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Pinocchio had a wish to become a real boy. Preposterous and absurd.
On this particular day... Duncan became a real dog! able to act like a dog ... play like a dog ... pivot spin run jump and swim like a dog! He’s been given trust and respect to be a real dog!
When we questioned Duncan, we asked: “what makes you happiest about this new found freedom and lifestyle”?
He replied: “ This awesome new relationship I have with my humans! I can’t thank my mom and dad enough for recognizing some of my K9 needs, for reaching out with an open mind and taking the time to learn some of my language. It’s a new breath of life for our entire family. A calm has come over us. All of us. We are much more relaxed… at peace… and blessed”.
congratulations Duncan and your entire family!!

Posted 9 months ago in CUTE_ANIMALS