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Watch till the end :D
Internet is a good thing and all in all it is a good thing for those people who are able to understand what it would write read and able to understand the data which is doing how you are going to help those children when we're not able to understand one of the lines can I ask you a counter question how are you gonna have to as citizen if I I can do it to us not as a citizen as a young Indian how are you gonna have to reason to Microsoft first then I will answer you Try how would you My question if I had any I'm sorry the night we don't ask you this question but give it a tie give it a try everything good news today told the lord what I taught you don't date on social I think I think I've traveled quite a lot of in religious and I've seen many idiot children I think the discussion we're having here is how you allow kids in villages access there are two ways of looking at access one way of looking at it is incremental I go back to you know Sam sitting here so I'll go back to sam he could take of looked at telephone s and said you know we want to provide access to every indian over telephone and thought about it in your fashion you never got there will be sitting here right now still figuring out how to get phones to indians if they thought about it in your way you can also think about it in an experiential way What they essentially did was they came out with something called Google Exchange and you must have all seen the have you you've seen a peace deal and that humble ceo that today looks you know insurance is actually what gave you the cell phone in your hand because it suddenly open up the system to millions of people and it didn't do so in a linear way did so income so there are two Thinking about these things so to say that the Internet is not connected to the child you're cutting off a very very powerful Avenue we don't know how it's connected let's first try and bring them together and let that child let his Aspirations catch file So I think that's and it's frankly not up to me to do it it's up to people like you to do it

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