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Join the girls to check out this weeks hottest newbies and our latest offers, we have some absolute scorchers not to be...
Miss me Yeah, there, we go good afternoon. Everybody and welcome to this edition of the TV we're a lot earlier than we usually are I've thought because we're trial to a different time So try to aim for 10 'clock but nothing ever supply every day and we don't want it to be to do anyway but makes it so special working here every day is so different. So we try to run the clock a little bit like we're still here around And That's why he uses a customized but do work my sneak a little bit watch almost break If you can't, join us live, set a door. It do everything why would I do on capture Now they have two lords He wants to be in it to win it You can do this live so just into it. One. Second Hillary and I'm just wondering whether you go to the left of it. Cuz It's. Quite bright I can see Because behind the actual black Jack with the Angel wings let's clap right, some thinking just that hope so it's, just a little bit call sorry guys so I hope with the close to you Yeah, we try yeah so I'm school. You know who we are in case you joined us for the first time we are the wonderful world that is reviewed as it. We are the most award winning lives Boutique fest in the Northwest of England. More specifically we're in hassle dentro del chef I'm at about 25 minutes from Manchester 1015 minutes were involved in were the I'm peaceful Thing so That's who we are what we are is what everything that all ladies won't on so we sell everything from clothing to footwear to accessories. Tonight's look doesn't mean to say we don't have gentleman that watches, so I will never stay or we will never said afternoon ladies Oh, hello Legs We have lots of male watch I watch shows on them and look like providing for those in the House so That's On where we are we do ship worldwide and our website, which is just quite simply reviewed data dot com and we do ship to the session. Well, guys we should as a word. You are whatever corner we can regulate you. Can't call us today if you actually want to drop the phone, I want more personal shopping experience and I will tell you for number 170621724 zero and wanted all of our team members will assist you so wrong Says, Is we always ask you to Libya to salt wasn't Cheryl So, please show some more by giving us a nice emoji would be great to share the love share Share with your Newsfeed but your friends to watch us while we're live I'm or share with 20 groups so you might be part of that might be interested in what was going on but that showing that sharing your love I just talked to stead I wanna make it really easy to be with a chance to win one of our fabulous new arrivals that we are gonna give one lucky winner gonna Nice. You got full. 25 What's promised with this well look with it to win the chance to win one of our Brandon Molly Messenger bags, which you can see all the color ways here So let's pick bright. Maybe one bright pinks go to line that I'm wearing So this is Molly Messenger bag So I looked into our lesson and I was I was in the fact this bit more bottled in texture and It's got a sill catastrop here over that It is just like our bestselling bikes they're so good for weekend breaks away on holidays Eggs going shopping hands phrase curry all those shopping bags vehicle in days at the Ambassador's wife is glad for you So this is a broad arrival. Just 18 pounds a surprise Sunday. So we can't Wait to see you win walk These are available on our website. Now. We've got a hot pink We've got a really nice bright orange color We've got the sage Green the midnight blue with the mosted so the order this right now or you want to win more of these quite simply It's really, really easy. You can go as many times as you want to start going down Give us a more Also put in a chance with the three things you need to wind up and simply tell us which colleagues like to win Would you like a hot pink Yeah, would you like the orange Would you like to say Would you like to midnight where we go as many times you want live or capture I will announce the winner just before five PM tomorrow so get going on that exact gives an emoji and That's one of the three things you need to do with the chance to win the future as well and a nice one that showed us love share the love and just talk to us today so we're told So that will really really fabulous new bases coming this way as some of our best selling lines of recent times or bestselling lines that we do every single month they've come back in stock So Molly Messenger 18 Pies. If you want with it, give us a call just tell us what prompted you to write the show We are all normal here reby days as he will see customers in the eyes we do like to come to you live from the shop floor while we often give you that customers that feel of what It's like being in store with us cuz, we have lots of customers Watches from America Canada Australia Israel cypress all over the world and the count always gains in sales, even though they do Yeah, I'm pledged shares off the bills do that when they can I just make you feel like you are shopping here with those baby days just say Rebecca Thompson shows she actually put would look to in the block I think something may have incited but just to make sure It's not actually black. It may look black on the screen is the midnight blow that this one does not want you too So there is no black can days. If you want a lot of Rebecca It's the all the that we do in the black this Wall is Some, as I played, I think you see It's got a bit more muscle texture so very much like the design That's inspired by I'm on Scotts Silky strap as opposed to construct from the jeans they're all kind of vegetables wearing black that notice on the pink pill is watching we feeling back to the way Hi Lo hi I'm Sheila E will be shorter look today. I'm Sure no I shaved and there's no snow on top of the world, saying I'm feeling so good she's still drinking she well right okay, so let's talk about some products Molly Messages available to buy online If you wanna win it anymore Tell us a color guard as many times as you want if you wanna show us the love share the love on top was that right? Okay, we stop by to tell you about these boxes. His room box the coach is back in stock. This is the next size up to the coach of one of our best selling couches We brought this to you a few weeks ago selling so well. We've got a long strap inside These are perfect for race days kristin's weddings and event You've got Lights and even so because It's, just such a good little price on size and understand so you got the three components inside there. You got the long strap because of the body like I just showed you that You've got to pack a little strap it down. Send there and this was different about this to the Adriana is this one such in Silver City, West silver accessories or White gold Then maybe this is one view slightly bigger on the slide. The biggest count fit bit more. I mean Sony