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To Our Daughter Stormi 馃挌

Directed by Tyler Ross @wttyler
Music by Jacob Wilkinson-Smith @mybestfriendjacob_
Yeah, we're all here and we're waiting for you Kylie right there It's gonna be okay here There waiting for you Look at her you guys Whatever your name is going to be this is how I found out about you Your mother and I were living our lives having fun. She met your father and they just hit it off chemistry Come on Seriously Day I was in your mom bathroom with her and she took a little test We're sitting in the. yeah You're sitting on the tub by the counter and then how did she say though when she passed it to me after like surprise like she just looked at me weird and I'm like wow and I didn't know that's what she was doing She said to me, I was I couldn't even tell you what she like she was like she looks. She gave us a look I was like no this is a baby The chain Hey guys We have 15 weeks now Yeah So crazy There's a nice Thank you so much one years four years old you're just figure nga life you know what you want your in the size of senator you're just po kami ngayon ito and there was one thing na emma for share and i'll see you next time to facts ano more suicide She's that I have something to tell you and I said obviously I started crying I was so happy I was proud of her I knew this is what she wanted ever since June 15 Here's another one Five up two Everything going well 20. - You've always said how much she wants to be a mom and right. She always born to be born to be a mom. I mean that's the thing is is it's like I still get chills So hopefully all the 20 to 20 pounds you know I mean for the for the whole night to go Monday to 30 - five. So yeah eight more pounds do cardio. You're gonna eat you need to exercise Just came out these days literally taste like oh it's the talk. Something never eating Don't tell Fries. Well done. Please choose by soon Alright. Who got cheese? Fries She closed the window Yeah. That's fast The Venus card. These are the four chambers of the heart Can we hear the heartbeat Is your Grand baby messages baby i just like me what should be like and make up five sabi nga i love you message here you and your one month ikaw hi ma'am Commune Heather me another four weeks apart I'm taking a little better Camera to talk about this is a joke two years early like Heather your next wait for me 鎴戜滑 And two different rides like regular prize Friday then I got enough She's Green One plate where you sit Like a sample journey good morning si diyos ko 'yong mga partner with china do you have any message chill here and other ah you got the best mom and yourself lagi this is such a blessing it's gonna be the most promising journey i can't wait to see you make you miss you love you che things that maybe i can get you and your mom he thinks chicken teacher is uh a village and i will now on the way By centimeters Four hours away They're gonna have your little girl. You get to meet Candles here is here Under games and go 10 One more You're done Give it all you having already good Hold it ready

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