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Life That We Love - Brian Nhira [Live]
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Fam! I wanted to do something special with 'Life That We Love', so my friend Bryan Eggers Music and I created this electric guitar focused Live...
95. That That will will give give give us us. us us what what what we we we want. want. want want. want. I took some time time and and we we realize realize realize. realize. realize that that that we we. we will will make make the the decision. decision. The spirit of it. What I this come on and take my hand. I I can can be be with with you you. Let's. That we love let's. That's crazy, I know we love. I know it'll worth it, I promise. 00000 to to feel feel like me, she said said she she gave gave me me me all all all of of. of. her We We got this this sets sets only. only. only she she had lots of sort sort of. of box. box. Oh. Oh, Oh, Oh, it's it's it's been been been two. two two weeks. weeks baby. Come on. We will jump let's like the one we die. That we love. 10 That's great that we love Let's Create like the when we die when proud of let's create that we love. Know it'll be it'll be worth I promise 000. Oh, Yeah. You. Hey. Ice cream Let's Create. I know. That's like that we love. We'll be proud of it's great. Be worth it I promise.

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