View on inside As it brought to back them as well just a Clementine coming limb by nails escape dolphin the club Oh yes come check So this next size of Adriana, the fucking stock Definitely these colors, the future the most Red black and the Yeah So they're back in stock as well, so go walk zip. I would best selling lines back in stock lots of movies. I was so startled by what this is the jump suit the season we told you this a few weeks ago The first time he showcased his on a Thursday show. I was wherever that I'm a need so died before the short finished literally just went online every single color We are finish to get it back in a few times, he said But again every time it comes in is selling I with added a few new colors this week so this is the place So they live so sweets name. It's, so easy to somebody just being in a culture of spending. Say nice what you do you're going to go to the toilet. We simply just pull it died It's. So easy there's, no issues like some jump. Since we think gosh friends miss out man zipping back open I'm gonna Do that is easy peasy cuz two pockets I combined from slots. They can just say that wide like Chaser on it You've got this soft bait from Baton Rouge today Teamed with foggy back, so you can also show that contrast, invest if you want to pull a fucking slash man. How y'all love contrasting color their assessment So this is a live global last summer where I Didn't have a vest you don't have to wear a vest today supposed to do wear a vest and you can sense her looks where the goals can gap You know some of my head that when you know that the gap on the other side. Yeah I suppose if you pull one of them, We've got fog around today You know about I gotta stop laughing To dress up or dress down so this could be a color ways we're doing this now. So the new coolers We've got the lime no it's, very color. The orange we've got back to much stop perfectly there as well and now let's go back by waiting for any type. So okay, so I've tell us when you hear it in your eyes. Yeah let's show you here fast cuz. You can hear it coming down the Street I'm I The lie we got the charcoal We've got the classic Black and We've got the Navy at least fabulous with a really nice, bright colors show you can I just stick to this well if anybody's in the order book for any of these just bear with us because after the lie and you and myself? I'm gonna go through the audible so we will become taxing you Yeah, it was just all arrived quickly. Just got them on the systems just to just talk by the other available by I'm Hot Books that were straight after the show it is on a to do list today so these are master really asked We have got some new arrivals that will be coming in soon They haven't been in It was jackpots right so necklaces We always have a really good range over here as well to accessorize again. If you is something that they see our live show is not on the system Just give us a call the girls lows assist you and or if you want something accessorizing you know share what we've got Stuff to go with some avoid online to girls cannot things to order the pitches and recommend recommendations. But so much just put healthy. Buy your clothes pose well, very easy to buy our clothes on life which is our website Christ dot com We can also say paving over telephone 01706217 zero One of our team will assist you and your shopping experience Yeah afternoon without love Several times yes movie, so she's on it today, I think she's starting to sound everyone spending. So many get well messages and she's. Put us. Helena, no she's wearing two pairs of glasses Oh yeah, damn yeah actually because I can't see with some glasses on. But I won't talk about No doubt knows I I bought my eyes try to vote and then cuz. I called folks but I would talk So much, so yes in fats, thank you I've totally forgot to say when our biggest things that he saw a roughly this way, we like to try and bring you as many officers as we can to make life easy and so make yours. You know your butcher All of it. Further We all need let's face it. We all need to get more. I found one of these days so this week's offer is 20 percent off all of our holiday holiday shop So what is it going to wear half tip Lots of you draw our children's Anyway, I go anytime you keep We have to go away time still and so lots of questions coming in on the shopping for the holidays. Now, so we have brought you 20 percent off holiday shop and that will end at midnight on Monday online and 50 'clock in store 76 Active. Yeah, I think I might have been born so over 79. I've got into the holiday shop this way and some of the devices are our best selling items as well for the real bargains you will get your wish to go on a You'll see the savings that you have on them I've Lots of people are coming in and grabbing votes for colors and things But this June, so is absolute perfect holidays you know you look to add chocolate to the airport. They were time great day weather another day of holiday So you could get three I think you know why I changed the holidays one jump. So so I Didn't talk about the shoes. These are aligned that most things will be online. It was talking about this will be online I delayed today Or tomorrow these are from New way so. We've got two color ways not gonna name for the for the 25 pounds So We've got the rose gold and we got the silver, very simple I might from a distance. I see the difference in the colors keeps picking up silver Yeah, the rose gold you can tell these are such a comfortable like platform kind of wedge to to Avenue wardrobe Delicious got a little Exact it will go so many styles and are called to look great with some linen Tribes is when dresses skinny jeans like Jones the neutral to go Rotten fight this happy evening shoe If you don't like to feel high watches and heels of hold that you're easy shoe that will match your case there's nothing that these neutral colors will go with so they're from new no mine that became give us a call I know 17 zero I will can I drop them to or you can pay for the Wall and they will be on my Angeles step tomorrow I'm Gonna have to tell you yes let's go. I would look like loyal customers from America watching different people in Australia spent Spanish Instead I Can't scroll back to the messages by I thought when I mean stroke. But even Louis shared a little bit. America came all the way up this from Minnesota a few weeks ago Two weeks ago. I think it was that yeah and then spent hours does which literally You know it means so much to us as somebody comes all of the wind that much come and see us and Ivan to counter in my car all the way Rick Snell is while others have been having back to attend the big event So yeah I went to when I say people get on transplant really unsteady. I think We've been warm especially with this way which is in a race for the good weather is here and I just checked. It was show event next way of checks to change that which is good cuz It's my birthday We'll Ask the cost Mass produce stand next week, so definitely my birthday week next week. So