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An economy ticket for a five-hour train journey costs just £1 in India, but conditions are cramped to say the least…
So if you you feel feel a a lot lot more more about about it, it, it, yes yes yes cuz cuz cuz. the the the shot shot shot shot of. of of of the the the trains here, they're they're literally literally hanging hanging hanging out out out up the the the. the side side side of of of them them them on on on top top top top of of of. of the the the train. You know, I think this this is is our our first first class class class isn't isn't isn't it it it must must must must be be. be be It it It It all All All All Stars Stars Stars starts. become clear, though though when when Adam Adam and and and Scott Scott Scott head head head off off off off to to to. to explore explore explore the the the rest rest rest rest of of of of the the. the the train. train, train train the the the tickets tickets for for for our our our private. private private private. cabin cabin cabin a a a 20 20 20 pound pound pound. each. each. We're here in the cheaper encourages it around a pound for the entire five hour journey. For that price, Crump conditions can be the norm. It's a real eye opener. The are even having to step over all the passengers on the floor. I can't help being shot by what they've seen. We are so lucky in there, We got people all over. over the the crusing crusing crusing bunk bunk bunk beds beds beds kids families families with with kids kids kids as as as well. well. well. little little little little kids kids kids kids everywhere. I mean, honestly, honestly, I've I've I've never never never seen seen seen anything anything anything like like like like it it. it. it. I. I I I thought thought thought like everyone was driving driving like like this this this with with with this this this this really really. really really is is is First First first first class. Class class. Class III III with with his his first first class class and and the the economy. economy. We do not know how lucky we are and never take anything never take it for granted.

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