whether you're Whether you consider yourself an experts yeah, this stuff to be had and hopefully for any family. You know play so we are interested in seeing receive so that

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