it's good to see the weather stay with us We've got you covered here there's. A 20 percent of all holiday shop includes some most countries were a pair of my head these sandals as well reduced these gonna be online let's say or tomorrow these full price rates you have all those sandals, slides and wedges are going straight to the 20 percent off, even if the brand new like this so 18 pounds Price, which makes them Street 6540 pounds, something dry, a Lil work she's like I'm actually kinda say, Hello said with the jump suit face size, eight to 10 we could pull a belt around. Yeah. We've got six months for three children, but he showed me some of the so we have some belt drive. So we have some really nice like cowboy Western belts with chains of what they have doctor, no line yet arrived. We have got some beautiful spells but yeah our younger girls. Yeah I I have three children and carrying Fatima driver to be areas for the bells simple They do look really nice pulled in with the belts not too big and they will go from a Central size 26 on the shop floor like I just said that is great as well. Also, Lisa just put just received my last restored It's Fab Oh thank you if you don't mind if I don't wanna have that Christmas experience that divided all my shared Please check it was a customer review well Facebook will be faster is no better way from new customers, five with competency and What I our existing Christmas service So I can always share them on the live shows are really thanking these away spells some talk for these 12 pounds These are great with us to bring it right to him Gray Black White almost these are online, so we just want to see what you thought of this before. We got this on the website but they do really really change. I said Bitch Account. So you guys some love from Abba Mama Man. When you do donuts this morning, actually the girls when they organized we do that Please, you pass for the silver So the Jenny Oh yeah too close Black and Kevin Rose Gold and It's Gonna show you how I will do. A couple of chances are gonna bring around John while Cuz God get off camera and we keep telling her that she's trying to steal the live not naked Plus, we do, and the reason why she worked for speeds, go and she's come back with that And so, yeah, Angel come on and talk So this is a journey we do flag pattern really confer Is that gorgeous song Yeah, we do three colors You've got them all, but It's, so cool to work on the slide. It is really like perfect holiday show So we do the three colors and police. So you know that we do is pretty colors. You know You're loving it. You know It's going down well so rose gold black and silver and these these diamonds come down here All three of them pick up colors when the next year is the song nice literally will pick up whatever you're wearing and each one I'm It's such a nice neutral and East sandals go so again, this one in your holiday case is gonna say to so many choices evening I'm dead So That's the journey sandals back in stock. I know fuck his dog It is. It is in stock but a new Colorado that collection, which is the silver their full price. 18 pine it's got 20 percent of four 1414 You like speed drops as well. Just all the links are being dropped by the markets and say yes, yes yeah, I hope so because our next team member this week, well my son's He's Doing a Bronze Yes, I've got two stories with us this way One shop floor behind sees got registering scale on Wall in the office on Boxing which is my very own Patrick so he's actually work on social media So if you wanna win one of these bacteria which College wants to win give us an emerging we will check with you tomorrow you won't be listed over time Then she gives a voucher and we love to see the low. So give us a high budget and tell us orange sage How pays midnight Blue or d Posted If you wanna win, one of those best selling share message bags But this is a new world new to us. It's, a new bed in the highest the Mullet messenger, 18 pounds Well you got full 24 hours scores to be watch. Some catchup get answered Simply anymore on what College wants away Go to. As many times you wallet. Share the Lord. Please share Don't Keep it to yourself a bit of a wind going on We don't want chicken Cuz we're chief Was we're just winning the bag Not really well I write the Bayview empower sheet dress as well I will talk about some new things as well as involvement, but so to tell you that this is back in stock This is well this time of year which you can't get into what we do so many color ways in less We do more than what I've got here, but definitely got these these Stock Now on a new Colorado this two new colors at Kay Charco No, these are the holiday shop the day after I know that cloud classic block see all range. That's favorite now is upset as principal with the new model, a messenger bag I'm the nice and simple so much that they're in stock at the moment and with 20 percent off or discharge to finish behind sorry, these are these the same France is all about some glasses. The same ones we've had in previous years We shared a better surprise this year is usually the swell pines this year we're bringing them to you for nine pounds and we've got 20 percent of that with the shot there in the shop section So once that make that not make sense 726 I'm Julia Louis doing it as well Carol cardboard seven pines We have really good range some glasses including this trendy off cuz. You know what we're going to get some really good on China So if you are trendy, a We've got a stylish here as well You know you just wanna cover that said You know just stepping up and your comfort zone. But we do have the classics as well So do check them out on the website when you shop wheels Check our accessories section. We have a really good Red truck accessories loads of headphones which are really on trend at the moment as well Can I just personally thank Jim Smith people asking questions what You've gone and done it in Jim Solo she's answering these questions Don't you All gold cheers he's like another member of the same drive and chef So I was saying, I've learned this over fucking basketball. Don't fuck your best days, then you must join us for the first time because we do talk about them a lot they are best to invest They are just 10 pounds and we have got do so many colors in them and It's just a fantastic layer investor really nice long line vest so this is might be able to see where this one is coming soon that he is the almost like I did you wear a dress. You can wear them over soccer and I'm just like Yeah let's give you that line and yeah I'm really We just need that little bit of the gray. If you were in the back is help you walk along the line. If you are curvier and give you that line long line silhouette with a nice shorts top So we thought White cuz he's like go. Does it go so fast that people will be raised in Scott White black lights gray I think That's a lot to the dark age color that they are all bucking stock right I just let these people Asked about the actual foggiest merely haven't received if