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Body Builders That Went Too Far...馃槺
Five Five Five Five body body body builders builders builders that that that that transcend transcend transcend fit. fit. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne, The Rock Johnson are known around the world for their fit, physiques and ridiculous muscle Mass. These athletes found a new age of body building where the biggest and most lean when the goal this desire to be the best has, however, created an unrelenting contest where body builders can no longer just look fit. they have to be beyond fit and sometimes they take things way too far. Here are the top five body builders that transcend what it means to be fit fit Number number five Five Mustang. Mustapha is male. Mustapha is renowned amongst the bodybuilder community, but not for reasons you may think he sports some of the most massive arms in the game and even holds the record for having the largest biceps muscles in the world. What makes Mustapha odd, however, is the rest of his body doesn't follow suit. His body is rather average size, making his arm muscles quite bizarre and out of place. Mustafa reportedly consumes eight pounds of protein a day and exercises our muscles constantly. He hasn't stated why he only. On his arms, but he should definitely think about branching out. Number four Gregg Valentino Gregg Valentino has made himself a reputation of being one of the most hated people in the bodybuilding community like Mustafa Greg only focused on his arms to get this large used a mixture of different drugs such as steroids, testosterone and synthetic oil. However, he began to disregard safety and reuse some of his needles. Greg himself even stated that he would drop needles on the ground and just pick them back up and use them because of this, he developed a nasty infection which which saw saw him him go go go to to to the the the hospital hospital hospital, hospital, but. but but but not not not before before before before he he he. he attempted attempted attempted to to to drain drain drain the the the abscess. abscess abscess himself. himself film debt. it it on on the. the Internet. Resulting in a gag worthy video that disgrace the fitness community number three Trevor Smith, Trevor was not only one of the biggest men in the world, but also the most business savvy, though he never competed in any competitions. he was known amongst the community as a legend, Trevor was over six feet tall and weighed at his peak over 400 pounds. However, to get that big, you not only have to train vigorously every day, but reportedly used a Mass amount of steroids. Trevor was very proficient as a. And had many clients some even being bodybuilding stars. He also successfully ran a supplement business that specialized in gaining muscle Mass. unfortunately at the young age of 30 - three Trevor died after suffering a heart attack, Doctors predicted it was due to his prolonged use of steroids Number two Andrew Munster. Unfortunately many people in the body building world you steroids during their training. However, there is a way around using them if one is bold enough diuretics are dry. That aim to dehydrate the body, leaving the skin talk and giving muscles a much more defined look. This is the drug that Andrea Munster used very frequently that combined with this ridiculously low body fat percentage made his body look like it was carved from ride, However, in 1990, - six, he was rushed to the hospital after suffering massive organ failure and unfortunately died soon after an autopsy revealed that Andre had done incredible damage to his body. He had a swollen heart and in almost nonexistent liver the. He may have looked fit from the outside his inside couldn't be farther from healthy number one. Gordon Kimbro. This particular athlete is featured on our list today not for his bodybuilding feeds, but for what body building drove him to do Gordon was described as a well-mannered young man who generally didn't like the spotlight until however, he got into training. Gordon was very successful in the industry, but despite winning gold in many competitions, he still wasn't satisfied with his physique so like many before him, he turned to steroids. Took the drug quite excessively and it unfortunately had a very negative impact on him. He began to act violent towards the people in his life and in 1990, - six, he snaps. he ended up murdering his fiance after they had a fight over whether or not he was cheating on her police found Gordon Lyon next to her body attempting to kill himself and was charged to life in prison soon after what do you think is more important, looks or physical and mental health? Let us know in the

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