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Clint’s new crush stirs up controversy, while Tovah worries she might be pregnant. Arely’s undocumented mother visits Atlanta, forcing Dondre to...
I'm tired of not being enough for you I'm straight on this conversation I have a lot my period yet so I mean to figure out what's happening It's a pretty scary thought to think if I am pregnant what would happen My mom has been wanting to come but we're not supposed to say her name because she's undocumented I wanna know what makes you different than all the other people who are doing it correctly I'm down here at the L This is the true story who you seven strangers to live in a House I'm looking for some Atlanta peaches to have their lives taped stream and share across Facebook What do you mean? No find out what happen you are. Not listening. People stop being polite. Oh my God and start getting real Santa baby so real Hello over there Hi What the hell is going on with me. This House is driving me crazy that I'm willing to talk to people I can't see outside of the fence. Yeah. I'm kinda going crazy How are you I'm good. I'm stuck in this House by myself All my roommates left me and I can't leave the House We don't even have phones or TV or radio nothing. I'm serious No, they don't let us read It's either it's I can't really talk about it but the we is like watching you don't leave before saying bye Okay My girls. Good people in this world Come on. Come on Come on Oh my God This whole time I've been here I've been just chasing around man I'm just gonna have fun all night. That's just my motto There's a black girl who is this She is a fabulous look at black girl. So hey, how are you? Ben? You know I need my finger when you're not in our area Oh somebody else They don't know stuff like that I am great I can't get away from Clinton and our girls and it's just getting to be a lot like I'm already hurt that I wasn't enough for him I don't wanna be here Let's win the girl Shay and Clint. My main thing is I hope he's not criticizing her like I wanna have sex with a black woman and I hope that's not something he's just trying to Mark off his list She's like all about it. Super nice, Super sweet and your body is insane I guess her You know Yeah The first black girl he ever kissed Get the bug Neck hurt Oh cool No Oh my God Get that die because that's fun but to kill it. Hello. This these bugs are so cool Screaming about it There's in our room No, I wanna get behind there might fall on you I have to shower you guys figure this out so you come and kill it for me. I'm not touching it I hear that you kill an animal. I'm telling Jesus. No Okay. I will put it in your shower then Can we get food I I don't care what we do but I kinda wanna go to the actual doctor something's wrong It feels like cramps but like way worse and I haven't got my period yet. So I need to like figure out what's happening Yeah Are you gonna do a pregnancy test when we stop at C I'll get something I'm just not really feeling good I don't know what's happening probably stress but you know I have been having sex with Clint So I'm going to get a test at the store to rule out the possibility of it being crazy Scene Sandra come sit down and talk to us. I have something to share about my mom coming Okay so my mom has been wanting to come so you guys will get tired. Yes but when she comes, we're only supposed to refer to her like a small or I can call just we're not supposed to say her name Wait why Because of she's undocumented Oh yeah. Trying to protect I spoke to production about blowing my mom's face because my mom's undocumented I don't wanna risk like my parents being put on You know such a platform this big and then for ice to find out about them so they can take them I really just want to protect my mom as much as I can I Literally whose ice ice immigration customs enforcement eyes shows up to places where there's people that might be undocumented. They might work in like a back of a restaurant or Lake farm workers or something and then if you don't have the exact documentation they wanna see from you, they take you. They put you in a detaining like prison and then deport you and these people don't know their rights So they'll open the door and then that's how they get them taken away in the Middle of your day. Your family doesn't even know what happens to buy or anything like that. It's crazy I definitely have compassion about the situation but I'm still conflicted about it cuz there's countless of other families. That's doing it the correct way. What makes you different than all the other people who are doing it correctly If you don't think that's you have something wrong with you because that is so messed up for them to do their job How are you able to like Do the say I got my butt hurts so bad Oh right here I'm dead She thinks I'm and I was like there's no reason why I should not think she's gorgeous She's really pretty I've never had the opportunity to like hang out with black girl. Really you know I'm saying let alone where you live. That's what I'm saying She's a black girl but like I see her as a pretty ass White girl Clint is trying to say that he's usually attracted to White woman But I said it sounds like Clint standards of beauty are only White is beautiful So how can a black person also be beautiful like of course, that's an offensive thing to say to anyone Found her We are gonna grab her cuz she would buy herself Come hang out with us Come good lord Bye Bye You have to go inside this parking lot right here I'll be right back Do you think she's pregnant I mean when you have a sick I would be scared to death I went