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React Physical Therapy
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React Physical Therapy in Wilmette gets creative with their treatment. Check out their favorite exercises here and on @kaitliniversendpt.react

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Cook Hip Lifts 🍑
Named after Gray Cook - the Cook hip lifts are the precursor to glute strength. It is the beginners exercise for specific activation of the gluteus muscles while preventing other compensatory movements to take place (ie. lower back extension)
1️⃣Lie on your back in a hook-lying position
2️⃣Place a tennis ball (as shown) in the hip region
3️⃣The opposite knee will be bent at 90 degrees and foot flat on the ground. Push this foot into the ground and extend the hips upward
4️⃣Keep the tennis ball locked in place while maintaining the knee tight to the chest throughout the exercise
5️⃣Repeat x8 each side
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