Hunter X Hunter - Kurapika vs Uvogin

Crunchyroll • 3 years ago   20.1K     583  •  3.8M Views
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Chains vs Missile Punches!

Posted 3 years ago in TV & Movies
Michalis Tuzovic
Michalis Tuzovic6 months ago

Stopping the fight at that moment is unacceptable

Matt Reding
Matt Reding6 months ago

Was hoping to get some more phantom troupe stuff but alas

Wolf Black
Wolf Black5 months ago

ManOosh Ali

Dre Stackhouse
Dre Stackhouse9 months ago

Didn鈥檛 he bring a shovel to the fight??

Chopel Bhutia
Chopel Bhutia5 months ago

HxH was so good till this moment...after that the unnecessary narrations ruined all the fun

Danny Palma
Danny Palma5 months ago

The animation looks crisper for some reason...

Johann Fonseca
Johann Fonseca7 months ago

Only dude to bring a shovel to a fight

Cause he KNOWS he burying a body

Subhi Hmdoun Bnshi
Subhi Hmdoun Bnshi4 months ago

It's the power of revenge馃槑

Fong Lun Chan
Fong Lun Chan9 months ago

Old version was better than this version

Mg Khin
Mg Khin4 months ago