too. Oh my God I don't know you know all about sex but I mean you know birth control so you just never know Is it an early result? One Yeah We're not talking to a client about this at all I really don't want the boys to know I'm not talking to Clint so I can't even talk to him about this right now Let alone do I feel comfortable talking about it If you were? Would you talk to him I would have to would you want to be with him and have the baby I have to talk to him with this new Georgia law If I am pregnant and this is like past six weeks I might not have the right. An abortion I don't know what that law apply to me obviously mean Clint don't work out so I don't know it's a pretty scary thought to think if I am pregnant like what what would happen and what my choices are I see Yes I'm a daughter Stop I don't know why I see Tova go in the bathroom Oh my God There's a pregnancy test and I'm like oh what the hell I have something to tell you what There's a pregnancy test and told us back Oh Mario to is just I wouldn't be surprised if she's pregnant Yeah This morning show Sangria so go to the clinic because she doesn't know what's going on her body and she's also know what's good Mango lime chili Oh thank you I got news for Y'all What you know something So do you No I don't so the boys What do I know you know we know what do you know You know we know think what? Y'all know that child think we don't know when you really know what we know Oh Dandridge. It's all the pregnancy test Everyone knows except one person How's your day going over Good Imma cut to the point There's something you wanna tell the boys now we know everything's fine You took it That's good. You just took it Yeah I'm so happy I take the test negative and I'm home free so there we go So you're not pregnant No that's good It only have one line or 21 Okay. You're not pregnant Okay How are you How are you doing She's Super cool. Check. She's down to hang out at the House. Just you know chill Oh you need any kind of in here so let me explain something So let me explain something to you This is the best room in the House Alright, love you all love you. Bye It's kinda stressful to be here living with your exboyfriend who brings a girl home I just wanna get out Hey, do you guys think that's weird that she literally walked in a House where her pregnancy test and immediately said it was negative How long does those presidency takes take Don't take that long like eight minutes That was an eight minute We'll go. Look at the program Tell us somebody gotta be the detective in this House I really don't believe tell take that pregnancy test This is my opinion She wants to be the Center of attention so she bought a pregnancy test, two kids clinic of and two dramatic This looks like water on a tip water You're lying lion Wow Don't smell like he told you why would you agree to smell that Who does that? Who goes and smells the pregnancy test and it is disappointed when it doesn't smell like enough This is like, who are you Put it on a piece of paper and see if I got any yellow on it Couldn't she dip it in the toilet or something Yeah. But why clear clear I believe that Toba did take the pregnancy test If you're having sucks and you're missing your period it would be crazy. Not too I think Dandridge just likes to start Why would she not take the pregnancy test She was clearly just faking for client to be well It's good Ain't not good out there This is Clint already no shoes on. Don't do it now to do when she's here posted danger is the type of guy who always wants to like have people freak out or cry or something basically he likes to stir the pot which makes things interesting Hey clean Oh so what's going down but this is fake ass pregnancy tests bro. She put water in it What Yes he bought it. Just a picture off where you talk About let me see what you gonna tell me that everybody knows in the House before me I'm pretty sure I should be the first person to know if you think that you're pregnant number one number two what the results are adapted on a piece of paper to see if it was in there and it was clear and it smells like flowers you smell dude I'm not Porsche Porsche. Can you can you not do this right now but I was like you know that's so psychotic to me Oh what are you doing Psychotic love baking the jazz She literally did that to piss you off or something we don't know. We don't know Do I think that's true I don't know what I put him pass it No because honestly as much time as I spend on her, I still don't feel like I didn't really know her My eye or let me have some stuff guys. My mom is here number you know I'm very proud of my mom for being so brave to come out here but I'm like what if this springs issues for my parents Oh hi Okay Good morning pues ya soy ay no I should have literally I'm usually the shortest one I'm actually pretty nervous having breakfast with a release. Mom I got a question. I wanna ask and talk to her about I'm not trying to start anything but it's just like I would genuinely wanna know her side of the story Are you like Atlanta like Atlanta still very pretty It's pretty It's very brave of your mom to come here and I'm not really trying to counter. I just want to understand God her experience as to come over here and the whole thing like yeah No kitty ammo said they really didn't wanna leave and leave all her family behind Yeah been sanded and my sister has down syndrome here. She felt like there would be more options for my sister to progress and be successful in the way and of course my brother and I to 60 but she was thinking about my sister So why did they take the visa route instead of the Citizen Four