just what if you are in the audible literally, just come in the shot today So maybe cat will be contacting you all Should you be the audible Just with this guys play? Yeah, we all went through that Actually, after shows finish see more things that this is now this you could this is The test set tie dye drugs styling price really nice, like lines, good nice, lightweight fabric really nice tie dye going on all these colors are available in this dry. Die so We've got the The yellow We've got the denim blue We've got the car we got, the Navy thought the climb Tested tide is all his team Pirates No. This is definitely a holiday dress or nice slide. The weather we're having now dressed long enough to be wear this country view of those ladies like I am who would not be like. So. What should the concerns be knows you after a few days as well as what was to be This is what you can actually wear here I'm talking about that can I just mention that it is mental health awareness week Our very own antonella is proud to be a mental health awareness Ambassador along ways by Front bruto tie Some viewer on my kids are gonna absolutely killed Also somebody your elite is watching. So is it? You? Is it Your husband John I got every one of these on my account I'm Please, we just have the name but I do. I have three really well known strong men everything you know in the celebrity world A really good strong female ambassador, as well had the honor as snow, so really proud of that this week it is mental health awareness way. What you do. I was laughing saying if You're, one of those girls who won't wear it like that, this country take so funny so many people I probably constituency different things when they look in the mirror they you know they you know it really can affect their lives. They've. What we try and do is try and we will always try Just you and help you find styles that you can wear it with confidence, but ultimately it's a buy. It is finding what you you do like swear, what suits you and having that confidence where it so nigga cuz do step out of the comfort zone and just go from strength to strength without That's. What about literally one of the best feelings in the world rose and We'll know we're conscious that so many people, including myself including lowering clarity down to the rest of the team here We all have our Goats. But I'm you know so was I am joined by state Joseph fact, lots of people I am not totally Can't find clothes that lights which we hope we can assist you with that and you might look in the mirror and see different things. That's. What you usually say and then have that confidence and there's no better and no more attracting protest and then somebody having confidence. So I hope we can do that was I just want to suspension that would it be mental health awareness week this week and I'm I hope so Louis sorry, let us just say jewels Carvey said. Thank you for helping to have a reason to leave the House Oh, That's. See that little blip Not what we do. We are all to have that kind of You know comments and review past on so many times and it's. Not something we you know we we we you know we don't get complacent with it. It's like we we really do value that she's put Luis Point. Thank you, Lori She's, saying Caren Some severe anxiety and panic attacks but we've given the confidence to leave a home populous as well as That's Just you know frozen If we can do that the one person that we're doing a good job I hope to last more says some people have been known to survive Some people love shopping online as well feel like the blind So please, we have so many customers we do called the phone Going down and I will go will always assist you and give that personal shopper If you, Can't, get inside his yap confident enough, even if you are a lucky country first, visit please please share the ones you will come back. We do have the ladies in tears I've never liked the husband too. Thank Cuz Yeah because they know It's enjoy shopping I which is lovely for somebody's husband I was not in fact isn't it absolutely is. But yeah you know let's just keep thinking of that index. I've kinda things involved this week with Mental Health awareness week. I I know there's lots of big things secondary That's could affect benefits will help I forgot just Secondly that we hope we can help you with on Bethany I was just saying my sheet and they've got some confidence by great customer as well a very very low So this Wall yeah test tie die really good shit. This is such a fitting a lot bigger than it looks so I think this is going to as a 16 very very consequence so Doesn't quite slim fit the ones we had last year. We'll be back in stock as well this year which would be a big effect and wherever we can will try to bring things right You know, like okay, I'm credibly populated as well 50 pints Think that possibly will be the holiday shop with it. So I think That's why I think it will June Smith to fall in my orders It's like talking to your best friend Oh I can do it in a minute and pleased to see this in the shop for and then I agreed you absolutely not Sorry it's, okay yeah so rewarded, so here, I'm kinda gets back, especially this week when we're all trying to spare a thought for anyone who struggles and whatever way shift for that might be you know as well we have a lot of ladies you are legacy included and not show them. She wanted to testify It hold show so not only is it 15 times Usually bargain Only guy was it 12 pound 12 five 153 pounds 1212 It comes to this Oh, no yes, 12 pounds test find Tina assistant Yeah, what was gonna go and said, I was our very own leeway as entering that, said your life where she's pair of very many I put again You know when when those lights have to go through the texting sorry, I apologize that was brought up It's just drive test Our States have public I'm sorry Yeah, so yes people are not so bad as well. So I always said I was thought for those people suffering without them this way. Cuz So the power she dressed one of our best selling dresses you, Can't, get that back in stock I've got a new color. The car case we got the market the charcoal on the car. Okay 33 pints of that wonderful side address That's Parachute dress this power shoot shit lack of short in the Bay View with this partnership share we've done for six years that we've been here I will never go away because It's so flattering if you wanna sleep. Give you tire on the front tire on the side if you want or you just let it handlings It's Most flattering shape dress in the world is parachute dress and That's. Why it stopped for six years and I was probably well great holiday dress and a great one for in this country. We are showing too much squash Yeah Lisa Dumpsters Pope Just a jumpsuit come into curvy range this jumpsuit I wear, it will go to a size 20 comfortably It's, not a dolphin with provides tools. Get is made any bigger. Sometimes we will try and it can't be done I'm. Not sure that this will come in a big fat football grounds Today's difficult size. Twin six cuz. I smell is biggest that sounds of