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Over 70,000 people are on parole or probation in Louisiana. Voices of the Experienced, V.O.T.E, is an organization fighting for their rights to vote....
All new this morning Louisiana remains the number one state in the country from car separation voices of the experience or vote is an Organization that's focused on improving public safety without relying on Mass incarceration, he sends loyal of being has the latest on their criminal Justice reform efforts. She doing those live in the news room will megan just over 70000 people in the state of Louisiana are on parole or probation of these are people who have served their time behind bars have returned back to the communities are now working and paying taxes Yet still are denied the right to vote now vote or voice of the experience is a grassroots Organization found an led by formerly incarcerated people. Their families and supporters. It is a 14 point platform that strives to help people behind bars gain their Democratic rights back the lafayette chapter conducted a meeting with state officials over the weekend to outline current bills dealing with prison reform chapter leader can swing the game says everyone should be given the same right as citizens and the. There a thousand People who are in and out of lafayette parish, correctional Center, you have openness. You are and the work release facility here in that yeah so therefore, the family members um probably in carson rated, are effective because they loved ones are incarcerated and you have people who are trying to transition once they come out of prison in one of the bills that the Organization has been working on is to 69 now this is a bill that allows prisoners who are seen as to life but has served over 30 years of their term, become illegible for parole. This bill heads before Senate today, at the Capitol live in the news room or living in Houston

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