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Hey, babe. Oh, I cleaned up this stuff it looks good in here. What'd you get groceries. I'm tired. Okay. I can do it. You got it. Okay Miss Independent One. You know you ain't gonna have a season where your hand. This close this close to what you wanna get your shirt off. It's hard to turn the heat down. maybe put it. I just clean the closet. I don't want you messing it up like literally. I was put in this closet though, because I just cleaned up, okay, let's put in the closet. Miss Independent. Why are you breaking my cat? I don't like this bitch is doing. What you can clean it up. Okay the whole closet up. I shut the door because it's a big surprise for you. You know you're tired. She was so excited at the grocery store. I just took a shower today earlier you bought a new case, one is coming. You got this right. Amazon that's sweet what you're saying. It's like $7. She was supposed to be a final supposed to be a bumper on. I don't know you know there's just like mine. Yeah. Oh, I thought it was a bigger view of the living room. Where do you wanna go on? let's go watch a movie but I wanna chill in here and my back hurts. get back there come on what's wrong with clothes and shoes. You know when you go in there, okay. let me show you what Center nothing see. It's clean open it all the way then why what's the name cuz you would put a code in there and then it's good. see. Okay. I don't wanna go, I wanna sit in here for what I was just out there. I don't wanna go to the normal way down. I'm tired. Alright. I don't know. の強 いが ええと 見ま す で思 すも で If you run to the car, I think I left some said Yeah. No. I just came back from the car. I know I forgot what you need in the car. Oh, I think my charger and the charger right here. Oh okay. I don't want any support. I need to run to the car baby just please he wants to know why would I go to the car? I need to run your credit detergent a year. What do you mean? why it's so suspicious bro. Oh, they said. This can't be there when she sleep already know that, Oh damn. This is perfect right now, let's do I have that's too hot and way too much. Okay my hair straight and keep it for now but. Yeah, he's a bad dude. Why are you so suspicious? Yo. I'm not why are you so suspicious? Oh, no. Why are you acting like that? Why don't you sit down? You're all pacing back and forth you're painting before for like two minutes. What are you hiding? Alright? This is proud. I mean it ain't a surprise in there. Oh yeah, you look like you had something what you had in. I come on in the store and I got you like acting weird the same right. I cleaned up, We just don't want you to stay clean the wood you cleaned up the lira. It looks good, but why are you acting like that? you know you're queen. you're supposed to just ignore it like that. you're doing too much for you to speak. My baby you're not answering me Joe. Why are you suspicious looking weird? Huh you like they're really weird. What is it You bought my pap about me? No. this is I'm not pregnant. I don't know why you hating weird cuz you like really weird to watch movie No answer. The question is the question. Why are you waiting weird? I told you I got something for you, but it's not it's not in this room well what's happening? Something somebody, but you have somebody over oh scary. What is it? what you got somebody by the pop-up? Hear me? Yes ma'. What is that somebody has to pop up like why are you acting like that? Suspicious to me, Okay, If somebody here ain't nobody keeps saying that I think somebody's here. nobody knew I think somebody is here who's here. Nobody. I think somebody's here you wanna watch a movie that's going to living room dude. Why are you consistent dishes? I'm not you are you acting so suspicious huh cuz you just are you have a suspicion and then you keep like blocking you had somebody here. No you will open the closet. What is nothing in there? Why can't the door be shut the door be open open the closet, then there's nobody here. It's not that you're making me think that somebody cuz you just standing here. you're facing something like somebody about to come out and scare me. You know like the clown or something here. No alright open the door. then it's not nobody in there. So why are you being weird patient and then like doing weird stuff you're acting weird and you haven't even sat down Second home. You've been up and down pacing are you waiting? Somebody in here, no stop stop. there's nobody in there. What's in there. Nobody who's in there? Ain't nobody no baby baby baby. What do you mean? please show somebody did it right now? She's got what you wanna say no. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't hear myself. I'm sorry. okay. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry babe. it's nobody in here. What's in there? Instead of raising my voice, there's somebody in there. Alright, What do you say? please do because oh my God. wow somebody in there bro. Let's see what's in there. Alright baby. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry yes. Open the door. Oh suck on the door right now. No open the door. Oh, please no no. what do you mean? Please you wanna move no who is in there do a no. No. no no please let's go. Alright. go to the store. Please do get off me for Grandma. Oh, please no no. no please whatever you do just Holy is in there, though, who is in there. और भूल गए रोज़े हैं oh sorry करो no no

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