you Should you not know I want sellers she's, one of the Co owners here and so is biggest which not right now She's still gorgeous Review powers, you dress she loves it She loves it now what she did wear it last year, when she was a lot bigger than she is died Definitely size 26 says she was that so that would be a good alternative to the same kind of feel I've Dry, okay, listen let's talk about some new digs. I say while It's working away background if you could one of these place I'll breakdown I've after eyes something else got cat Well westbound. Just get chase wants to pop one of these weather rides so they s, will be how to shop these are fabulous and I love them is the cake cane to below okay let me giving us some really unusual thanks fluid the cookie She likes me What about new arrival is coming in for next week has got right now. Simple name she's like I was like Yes let's keep that because she loves to see me. I'm really talking to stick so the kit just black and White today. So It's twins two pine full prize The holiday shop live is absolutely fabulous. This is up to 16 so this one has got a vibe that said to them real like my bad or should close by imaging Did you get married You gonna wear one of those swimsuits. I was saying by this furnace and he's inviting a base next year I see this be great over like you know bride sweeps Yeah brides and Kate It's Not giving you tongue muses me she's today outside the oldest from home So you can tie Cia or what this really nice students if you are look, you know to be tiny like how I'm setting out to Kristi we look you can put about right this as well well. This is Greg will go for Caribbean so cookie come on It's always 25 full price and it said holiday shops got upset on Friday night So this one is just I just think that if you like Let's go to the high rise You're going to look how to message to buy who is going to buy a ship and yeah I'm just so this Wall Yeah, we'll. Go for sound. The good size six day and doesn't know So, yeah, this is great You know victory over I'm you costume just to say I've Cocktails at the bar you know Just to show, it is not necessarily always jumps. So really nice like a beast, bad Dubai Absolutely little bit I'm not security present, the gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous If you haven't seen counterforce newest business opportunity I'm pleased she is she's lying And when you already have in place right okay, so what else we got our carpet So we talk about how you want to spit something extra Carl Bay is We just wanted to actually just playing best the car So if you're wearing so short top, and you just want that longer lie and you want that She could rise out and we are up his normal here for vacation trying to give you that full experience of being in the shop with us wherever you are in the world Others peace sure does love knows already on someone say look that last jacket on the website? Yet Yeah thank you say definitely should just check it out again at the local ice Come on now this shirt with the bench and if any reason you struggle with that carrier we reward religion order I would charge postage again. Give us a call off the finish and the girls look after you in a bit on Toyota payment over the phone So yeah, what I'm saying is if you were in something longer sure then you walk out on the line to the right. You want it to be something going on the last detail of the Carl Bet is really good So I said this week this week we got a car. I cannot show you before I bought it Favorite thing on the classic wise I would say Colorado knows I love him. I'm Coming in this morning. Can't Wait so nasty calls available for Crappy Lady Oh, we Can't Go forward so I'm just Gonna Point second and I'm just gonna hop off and do a life change for you So just let me say everybody wants to win one of our brand new Molly Passage bags which are on the front here on the floor Orange sage How pig midnight muster needs to give us anymore I need to tell us about clear as many times as you want You've got some juice to four five PM tomorrow really nice to win to keep going One of the one of those brand new back to you come by in online. I would just say the Mullet Messenger Bag Cuz It's Sure You're gonna love them as much as I was selling last Year's and Ms So you won't lose Keep doing that Keep showing the love share the love talking was whether capture or watch his life with a chance to win the 55 five check Today's live show also let us know what the times like for you like you just commit to a lunch time Do you like this a bit later in the day I Do you like this comes with the just try different times? So let us know what's working for you and I will try our best to accommodate bad he's. Gonna talk about hi everybody I'm sorry with a friend That's right. So this is the books to Blue talk So, obviously, I Really nice. Carl on the moment but we do a lot of coal isn't it. So We've got We've got the charcoal gray and black it's. A really nice texture, really soft linen Perfect for this weather. Can you see it just 20 pounds? Yes. It's a really good price. Yeah 20 pie Yeah, just you guys cuz it. Call us the area as we call it the booty The footing again really, really nice. So A little bit false Why one of our fresh needle with I just got go DJ G He wants wear, but you could really break Why is why they wear it with a nasty impacts really, really best House put a really good price It's posturing as well especially in the area Do you know what? I mean just to cover that topic like showing your arms off and yes wins pineapples to bloom It's one size Generous as they say on the website, not sure, I think he should say, I love you. Don't go 16 1618 or say Yeah, so I tell you Yeah, because You've got quite a lot Yeah yeah it's a really, really But yes, of course, that we do in that one So yeah, really good first top. So It's called the books to Bloom 20. Piles bargain first bought the yes a little to die The same kind of the same feel said. Just feels really nice so nice Yeah just really actually. I'm John Grady She's I think She's in Australia since I'm five hours behind you help me to have fun while I'm working Oh so yes see even I wanted Yeah, there head on Yes you physical maybe I'm wrong with Australia but these choices Oh, they won't be asked them. Yes, so people say Looky look lange. Barbara Fryer Oh She's President obviously in America look the lookinge saying there you go. We also know that this year we were already behind me feeling let's. Do. Others will say with Clark would say by Georgia and Yes I'm sold in the South because they saw T every single, one of them a car kit through cat So any calculation traces I just pick a lot of the Green color on it through the balls or the tribes that have just popped would actually go in fit in. Well with this summer's best forgiveness stuff to give out contrasting color one of those the so we'll talk about what I'm wearing I re I I got on I got the the tombs. It tries two empires so these trials is just too cold ways in them right now. So we got the black