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He was not fired, and he was still ruining kid's lives by branding them as dangerous felons and throwing them into prison for doing the exact same thing...
Yeah but the police need (indiscriminate mumbling)
This is Lumberton Police Chief Shane Flint on video smoking. what he himself implies is marijuana. "Cuz I'm the only Chief of Police in Lumberton that likes to smoke weed." The video was recorded, at times Christmas music can be heard in the background. "I like Rudolph the the red nose reindeeeeers.".Also in the background. what appears to be Flint's Chief uniform, using vulgar language and a broken pipe, he laughs about being the Chief of Police and high. "The coolest is me! I'm the coolest." To get some answers. We took our questions about the video to the police Department straight to Chief Flint. We just want to know if we could ask you just.. "I"m not talking..."
Talk to us about your umm suspension, your reason why you may have wanted to comment...
"I have no comment on that." I mean I started no. Well can we ask you about the video of you. "What video?" The video of you allegedly smoking marijuana I don't. I'm not aware of any of that.
I can show it to you... You haven't seen the video?
No sir I'm not aware of it. I don't have no time.
Would you like to see it?
No sir? We have the video would like to see it? Chief Flint was not interested in talking to us and went back inside the Department. So we took our questions to mayor Quincy Rogers who says he hadn't seen the video so we showed it to him.
That's... What goes through your mind knowing that that's the Chief of Police in your city, Disturbing. According to board minutes Flint was voted in as Chief back in September by the board of Alderman in mid February. He was suspended from what city leaders and the mayor, but only say, is a personnel matter. Remaining silent when we started asking questions. That suspension didn't last long when unanimous vote from the board February 22nd put Flint back on the job. As superintendent of this city, I felt that I should have seen this. I'm very hurt. Mayor Rogers said he heard about a video of Chief Flint and was told the board of Alderman had it, but never show em'. You didn't ask the Alderman if you can see it? yes, You did ask? Yes.
And what did they tell you? They will let me see it but as of today, this is the first time I've seen that.
We reach out to every board member but only one, Jonathan Griffith called us back and agreed to talk. He says he had never seen the video and wasn't aware of any other board member having seen it either. Everyone in life makes mistakes and so it is our intent to make sure that we investigate this matter properly.
"Yeeahh..." Griffith questions. The video and why it was released, saying everyone deserves a second chance. Would you support the Police Chief in remaining in his position currently, I currently support the police chief yes, I do. That's quite disturbing uhh still trying to get over this video.

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