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If a decision you make is truly acceptable and God's will, then it will not contradict what is in the Bible. You don't have to violate God's will in...
I want you to look back up at verse one or no look look at verse two I'm sorry and he talks about the will of God is renewing of your mind so that you may prove what the will of God is Isn't it true so many you know especially when you're younger what's the will of God what's the will of God and you're not sure and you end up doing something like this with your bible and you know putting your finger that you've done it that's why you're laughing So so basically people aren't really each day so much thinking about the will of God but when they get to a certain situation where they really need an answer that's when they start treating this book almost as though it was magical put your finger there or looking for counsel and there's nothing wrong with that as long as it's wise Council but here's what I want you to see in our text if you are constantly renewing your mind in the word of God if you Reading the word of God from cover to cover from genesis to revelation what's happening this renewal of the mind is like you are cultivating the mind of christ you are cultivating the mind of God you are beginning to understand more and more generally and generally and then more and more specific the way who God is what God desires so that if you're a person who is constantly renewing their mind in the word of God you are going to know god's will In so many areas that this moment is kind of blurry for you I'll give an example I remember one of the first times I taught at a bible school a young man walked up to me since I have a question brother Paul and I just confused I don't know what god's will is and I said okay what is it he goes well the church is called me to be a pastor really that's that's that could be wonderful I said How long have you been a Christian about 14 months and what did the professors you talk to here tell you Well they told me they think ought to take the church I said go back to every one of those professors and tell them that I said use my name give me my phone number that they need to leave this school and not give anybody Council until they actually read the bible He said how can you say that how can you say that you know it's not god's will for me to be the pastor of this church he says because in first timothy chapter three it says not a new convert You are a new convert Let's go down to the rest of these qualifications do you have these qualifications you only have one you aspired to be an overseer that's good you like all the other qualifications so I can tell you with the authority of god's word no you should not be a pastor at this moment and I can also tell those professors they are terribly wrong do you save it I didn't need something coming down from heaven cuz they're all We have a sure word that has come down from heaven what should I do in the Ministry well actually he gives you a whole bunch of commands if you just follow those you won't have time to be thinking about the other stuff do you see the more we renew our mind in the word of God the more we will simply understand find ourselves doing the will of God now I want you to look at something about the will of God that is very important here He says renewing of your mind so that you may prove what the will of God is then he goes on to describe the will of God that which is good and acceptable and perfect okay now good here what's the word can be is of course can be translated good it also carries with it the idea of something that is is healthy something that It could be fruitful something that benefits that has integrity that instills health and strength and vitality okay so if we're wondering is this thing the will of God should I do it ask yourself the first question is it good will it contribute to my spiritual health Will it contribute to spiritual vitality will it make me more like christ will it give me strength if not probably don't need to do it next thing is it acceptable and you surely learn this week we should ask ourselves is it acceptable to our culture cuz it's acceptable to our culture to kill babies I mean just We if there's one thing we know don't worry about what's acceptable to this twisted dark culture your question is is it acceptable to God cuz if it's not acceptable to God we don't need to be doing it and then is it perfect and say well there's not a lot of perfect in this world brother Paul this the idea here is complete let me give you an example one time I actually saw almost a revival breakout in eastern Europe with about 70 pastors they were just on their face crying out to God broken over there Sin because I had shown them in the scriptures that it is not biblical to offer up your wife and your children as a sacrifice to your Ministry that they had always been told that you know that's the Mark of a man of God he neglects his wife he neglects his children he's always out there doing the work of an evangelist and pastoring and everything and I showed them painstakingly in scripture and God really moved in broke their hearts but here's one of the ways here's one of the things that really got them I said the will of God is perfect and I I have already shown you now that the will of God is for you to Minister we saw in first timothy second timothy titus it is the will of God for you to Minister over here in the book of ephesians and colossians and deuteronomy six I have shown you it is the will of God for you to care for your wife and your children and instruct them in scripture and be there for them now it romans 12 two tells us the will of God is perfect that means if in o To do this I have to disobey this it's not the will of God and so if you're telling me I don't have time to take care of my wife I don't have time for my children why because I've got to do the Ministry you are actually accusing God of having a will that is imperfect contradictory do you see that it's the same way a young man sees a beautiful girl who is not a Christian or a beautiful girl scenes a young man who is not a Christian and becomes very interested in that young man and what does she say it is god's will for To evangelize him yes it is god's will for him to be evangelize and therefore I'm going to date him no it is not god's will for you to date him so you're trying to carry out god's will by violating god's will if it is truly god's will it will be non contradictory that's what systematic theology actually is teaching a young man how to think and a non contradictory manner according to the scriptures so that's the God does it prosper you spiritually is it acceptable to God as he has revealed in his scriptures and is it is in harmony with all the other commands

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