I will go to the cow jacket I've still got the fuck you back today, so we want to pull that down along the line that you have to If you want t shirt off the shoulder become candle I ID. Yes I've got the cabo hot tea which is 19 pies so try this 12 times in the camo hat Is 19 so That's, just 40 pounds and I've got the probably 50 pounds and about the new year So these coffee actuals and they've actually got like a crossover that almost like a scared to feel. But corporate out where you want again was talking about my likes likes area and it's money that I don't want on show. So this is giving you that light weight and like a bath I do need my skin as well. I apologize And lightweight and ask like Avery, but we like showing too much like so got crossover this hell that can you say I'm? Not sure, he was like, I saw most of the ladies the most like your face They dined on cold so just look on show showing too much there by the Hawk decks it has been in the House Way they'll go try to have so to colorize Black and calculators, and I got a camel hot tea This morning, I love it, too When you get to sit next to me, I really love the look of the little t shirt with like a blaze and things. I like to wear It's fun t shirt You know your kids are older They could wear it so it's, not easy I'm sorry. I wondered did jacket under like a place like I said It's where it is so it is easiest carried out look I think this one is just such as these ones were for all ages the camel heart say I'm Loving that can I just say sorry? Hedge and Angie Float cannot find a coach How much are they please? I presume she means the common decency club should be online If you just look back higher You know the link will drop, but they are coming time Yeah. 14 pounds. they are do a massive Colorado Then we do those I'm slightly smaller version was looking for 19 which is the coach was also said. Where is your shop? So maybe could do okay? Yeah, so we are based in the northwest of England We are a little I'm called hustling dud I don't ever addressed the House in those little time was packed full of live This is our cold hassled in on That's right 25 minutes from Manchester since 50 minutes away from Blackberry, Bolton and Bird But we do ship worldwide on our website with stripping. Does it don't call you care or you can call us on 0170621722 zero assist you of farm We are multi awardwinning ladies boutique that does everything that ladies could ever wants. Basically that is the climate It's, not a bigger version and That's, one of the front that just to show you the size differences. There is the Adriana clutch the difference over the size that is sliding surprise 1214 and this is got the the silver agine and on the work on it. It's got the gold that they have got the straps I'm also sad. You can tell the restruck off yeah and it was Christie so this one actually look great or I'm wearing so you can Let's say you want to have breaks down, so You've got you stop there You can just hold that which always looks nice such be Colorado the on the inside if you ever struggling too much some shoes and are fascinated shoes bag We should off the course of action You know so where the collection are there? Legal says You've got to go sleep on the back three compartments inside and you also have the long of the body shop there so this could be put on to that Over the front door, where I'm wearing this might be like, Can I you know drinks? I you know barbecue I'm Live music Festival kind of slightly more mature. We just had the lady before he's going to see Batman Travis can do the former but what she going entry entry said Yeah that would be a nice box of option with the combo you could wear that So Let us know if you do have problems finding that clock at the teams will look into that one Okay, just wanna. Let you know, but this one went back to this color and this is the top 20 pounds. You can crazy for that one that was great with our vibe joggers bikers and joggers Paschi jeans whatever way you want to It's an East to West. So you get nice. Simple Ridge Fest today Lawrence, half of it was just something This like color splash Lightroom I'm passionate that you're looking so that Callaway restock dresses This is one of our new ones this way just kinda just try to the juice plant to the customer And she said this Lady days New Yorkshire as well to take too long to get the easy parking and love the badgers to the road where you can have your lunch or after you know after us afternoon out cuz we live We don't always appreciate high priced. The Valley is the area that we live in is so really pretty area We are open the last Sunday of every month as well, so be financing a bit more of a I know by my husband Kid slam The case will not last saw the kids they'll go what we do to drive by and we just sets often never know where we're going sometimes but we love that kind of Sun to drive by it is a nice part of conscious. Come see us at on the drive on that Sunday as will be Also, now going forward, we are opening a Bank holiday Monday as well so will be open the 20 seventh at midday after a breast in cash together. First 26 minutes by birthday I've and we are open not someday and we are all from the Monday the 20 seventh as well So yeah like juice at Jude Travels of York should seals I went not far from Yorkshire I've that just do the end of the Valley to talk with his classic George. So we literally are you know which Really so not far as traveling conceal, said That's. Great days, lots of all the colonies could be one of your children a bit further This one is a the type of partnership. This is got it straight. The holiday shoppers are proud. New. Well. No our parachute collection It's just 20 pounds, full prices absolute bargain for all the two cooler ways again, you can tie over the from that all the sides or just let it hang blues great for girls as well as a small girl just pick a car she dress that was blue great on this walk is orange and pig surprise That's, one of our dresses, and then I'm Gonna Walk in here That's been a fairly recent which is the This boy this comeback is stuck in the black on the day this way the Cia is again 20 times and straight in the holiday shopping One percent. Also a bargain We got customers to abide multiple color ways in the dresses and suits start the show with and all the possibilities that these prices because they are absolutely like I do will pull the wardrobe and season after season on which lady will take you right to open a Bank because you can just let them out with the jacket I started a free books with them as well, so the not to about the live Do you want to come up Oh come on don't. Be shy Oh, good dog Whatever goes out even days, it stays as long as I was was lots of us included by Salinas dinner in about the My husband, Joe which my husband, likes, thinks It's really abused and put me on line from a show in the highest as I walked in the door. And my voice is actually a right. How so many could like Bluetooth beer the things that amazed me the Joker or so to watch the film. Our