On This Day: Anelka joins Chelsea (2008)

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馃數 Nicolas Anelka joined Chelsea Football Club, #OnThisDay in 2008

The Frenchman would go on to win the Golden Boot and the #PL title
Stanford arises It's Nicola and cross Joe there, and is there It's a goal for Chelsea, his first Premier League goal for his new club. To get on it, he has and he takes full fully punished by Nicholas and who in turn gets it back to La and forces it home, Lovely cushion ball and and is waiting for his hat trick and claims it his first hat trick for Chelsea. He's no surprise he's in on goal, no surprise and is taking his chance and again. Intelligently wide, it's two for an. There and the flag stays down and Nicholas and scores against his old club. It's an centurion 100 Premier League goals for Nicholas and Oh lovely skill from delicate touch on as well, Super football from Chelsea and the Premier League's top score and Nicholas and on target once again working well with the balloon is in. Magnificent start for Chelsea in front inside a minute turning away from running a and scoring a fabulous goal. What a strike from Nicholas and lightning? Just trips away and goes for goal. That is a special goal from Nicholas and that is the golden boot great call on and on it must be and is and the Barkley Premier League top score last season off the mark for the oh 910 campaign and oh my word, Becca and Becca and Becca. And for the fourth time in their history, they will be the champions of England.

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