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“It has been fifteen years since I last walked into a church and meant it.”

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It has been 15 years since I last walked into a church and meant it sat beneath the gaze of Stone Saints and prayed for anything other than a new pair of basketball sneakers. but I am here now on my father's birthday huddled in the last few with one leg toward the corner like someone might catch me rattle an icy finger in my direction and remember my name from another life. I I the the trader trader trader I I I I the the the the walk walk walk walk away, away, away, away. but but. but where where else else to. to take. All these questions of fathers sons ghosts that have haunted the holy from both of you, he ate States away speeding to and from his own trial with a whiskey glass muzzled in his lap and a family shrinking in the rear view and I hear on a cold day in December driftwood in this state Red sacred stale cave wishing I was still in the bed of the man I woke in and courageous enough to tell my father his name. And this the Great American Dad story this everyone aches to become their father until they grow up and become them story until it is we who are hunched over toilet seats, vomit drape from the mouth like a silk scarf. We who keep silent about the stories we know will save our ticking lives very secrets like animal bones until they gallop us whole week who build and set a blaze. Our own homes. string together lies like bed sheets from which to repel the. Less this unravel into another poem where author pleads genetics, please damn it if it weren't for this booze and all this silence because after all, I am here yes, stealing a moment to hold him up scared to admit that I might still believe in miracles the raising of our dad the turning of water into you get it that I need to believe he can jump back into the saddle so stay with us A while. Happy birthday dad please get well. Please do not stop moving his name is Sean He would love to meet you. We talk about you all the time.

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