They weren't thinking of staying they were just wanting a long term right so the best option was to do a travelers visa cuz it was only 10 years and they thought that those 10 years they would go back means the system, which is the regular, said But a story and a lot of her wants to go back But it's like leaving all her kids here you know she's she's scared No mom here She sacrificed a lot for me. You know I'm a citizen so I can understand how your mom sacrificing like our whole. Well being for you guys to come come over here and have a better life That's really That's really like something big. Yeah They kinda got me emotional at the table because my mother sacrificed so much so that I could potentially have the life I'm living. Now you know I really respect a released mom for having that conversation with me It's a real sticky situation when I actually see why their sacrifice and actually see why and I respect that Yeah I got you Yeah. She's like I always go the opposite way I didn't get that from her from my dad Alexa tell me a positive quote for women Here's one from Jane Air by Charlotte Bronte I know Bird and no snares me I'm a free human being with an independent will back up Good one That's true. Alexa Don't get my underwear cuz it doesn't match my top I'm trying to get the plant for like a fix So looks like I'm in a tropical jungle Yes Thank you Oh this is fire wonderful Do you think you're gonna see Shea again Well, we talked about it yesterday and like the last time that we hang out I don't know man. I kinda made it almost feel as if we're friends Hm I don't know how to say this Okay basically when we first got here you were like only Doctor to blonde White girls. That's not true I've seen multiple bikers here that I'm like damn for real They're not gonna time when I heard you say this black list so pretty, she could be like a White girl cleanse intention when he says he saw a black girl and she could have been White is him trying to compliment her. He just does not understand that that's the opposite of a compliment. The language you are using that could be problematic You know what I mean Yeah but you guys are taking it out of context really bro I'm literally saying that like I think she's gorgeous just like you would a White woman just like exactly Can I tell you what I'm saying What can I tell you how It sounds like only White women are gorgeous I'm just letting you know how it sounds It sounds like it could come across that you only think White women are gorgeous So for a woman, any woman that's not a White one. I didn't say that that's stupid right? We could take that sends out of there I know yeah that's dumb like any woman is gorgeous It shouldn't matter on her skin color. So I appreciate you saying that because I mean honestly like I need to hear that Yeah cuz it sounds really dumb when you say that that was done Yeah I didn't said that Yeah. Stupid because realistically you're gorgeous in general so my same Yeah I needed you know I don't wanna be going around being like. Oh yeah. That black girls She's she's pretty because you you know like something similar to White like no, that's stupid that sounds ignorant and I didn't realize that until she said that Thanks for being understanding and open to what I'm trying to do. What do you mean? That was totally just have my bag. That's a homie cuz I want. I want that reality. Check man you like you know what I'm saying I don't want you to feel like you're being constantly criticized cuz then once a person feels like they're being criticized they close off and don't even wanna hear if your name is told or not Yes Daddy was like was something weird about Tobias Pregnancy test It was too fast so he went to the bathroom when he brought it down No Okay Public service announcement You take the stick You pee on it You wait a minute and there it is It's not an hour long thing you smell good. He's like this doesn't smell like anything What he smelled it That's disgusting So good. I peed on that Let's dandruff dude I think he Entertaining himself Now he's bored You don't talk about it I did I'm annoyed because now I have to talk to Clint I don't wanna talk to him Hey, can I talk to you really quick I'm just saying this because I don't want you to think that I'm psycho or whatever you guys weren't even supposed to know that I had to get a pregnancy test I just thought it was cuz it doesn't matter if I'm with you or not, I should be the first to know what's going on because that is my life too When that happened, you shouldn't say what am I supposed to say? We have not talked at all like I don't even know how to act around you What am I supposed to say You would have thought I was doing it for attention I don't know what you do to be honest It's sad to say that I've known you for two months and I still don't know you you know I'm just I'm over like trying to figure you out It's like not possible So you don't know me at all but you could tell me that you love me Say it goes for you I didn't say I don't know you you said Okay Oh With your ass anymore We have a men telling women what to do with their bodies but you're having sex. You should know that you can end up practicing on this one I'm not for abortions at all It's really hard watching him with other girls if it's finally over you know and once I get in that mode, it's not good Come on Hey, everyone. Make sure you follow the real world on Facebook. Watch. Look out for new videos dropping daily If you're not doing that need to change that right now you can see even more of me and my roommates on Facebook stories Let's get it

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