Nev: Newcastle fans served 'dire tripe' for 10 years

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"I get demoralised when I go up to Newcastle when I should be inspired. Newcastle have got a cultural problem."

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher say...

Posted 11 months ago in Sports

Craig Morris 11 months ago

Say what you like about Freddy Shepherd, he did actually care about the club and did have ambition. The moment Ashley took over the rot started. He sold our best players for big money but didn’t reinvest the funds in either the training ground, academy or quality players. He brings in yes men rather than capable coaches. He finally threw some money at the squad last year but with an incompetent coach in charge, the players have gotten worse under him

John Grayson 11 months ago

I get demoralized watching them, and I'm a Newcastle fan!

Trevor Tompkins 11 months ago

What about the dire tripe Carragher has dished up over the years with his irritating voice. I hit the mute button every time he's on.

Adeniyi Emeks 11 months ago

This Carragher irritates me when he's talking