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Everyone must eat! Who will get the big bite?
321 321 The walls first hitting the Bell eats the dish that person is out and safe for the rest of the game. Last person standing eats the big bite, which is either the best or the worst dish of the game. First First dish. dish dish ready. ready. 321 Doing that He's gonna get off easy again. Wait that purple thing looks like seafood. Yeah, It looks a little that's fine, though. Alright, bye buddy. I feel like if they use guacamole. They're like Oh, this looks gross, but it's actually gonna be good. I think that's gonna be God damn study. Alright ready 321. I'll take a take a full bite. No. I would know boy. it's gonna be good. It's It's food food poisoning. poisoning. That was clogging our sink. What do you think leg piece? It was like guacamole, but it was really salty is that just like regular ass Glock, we just have bad cooks. What is that this is bullshit guacamole? Emma Bashir means pickled plum. Oh, that's a plums and the guac. Yeah. you can't be mad at him because we didn't go for it deep bidding. This game is really fun. Alright round two or eat it. I'm not okay. I feel like I'm in a haunted House. Alright, let's see what we're about to eat or eat one. 121 No, she went early. I got it the laser gets it. Oh so congratulations he looks like some delicious downhome country gravy is what I'm guessing this is Brownie Brownie Brownie and and gravy. gravy. gravy. I'll I'll I'll take take take it it it, it nice nice nice nice and and and and soft soft soft soft. soft two. 21. 21. 21. Well, good taste like biscuits, doubly brownie. exactly what I thought it was. Yeah. the texture is kind of putting it. It's a pudding gravy. gravy. eathing eathing eathing the the the the. sweet sweet sweet and and and salty salty salty do do do not not not. mix mix. well. But it's not it's not so bad that it's heat and the chocolate after taste is actually not that bad. No they're chocolate is it weird. Oh, it's very salty. What is it? It's a brownie's and sausage gravy. gravy. That's That's good good. good. anyone anyone anyone Anyone else. else. else. else. Alright Alright Alright ladies. now now free. free instant. Okay, 944321 Go really. Tell you my love so my logic is that liquids. I think I can do more than than just like weird, gross foods and cereal like you know what I don't care what that's in. I don't care if it's it stop you're in welcome to Cafe Cereal. Alright, big bite. Big Big boy boy bite. bite Put Put put it. it it up up to to your your mouth. mouth mouth. mouth. Cheers. One one. eat it. What is it drink the milk? How's it taste shakes your mom? What is that's water baby. That is just cereal and water. I did not grow thing. Garrett is looking like that's wrong. It's just water everyone reacted like that was poisoned There. You're worried. It's serial an egg whites. so it's weak squares and egg whites. in there. it's egg whites. are you that much relative If anyone at this this table table is is gonna gonna gonna think think think raw raw raw eggs eggs eggs eggs taste taste taste taste like like like like water water water. water. water and and and telling telling telling me me me I'm I'm I'm gonna gonna gonna get get. get buff buff from from this. this. Guys, I don't know what to tell you that was great. Derek. Gary he's dying. Happy oh man. it could have been active in the theater degree. 321 come on got it. No, no, no no. I'm happy that actually this is ridiculous cuz that's the most dairy thing I've seen in my life that looks like you buy from the 90 - Nine cents store. I love how you ended up with the dairy things twice. Well, I was like maybe the producers thought it was funny if we like have a dairy dish that Sarah will probably go for. We're not trying to kill you. It looks like it premade. it looks like you might might have have bought bought it it it this this this way way way and and and just just just just flopped flopped flopped flopped it it it onto onto onto onto a plate what. a a a plate. plate. plate What What comes comes premade premade in in the shape? the shape? Oh? a a a a second second second. second. I I slap it. I I slap slap slap it. it. No No. I I. am not It is listen real quick. Oh, what is it that? I think it's like Greek yogurt. That's sponged. Oh God. Oh my God. Sarah. Yeah. I'll gladly take the big boy bike. Is that curtain milk wait a minute ready? Yeah 32123. Just just try it through it. take the sheet. you're changing your mind is what do you? what do you taste? I'm trying to pretend it's really fancy cheese very punches it and very salty or is it a cheese? No? is it a cheese? Make sure you say no no no you're grace the Princess. she's not eating. Yes. It's kinda like Super salty cream cheese. Oh, it's like extremely faulty. she's jello Bonnie Bush goat cheese blue over blue cheese and gelatin blue cheese. That's what it is. It's the Nazi of cheeses. What's funny is, but I trained I ain't in my mind. I was like pretend you just ate it off of a shock Coterie board and then it was fine, but also go cheese is really good for you so like knowing that some of the stuff and it is good for you. That helps me. I really am enjoying your Instagram positivity. I like my my drink drink egg egg whites whites a a second second again. again. It's not laugh that leaves us with no. I used today is a big bag. You already know yeah, he goes. oh fancy hold on this could be a rude wait. Is this a beautiful cake for my Asian bakery. Oh wow that's been handed. I want everyone to know that even if this was exactly what it's supposed to be some sort of delicious passion, fruit or mango dessert, I would hate it really radically know it's the only person at this table who would hate this event would suck a lot. lot. I I would would have have built built built this. this. this. It It It does does does does what what what what about about about about this. this this. this. I I I I wanna wanna wanna wouldn't hit hit hit have. that that that I. I I would would have have put. push. That Ooh okay. Alright, Oh, alright it changes 321, keep it in there don't. Is it good? No? Oh? The Garrett Kim says it's supposed to be good. It's just a normal cake and this is disgusting. Or something, Oh my goodness. it's a Porto's cake, not only the best possible case. What is wrong with you? It's a mango. It's legit good. There's something wrong with him. So wait does that Sarah around the worst worst thing thing again. again. again. I I I think think think Sarah Sarah Sarah got got got the the the worst worst worst thing. thing thing again. again. Relations Noah, You got a food you don't deserve. Yeah. don't eat the flowers Why would that be food? It's a garnish guys think he's almost watching another. I'm gonna eat it or eat it. love you. bye. Bye.

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