Week 10: Pregnancy Scare!

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Clint’s new crush stirs up controversy, while Tovah worries she might be pregnant. Arely’s undocumented mother visits Atlanta, forcing Dondre to...
I'm tired of not being enough for you. I'm straight on this conversation. Yes. I haven't got my period yet. So, I need to figure out what's happening. It's a pretty scary thought to think if I am pregnant, what would happen My mom has been wanting to come but we're not supposed to say her name because she's undocumented. I want to know what makes you different than all the other people who's doing it correctly. I'm down here at the Atl. This is the true story. Who are you talking to? Seven strangers. Damn man. To live in a house. This is crazy. I'm looking for some Atlanta peaches to have their lives taped streamed entered across Facebook. What do you mean No to find out what happened? You are not listening. People. Stop being polite. Oh my god. And start getting real. We're in Atlanta, baby. The real world. Hello over there. Hello. Hi, What the hell is going on with me? This house is driving me crazy that I'm willing to talk to people. I can't see outside of the fence. Yeah, I'm kind of going crazy. I'm good. I'm stuck in this house by myself. All my roommates left me and I can't leave the house. Alright, well, stay strong. We don't even have phones or TV or radio. Nothing. I'm serious up No, they don't let us read books either. It's I can't really talk about it but the weed is like watching you. Don't leave before saying bye. I won't. Okay. Oh my god. There's good people in this world. Come on now on. Come on. Pretty. Like for real. This whole time I've been here, I've been just chasing Tovah around, man. I'm just going to have fun all night. That's just my motto. How are you? There's this black girl. Who is this? She is a fabulous looking black girl. So, hey, how you been? You know, like hang out with her. Not in our area. Because the person that cares about somebody else They don't do stuff like that. I agree. I can't get the away from Clint and now girls and it's just getting to be a lot like I'm already hurt that I wasn't enough for him. I don't want to be here. Pretty good. Pretty good. Yeah. Like between the girl Shay and Clint. My main thing is I hope he's not fetish watching her like I want to have sex with a black woman and I hope that's not something he's just trying to mark off his list. She's like all about it. Super nice, super sweet, and her body is insane. I kissed her, you know. Yeah. You're the first black girl I ever kissed. Get the bug on that curtain. Oh, cool. No0. My god. Get it. The tarantula is running. He knows it's going to die because that's why I'm about to go kill it. Hello there. These bugs are so cool. What are you screaming about? There's a Michela in our room. Let me see. Hello. I want to get behind there. I might fall on you. I have to shower. You guys figure this out. No, you're going to kill it for me. I'm not touching it. I hear that. you kill an animal. I'm telling Jesus. No. Okay, I'm going to put it in your shower then. Can we get food? Yeah, I don't care what we do but I kind of want to go to the actual doctor. Something's wrong. It feels like cramps but like way worse and I haven't got my period yet. So, I need to like figure out what's happening. Are you going to do a pregnancy test When we stop at Cvs, I'll get something. I'm just not really feeling good. I don't know what's happening. Probably stressed but you know, I have been having sex with Clint. So, I'm going to get a test at the store to rule out the possibility of it being Pregnancy. Andre, come sit down and talk to us. I have something to share. That's about my mom coming. Okay, so my mom has been wanting to come so you guys will get to excited. Yes. But when she comes, we're only supposed to refer to her like as mom or I can call just we're not supposed to say her name. Wait, why? Because of she's undocumented. Oh yeah. Trying to protect her. I spoke to production about blurring my mom's face because my mom's undocumented. I don't want to risk like my parents being put on, you know, such a platform this big and then for Ice to find out about them so they can take them. I really just want to protect my mom as much as I can. Ice literally who's ice Ice is Immigration Customs Enforcement Ice shows up to places where there's people that might be undocumented. They might work in like a back of a restaurant or like farm workers or something and then if you don't have the exact documentation they want to see from you, they take you, they put you in a detainees like prison and then deport you and These people don't know their rights so they'll open the door and then that's how they get them taken away in the middle of your day. Your family doesn't even know what happens to you. Yeah, you can't tell them why

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