How to get the Legendary Mantis Blades FOR FREE in Cyberpunk 2077

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How to get the Legendary Mantis Blades FOR FREE in Cyberpunk 2077

Posted 1 year ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play
Jeshua Durazo
Jeshua Durazo1 year ago

I honestly prefer the Gorilla Arms over the Mantis Blades, that way I can use my iconic katana as my lethal melee, and the Gorilla Arms as my nonlethal melee, but I wish the Gorilla Arms worked as advertised. Able to open locked doors (presumably ignoring the Body requirememt) and tear turrets off their stands (also presumably ignoring the Body requirement)

Nate Rose
Nate Rose1 year ago

The futuristic feel i have for this game was better in my head. Seeing it foreal is so upsetting.

Jeff Ockhuizen
Jeff Ockhuizen1 year ago

Love the game. Gonna be even better and better

Kane Rodney
Kane Rodney1 year ago

So many people crying. I’m a console player and this game is sick.

Ricardo Shane Sinclair
Ricardo Shane Sinclair1 year ago

Heywood and City Center? A dude on YouTube found these Mantis Blades while showing how to xp grind. You get quite a bit if loot by doing open world events.

Kay Hutton
Kay Hutton1 year ago

Want to know what's amazing? Having over 7000 armor rating and being immune to almost everything haha the game is broken😅

Michall Semeniuk
Michall Semeniuk1 year ago

Must be console players being pissy about the game, on PC it's fantastic

Stefan Ritz
Stefan Ritz1 year ago

Katana > Mantis Blades

Jonnie Bishop
Jonnie Bishop1 year ago

What’s futuristic about cats and bikes? It’s 2077? Reality wise, we’d have invented something that doesn’t have wheels by now 😬

Mark Hill
Mark Hill1 year ago

This game is a massive disappointment