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You want to go down down down the expected turn in general Now you see the streets that we need the services of your team and yet there was it comes to our services How much is it cost us and how From protecting Sorry I was taking advantage of what we are sticking out Okay. I'm a let probably Cannot renew your final What the way forward if I think something needs to be done Let it be money or be fired Let it be dropped Yes because I mean they're just making reason they're not doing anything I earned just a personal. I don't actually believe in this whole no sense of order because we have had a number of audits before parameters mud recommendations but nothing has been done maybe next Your voice down there in what was he got Okay I'm saying what is happening down that side? What is happening down except for the are you eating fish? Are you what is happening Guys, if you're watching keep those comments coming by the way I love it. I love it. How you guys are keeping you engaged on two this guy is like next. Samuel be talking underwater if I could I would you say I can see this sort of from here and other things are not isn't what the guys need to learn how to swim I do get embarrassed like how Abraham is Abraham you get as you showed me man I like guys this is King Fisher Fisher is one of the biggest of our religious in Africa by the way for do you know I am here at trailing having a good time all the Addison ginger all the celebrities Superstars in Ginger at Kingfisher today we are having a good time and we have been enjoying. We're having fun the meals yet. Kingfisher his man extra ordinary The rooms man attend of guys. I almost over slept yet I almost overslept because of this bits of Kingfisher America I slept like this waking up what seven I usually wake up at five otherwise a lot of artists are already here and of course I'll be talking to some of them later on but well I want to encourage you guys that are coming for Papa party yet to come to Kingfisher Kingfisher is the best place to be for real like Hey, yo I'm happy to see you bro Happy to see my body like people on TV is yes actually what's good? What's amusing man today is Purple party Yeah. As we talk about Purple party of Music. I'm I'm gonna be moving around. Yeah to show people how King Fisher easy fast from of from the bar right here Okay So so we're still talking you to we are celebrating your gun and music How is music in ginger different from the one of the entire country Come here Actually come come come come we keep walking It's okay since I'm a bun of ginger My Grand is wearing ginger undies in ginger Hold this hold this holding my cuz I it's okay the music in Virginia is going on well only that the problem you're having the problem of the language You know our times Some people complain that when they do lose so God their music is not a race played on other decisions mostly in Kampala That is the video okay there are some videos that a quality of course there are some other not quality hmm so your videos quality ah of good quality that we can claim on national television and do not this organizes reports is because we therefore the fuck is a poor quality videos this organize our eyes does the fuck hmm it looks like an mp phone tv ah the kind of ah the kind of ah props using you don't this organized so what you say me Little under before I before I tell you about the videos that I do I love to appreciate M because I haven't played my music They play my music and I'm so good from Nissan naveen diwan जी ever took india's ties we are you know would give one of cooking future over game or twenty today i have cooking future ah into your life i have tried to do cool keep me if you do quality in not only i know you can't say they were you want women you know days or i mean you about where you get ready so today today i have over today Fisher

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