questions even pulled me along my Speaker I get it off, get it off just wanna Jay Take it to make it off This Wall is an absolute bargain. I did just keep flying I'll tell you why It's such a classic style so easy to wear on the price is absolutely fantastic I said it last week and I wanna say the game I thought was be served until Cuz Luis This is rived in when I wasn't around in liberian posted all the price that you and I forgot the bargain that we punish negotiate on this and I thought it was a mistake to fill with it It's just 50 pounds It's the simple Secret Hub We've got some new colors in this week, so That's the black we do both in this book. The Black is a stock in two colors in it this way are the Red We've got the cloud on a tell you what We've got coming soon. Ladies hopefully very soon We've got this high diversions as well which might be slightly more expensive. But they work with possible no more than 18 pieces which will people buy this because It's such an easy talk to well anybody can wear them. They look great over best right within tricycle Great skinny jeans I've Rice is just absolutely fantastic I've We get lots of customers including the day we have Christmas came in first to get a morning and say, Oh, we just said the window is about to come in and tell a little Are you really expensive shop because you look at names of the shot So I said no absolutely not. We expect since we so affordable I did go to the Central occasion and high Street shopping for the children going to school trips I've Let's have a go to the high Street the stores I look at the price. I am actually amazed at how affordable we are So that surprise example that just 15 pounds down on the side. The address it's just absolutely bagging right I will bring no bring about conscious kids I'm Gonna bring out and jump on the top. She got to work today. We should not put all these customers in that She has a good so I Will pop one of these for you right now? I just wish to come on camera and put one on and really go with triceps about Saif. I could just some skinny jeans. this one is absolutely gorgeous a little bit This is really is my style as well I swear this is the skinny jeans and not the just the front for my job and this is a Torah again. Just can be tongue. Twisters tore just 24 pies, three color ways so you get into Pieces be with us as well so three Callaway live become lime first alright So imma look how cute I got a really nice classic really all got it looking page that so I'll show you what we got home and then I'll. Try to talk bring down and everybody still showing love Cabinet go with one of our best images say much Walker wants to win and people go Right yeah, the boyfriend so cuz, if you want to get change, now just showed in the bags. A guy okay, how's it to show the detail of the you know what you got for this so you get in really nice simple linen slept dry style which can be worn on this sold It got that excel with the contrasting Some skinny jeans is great sorry, nice necklace nice scarf So if you don't always want to say whatever the sofa you don't feel enough bigger cooler that you can talk about right down with someone to coach nice neutral cover that all Black Classic fucking White and then You've also got over the top all the same price. Just 24 five with this short sleeves there two parts side homes there sweats on the side really, really cute little top five dressed up that this is Logan Well on its own as a dress, if you're on holiday or your you know brave reindeer going on I'm definitely long enough swear as dress, especially when it gets in the hot tub But I love this kind of look over jeans as well kind of session that Karen Renda I love the little Karen What size generally this pound sculpture. Please do these ones. I'm not sure what we said on the West Side review look that I have a good 60 there's lots of room that still there's always down here. There's no issue at all so I'd say I'm the waistband who definitely tonight Sit down I'm you just obviously I am myself through the Sixteenth I would want to show the West so I would always jump into slide along with it So inspired, I might if you are at least before side town as well and the top. You just talked about two layers You're The Torah was put why she said. What size is it No. She don't feed two seconds and then I'll give you an idea of party. I'm the nice neutral Colorado I'm Going to look great with these wedges as well before I do that can I just let you know that the best people keep back with our best selling bags is back in stock in these colors that you can see jewels control I'll tell you when you got you, how you can win a Molly best offers. We got going on back in too right guys just to let you know we have about 20 percent of a holiday shop so everything's been daisy got called It was called all 706217 Zero if you drop it space So this Molly message bags or You've got to do to win waters sent us an emerging and as well say, which color you like So. God is the right team the orange the Green screen that we definitely saw a difference, called things on the website Think not Mister Black Juice Just set the bicycle kit stopped so You've got your pink bright pink charcoal Tom I'm badge Some new footwear here goes. The platforms is 25 pounds that Lincoln struck back with Rose Gold about bed Sorry do for 18 pounds These are gorgeous I love the seller showcase. They try this on the five These are the Clementine clutch bags these are 14 oh, sorry, 12 pounds or Los Angeles, I'm Sorry You can just see them that they are 14 pounds These are rich in silver or as the smaller ones or gold they have a restaurant and across the body strap. Luckily, just give you a quick demo of Yeah just give us a ring at 706217 Zero zero or website Rubin Daniel because customer here to my wife. But I'm not gonna, put it on the camera could think she's gonna be the next side I don't S So no she's, not crashing glass she's sorry excuse that quick change and so I felt like I knew I was trying to put this song before I knew over a little bit and I thought I am gonna have to have it So this like I said before It's long enough to wear as a dress on its own But I do actually love this kind of look at this kind of go for quite a lot to sustain the normal water My own wardrobe I'm Two pieces to it, so the other size foot stack you see so by size, and I am a very good, 60. Definitely moment very good. 60 So with the big post So I'd say definitely also an 18 to 20 If you know really big posted 20 that I think we are to go two pieces. So you got the dress. Some of the most amazing simple yeah, it's, really good offensive dressed staff tries for the two pieces Really, nice, organic feel, with a badge and the White you can start this sofa status They don't have one together and then if you want to go for a dry cool, you go so for that and then you got the more classic again the whites and then like I said before I knew that this was part of any Jean where I would. I have the honest and jeans or I was my Citi I don't know what these ones are Off