US Navy aircraft carrier vs 40,000lb explosive in 'Full Ship Shock Trials'

BBC News • 7 months ago   15.2K     5.4K  •  1.1M Views
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A 40,000lb (18,143kg) explosion has been used to test a US aircraft carrier's ability to withstand battle conditions.

The United States Navy has been...

Posted 7 months ago in Social Issues
Salman Malik
Salman Malik7 months ago

Who need Global Warming when we can have this

Jordan Rivers
Jordan Rivers7 months ago

Thats probably really good for the environment 🀦

Jonathan McLachlan
Jonathan McLachlan7 months ago

That terminated a massive amount of wildlife well done USA destroying the environment to ensure there ships can survive in case they have to withstand a huge blast so they can deliver their own devastation. USA paying lip service to the environmental changes they’re prepared to make, same with all the governments the world over sorry planet the human race is really crap. Hope you can recover once the human race is extinct.

Maneesha Tiwari
Maneesha Tiwari7 months ago

Terrible. They didn't spare a thought for the marine life. If you just had to repair the ship anyway, then why create a blast away from the ship, that doesn't even touch the ship, but kills marine life all around the area, and then decide - oh we're going to repair it anyway. Ughhh

Maarten Sikke
Maarten Sikke7 months ago

Yeah. Let’s bomb the sh*t out of everything, caz why not. That’s what humans do.

Dorothea Zipperle
Dorothea Zipperle7 months ago

and then you wonder why so many fish are dying and marine life is endangered!! don't come and blame small consumers... for this action who is in charge should be hold responsible!!

Paul Jones
Paul Jones7 months ago

Great for the sea life and environmentπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ. There goes climate change. Never mind just make sure you use paper straws and recycle and please go vegan, as the USA just blew up a crap load of fish.

Abbie Jefferson
Abbie Jefferson7 months ago

Destruction of wildlife aside... how sad is it to think of the money that was spent on this and what it could have been used for instead? So many homeless, starving people across the country could have had houses built and food in their bellies. Or if you're one of these that doesn't think they deserve it... think of the parks or community centres that could have been built to improve communities. So sad that this takes priority over any of that.

David John Betts
David John Betts7 months ago

I wonder how much that cost in total to carry out and how much marine life was destroyed. The USA think they can do what they like, when they like and where they like.

Helen Fanshawe
Helen Fanshawe7 months ago

I am speechless. Must have destroyed so much wildlife and what a colossal waste of money. Best of all somebody shouts 'praise the lord' at the end.