the Rock yeah, since the last pennies or jacking and then this new platform these are gonna be 25 pieces. Not on the website trying to instead for you I'm becoming gadgets you order a lie have a swim spa This watch sent off as well so 25 pound down to I'm 25, so being involved in some really, really good price That offer is also midnight one day online at five PM Monday in store So I'm Just gonna come back on in two seconds and show you what she's studying to work, and today, I just want to show you some of this back story. A switch is a great question. That's the same size as the Test attac. I go to play test the time that I've seen definitely 16 on my side We'll have a bigger version of this very minute versus and it will go from a size eight 60 without and then we got bigger fit Then you are It gets 20, then we won't, get yes, you should come over there I've got I'm just here So let's show you this Wall This I've got violent in this four times, and I just think It's fine. I just got like a little just jacking on holiday and probably get the old baby I'm just listen, oh, she really brought. Yeah yeah look at this We have four seasons in a little bit Yeah I absolutely love. This is great night line on this as well. It's fine Like I said I went to breakfast fruit, some markets Yes, and then you have a full English Yeah too cool isn't that some other cars, smoke perfect smoke top 24 times and That's the holiday shop I am not sure I'm Gonna Check all the 17 lines the holiday shops really good, good lines in a lot That's quite big selections. Well I'm, not just to help all you ladies get ready for the holidays or just for this gorgeous weather that Robin back a little bit flip over the weekend. But It's back next week for for healing this birthday week One of my friends was watching Nick Cash. Hi Dick Hi. There not taught you just showed to me that yeah, she could prove me wrong I don't think she was talk I absolutely love that And I am having this and you guys hold for the weekend of think. I'm School Lunch Cuz. We've got far too let's go from four to 510 I'm an even for fine the two dresses for fine now, but still don't like to let side because whatever you were people ask, you obviously is in stock and I love this look is definitely by kind of look at these shoes. 24 Just come back on a second Yes, but after a bit to make, would you yes Ray man Jimmy. What is it like to look pregnant right out of today's like so many of ourselves If I was gonna have anymore children, which I know so many about South are good facts for yes for princes and see Life where we said if you don't, have to content anymore I just wish we had been days in the days. When we are chosen, I yeah, I really really struggle with that kind of embraced the both Yeah yeah shock on your count Yes, only about sales are great as well, just for special being pregnant with breathe right through the summer moments, just September bed Oh I heard it was a real similar without before that 2006 It was really really hard with styles that We've gotten stuck now Yes no, I won't say what I was gonna say If you stop it just the front Yes, we styled like a skinny Jean and just yeah, so would say so well like I said with this, what I'm wearing I Couldn't she was like you look fantastic in that arena It is my style this death for Necklace to put on the show. You guys I'm a mom a necklace alrea Scott look great today, so just finish it off nicely And yet these platforms are really nice organic feeling. So as this and then which way I know custom tables can mix and match. Yeah by you will get a lot where the individual this doesn't Over this dress Doesn't need Facebook forging a vest over it and that will bring you in again thank you So yeah finish that look out for these shoes on his lap. While she was on a date they are so nice and so he's as well You're gonna love those I just reiterate that the Jenny Sandal is now in stock in silver so three colors, not silver, black and rose gold knife the Clementine clothes back in school The best stop we are giving one lucky winner message you back you just spice and play Give us a nice part of his three seasons to win So you tell us what's clear lights winner Two things he needs to and a way to do that and share in the nice out next week But if you want to win a messenger bag show some nice and tell us what you'd like to win a winner One lucky winner will win not before we can do so we can start seeing tomorrow We will announce the winner of that So tomorrow is this Friday here in store we can Always start here with a glass office at Rubin Days. so if you are localing of or can travel distance to come see us tomorrow please do come and have a glass of fish with us The 20 cent of holiday shoppers with a soul midnight on Monday on line which is a dot com or you can on five PM in store on Monday We are open on Saturday through Saturday this week for the week after the Bank holiday weekend we're open right through the whole cycle. We can include this Sunday, which is my birthday dimension You got next week is that it is officially but I'm and the Bank holiday Monday, the 20 Seventh world So That's a really good day you often further field I want to travel some distance conceals anything else Yes, there is something else Please please. Please, if you would like to become a Vip member register on our website and also we have a page to register on our website and request to join our arm day beyond pain there's lots of reasons to do that once a month The end of every month we pick a winner of a new registrants. register on our website to find Rachel We also that if you become a beyond paymen, but we will send you exclusive office I will post it on our page as well So You'll hear them by mail and You'll. Hear them on our page before anybody else is of them Sometimes we are exclusive or not exclusive. You'll hear before we talk about them on the show we're also going We're gonna. Be doing a lot size of things I'm Not the page will also be once I would be on peace spell. Share their experience on the push to sell face Send us a comment. So I think all this talk by you know share extreme and says I've come to you with nice lives where you can actually get to know the team better going forward So we just want to get a few more members on there and I will do our first like in the hotspot review well of questions answers Fire your questions, no twice and fight question quick I questions at the team. He started with myself where we are Oh yeah, so how did it change Thank you very much who's bought personal their lifestyle awards. We'll know on the seventh of June, whether we are the lucky winner of the lifestyle if the lifestyle retailer Board and even though we vote to watch within police still lots of procedures It looks like We've received for the best thank you very much for help without let us know what you think about time combines yet and we'll. See you all the next few days. I'll. See your order's comments right happy Shopping. Everybody God bless bye

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